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    Well I joined the Imperial Stormtrooper Corps at a young age after completing training at the Imperial Academy. Still working my way up in the ranks.
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    Imperial Center
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    Tactics, Rebel extermination, complete loyalty to the Empire, and blueberries.
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    Imperial Officer
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  1. I'm looking for people who want to use TeamSpeak for tactics, and get more of a Star Wars feeling out of the game. When I say roleplay, I don't mean having text conversations advancing an imaginary story. What I mean is taking on a Star Wars like name and working together in ways you would see in the movies. So I'm Dmitri Onasi. If i'm playing a soldier, i'd like to have others I can TeamSpeak with and we can move together while communicating like a Stomtrooper squad or Rebel squad might. But it wouldn't be limited to just soldiering, but Force users and and other class. The main idea is to communicate using TeamSpeak and immerse ourselves more in the game. This can't be done with vanilla Jedi Academy as it's too limited and the clans i've seen in-game don't really use TeamSpeak and/or tactics while also having crazy looking clan tags. So if you're interested, add me here: http://steamcommunity.com/id/miamiheat87
  2. Send me an email at miamiheat87@gmail.com There are still plenty of people who play this game online through GameRanger. I see probably about 50 people online at peak hours with one server having up to 40 people on it at a time. I like using tactics and teamplay which is impossible without VoIP. So send me an email and we can get together on TeamSpeak. From coordinating repairs and defenses on space battles and manning a Y-Wing together, or moving out together as a small squad taking objectives on Mos Eisley.
  3. In the singleplayer, it looks like your able to have up to four bots follow you. Are you able to do this on a multiplayer server with awards? I don't plan on staying long enough on a single server to gain 300 medals though.
  4. Opinions don't matter. Heh heh heh.
  5. I won't join you, but I can advise you.
  6. Well we are not a clan, but if your looking for a tactical unit then you can find a good choice at the Imperial Stormtrooper Corps. We are based on a realistic structure in the expanded universe, and center ourselves around a sort of roleplaying tactical combat, but is also tries to take a realist approach to the combat system in Battlefront II. Know that we heavily rely on microphones to effectively coordinate ourselves, but it isn't required. Only for positions of leadership for obvious reasons. As long as you can type in "roger" and "negative", your good to go. Imperial STC Headquarters http://www.imperial.net.tf
  7. Maxsom


    I think if you knew how to do the glitch itself, you would be able to do the same so you can get to where the glitcher is and kill him. Other then that, you would need an admin on the server or have a successful vote kick (do those things even work?).
  8. This is a good guide, and the only one useful to me here. I try to stick with a regular trooper, since an expert is someone who excels in one area. While that can be a weakness, i'm trying to show people a regular trooper is just as good as an engineer. I recommend any regular trooper of any faction to give this strategy guide a try since it has helped me a lot in game.
  9. MC, please keep your arguments against me in your PMs.
  10. Friendly fire should be on at all times to add to realism and tactical play. The only problem is those idiots who kill their own soldiers, and the admins who will do nothing about it. I've seen admins kick other players for not obeying an order rather then kick the person who teamkills you intentionally. If we could have admins online all the time that are responsible, it could work out. Unfortunately - that isn't the case.
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