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  1. I you haven't already downloaded the ADCPM Codec codec as told by bgbennyboy, do it. It solved a similar problem I had.
  2. Anyone knows how we can know the number of copy of Psychonauts were sold ?
  3. I mailed them during the week and here is their answer... "We do apologize, unfortunately the title is not in stock at the moment. We do receive stock in everyday and are working extremely hard to fill your order. You will be emailed by our system as soon as your order ships. We can't estimate when the title you are looking for will be in stock, but if it is listed on our site, we will do our best to get it in for you as soon as possible. " ... woohoo, they should have told me they manage their business on the fly. Anyway,I received a "back-order" mail [i don't know what that means] yesterday with the note "Unless notified, non pre order items will be shipped as soon as stock arrives. Note: We receive stock everyday and fulfill back orders on a first come first served basis. We thank you for your patience and patronage." And they don't even bother changing the disponibility date of the game on their site. Pfff, I smell trouble.
  4. The EMI font is the JSLAncient font . You can get it on some Disney website.
  5. Two guys can play Corley 1 - George Carlin is doing a wonderful jobs in Kevin Smith's movies and his acting really matches the character behaviour 2- James Cromwell might also be a good choice since the character has a little time on screen. Physically, he IS Corley. Ripburger could be played by the unknown Tom Whitenight ( seen at the begining of MIIB as Agent C)
  6. Geez, how long are you guys going to point out these things ? I mean, couldn't it be an " out of print" problem ? This "LucasArts conspiracy" state of mind is becoming ridiculous. Really, I honestly think so.
  7. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHA. jeeeeez, it's been a long time since I've laugh this much.
  8. To tingler, Rusty Sans Vox is the instrumental for The Rusty Anchor song performed by Glottis in Rubacava if you bring him a print of an anchor. I get the version with voices a while ago and can put it on th web if you need it.. quality is quite poor though. Anyway, I've sorted all the music files by years and even rename the ones from the first year [ and a bit from second and third] .. if you're interested le me know.
  9. I didn't mean pissing someone... but as the conference and panel is about global strategy of publishing - which implies the choice of market you're going to sell into - and as I though there would be a questionning part in the conference, i wondered if you could ask something like : " Classic adventure games like Runaway, The Westerner and Syberia and more innovative titles like Broken Sword 3 are selling well, what kind of information lead you to draw back from the adventure game market? " You know something respectful but straight.
  10. This comes from the conference program at E3 2004 Now what would be great is that Mojo Staff attends to this conference and ask the precise, good question about Sam and Max event. This could be the day to reveal to the world the stupidity to so called leadrs of lucasarts PS : the new sam & max screenshots.
  11. Well, magazines' articles are written about a month before their publishing.. so that doesn't mean anything.
  12. Is it me or is this kind of thing is totally useless ? I mean, I'm not against trying to get Sam & Max 2 back on schedule by sending smart letters or signing petition but THIS is totally stupid and childish... made me want to say to the guy that wrote it to make something more creative and constructive.
  13. Once again I love what you've done Laserschwert but I'm not fond of the copyright and bar-code, I prefer the first version . On the whole, you're doing an amazing job! Bravo, comme on dit!
  14. Wow. I mean, I truly LOVE this cover art! If you'd remove the " A Diary by Guybrush Threepwood" It would become in my opinion THE perfrect Cover for MI Games. Really.
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