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  1. MachineCult - I dont know where you live then. Here 50 GBP (pounds) = caa 92 USD (dolars) and it always been that way. I understand that it may vary worldwide.
  2. scabb - many thanks for your help. Bu isnt £50 for Monkey Island trilogy a bit expensive ? (I guess it originaly costed about $30 top) Also, as I wrote before - buying from private persons was really a pain for me in the past. You say it costs you £3 from UK to Australia. Well I had offers for no less then £15 from UK to Czech. I think its understood why I didnt accept and em looking for some more options. And Amazons "marketplace" (the system through which you buy the so called "new and used" items) is basicaly the same as Ebay (thus the insane prices and the same shipping prices offered). I may look like Im making problems up, but I really tryed all that before and it didnt go. Will try some more.
  3. Hi I hope this tread isnt 99th of the same topic.Sorry if it is. My problem is - I would love to own some of the lucasarts classic titles like a whole MonkeyIsland series as CD-versions, Sam&Max CD-ver etc. (CD-vers of Day of tentacle and Grimm Fandago wount hurt either) For a short time (that I sadly missed) there were some "value packs" available. Now LucasArts shop looks like those titles never even existed. (I really lauged when I found there are games like 3 year old crappy starwars titles in "classics" section) I tryed eBay already and its no good. There are few scatered lucasarts classics, with questionable condition, mostly undeliverable to my location or with nightmarish shipping prices. The problem also is, you see, that Im located in a godforgotten european country (Czech). And I really cant afford to pay $8 for game + 35 more for shipping for every separate Monkey Island episode I'd like to own (as I'd have to do if I want to collect them from ebay one by one). So my question and plea to you is : dont you know some forgotten e-shop that still sells those games at reasonable price and worldwide (referably as sayd valuepacks), or know some other doable way to get them ? (and yeah I can download then from teh lousy warez dens, I just dream to have the originals) Thanks for answers\tips
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