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  1. I'll get to your question in a second, but I wanted to point out that in the newest book, Bloodlines, a 70-year-old Boba Fett visits the planet Taris and the narration makes a reference to the planet being destroyed thousands of years earlier in the Jedi Civil War but it doesn't name names. As for your question about Mandalorians in the current EU: ***SLIGHT SPOILER*** At the end of the book Boba Fett and his granddaughter decide to return to Mandalore and rebuild their culture. Fett decides the Mandalorian days of being homeless mercenaries needs to come to an end. With the new Legacy comic series taking place a hundred years after the Empire era, it is possible that the Mandalorians will play a larger role in the galaxy providing Fett succeeded.
  2. What in the HECK are you talking about?!?!?!? IT'S HIS UNIVERSE FER CRYING OUT LOUD! If that doesn't make him authoritative what the hell does? Want to know why Darth Vader is Luke's father? BECAUSE GL SAID SO. Maybe I'm missing something, but what you said makes no sense to me.
  3. As long as they include the Dancer's Outfit, I could care less. Hubba hubba!
  4. I like this idea. In the movies they never even bothered to remove the robes if they were fighting droids or clones because they were hardly a threat. But when two Jedi face off, they remove them probably to keep from tripping. So there should be a huge penalty for dueling in a robe, but not from fighting regular guys. Otherwise, the player would have to keep taking off and putting on the robe for every room they entered. It would get annoying except on occasion.
  5. As unbelievable as a senator from the pacifist planet Naboo conquering the entire galaxy, killing everyone and ruling supreme? Frankly, I think that is the single most important thing to be able to customize. Wether or not to slaughter billions or which color pants do I want to wear? Besides, customizing wasn't my point. Every story is open ended until the next story comes along and sets a particular new course. But no story can really have an open-beginning. See, KOTOR works because every single player begins at Point A and their choices determine to some extent where they end up. KOTOR 2 worked almost as well by starting everyone at Point B , deciding where point A might have been (but it ultimately is irrelevant as the game does not change at all based on what that A was. Story changes slightly, but gameplay does not) Only by sidestepping the player's choices in KOTOR 1 was KOTOR 2 able to function as a game. So for KOTOR 3 to have the same pseudo-openess it would have to sidestep again the first two games or finally settle some things and proceed. They don't have enough time and money to develop a game that is that variable. At some point they have to re-weave loose story threads or discard them. DF2: JK chose to discard one outcome in favor of another because JKII couldn't proceed with BOTH story outcomes equally possible. That was my point.
  6. Just wanted to point out Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II Much like KOTOR you had a different ending based on whether you went LS or DS Jedi. The DS ending implied you used the power from the Valley of the Jedi to conquer the galaxy. But in the expansion pack and again in JKII, the game assumed a LS ending for JK:DFII. So LucasArts has done it before...
  7. LOL first time I read this, I thought you were refering to "Force Lightning" as being a new power that was added to KOTOR2. I was like, "I thought that one was already in the first... OHHHHHH, oops."
  8. I played through again as a light side character, taking particular care to get on Talia's side on Onderon. I have to say I was shocked that those jerk Jedi tried to kill me anyway! I don't feel bad for "having" to murder them in my first play through. BUT The most important thing is that with my LS master who sided with the General on Onderon I was STILL able to complete the LS story line. I thought I had been doomed because everyone on Onderon and the Jedi Council kept referring to me as a Sith and I had evil dialogue choices during those two scenes. HOWEVER, after I killed the Council and Kreia zapped me, I was still given the Force Enlightenment power instead of the Sith one. Further, with Atris and Malachor I behaved as a LS (fighting against my percieved fate) and lo and behold I was actually given the LS ending (but with Vaklu at Telos Station). The end was so underwhelming it didn't seem to matter which side I was on, but I was very pleased that I wasn't trapped in the Sith storyline with a LS character because of one mistake in the middle of the game. Though I did kill the Council, they DID attack me on sight so it was really self defense, right?
  9. Here is the problem with making people go through yet another quiz to fill in the backstory: For returning players, it is a hassle to have to retread and "discover" stuff they already know. If you were to play a game set after Return of the Jedi, would you want to sit through endless cutscenes of people explaining the course of events for the whole trilogy that you already know? For new players, they won't give a crap. "Who the hell is Revan and why should I care?" Old characters can't really be integrated well. If one particular character was either good, bad, a Jedi, non-Jedi, or dead depending on the outcome of your game, how can they be included and still maintain the open-ended gameplay? Notice how the only K1 characters to make it back into your party were droids with convenient memory wipes? (Ordo is the exception but he is the one human who ends the same in K1 no matter what you do) Some characters can maybe make cameos like Carth and Bastilla did, but not much more. And it would have to be characters that don't change too much over the course of the game or it would create too many variables. Now that whole last paragraph would be moot if the devs just canonized certain aspects of the story and characters. I don't think they can again pull off the vague beginning that they did with TSL. Too many variables after two games.
  10. That is exactly my point. They would probably have to canonize certain aspects of the story in order to continue into a third game OR let people fill in the back story, which I think would be cumbersome. That can be done in TSL because they just continued on a few of the important threads and discarded the rest. I just think it would be a bit of a stretch to try that for a third game without setting certain threads in stone regardless of how certain players actually experienced it.
  11. Here is what I think they COULD do if they want to include the previous story info without forcing you into it. 1)Ability to load TSL savegame. Avoids even having to do any conversation trees as the savegame will have everything: your answers to Revan history, Exile's characteristics and alignment. 2)Choose-Your-Own-Adventure style questionaire where you answer questions at character creation. 3)I-don't-care-button. Imagine a new player coming in having skipped the first two. Maybe they don't give a crap who Revan was because they have never heard of him/her. I would also like to add to my point about there being 8 different scenarios to deal with in regards to possible outcomes of the first two games. That actually ignores any reference to the GENDER of Revan/Exile. Clearly, with the romantic options available that makes the gender reference very important. It decides whether the characters of Handmaiden/Disciple even "exist" in the story. So the possible outcomes actually goes up exponentially with gender data included. So this actually increases the number from EIGHT to SIXTY-FOUR!!!!! For each game, 2 alignments, 2 genders, over the course of three games. 2x2x2x2x2x2 = 2 to the 6th power = 64 Now this can be trimmed down by the developers by not including certain characters from later games. Mission couldn't be in TSL because of what happened to her if Revan went DS. Same with Jolee Bindo, etc. Actually, the number goes higher than 64 because of whether or not the Exile actually completed the Jedi training of their crew in TSL. First time I played through, I only trained Atton and not any of the others. Adding the possibilities of them increases exponentially even further. OMG this is starting to sound like one of those Star Trek episodes lol. So this goes back to my point of the developers having to drop the Revan/Exile thing OR make some hard choices and set certain story elements in stone at the risk of "invalidating" the experiences of some players. I don't see any other way.
  12. Now that I have your attention... What I mean is, that if they are going to make #III I think they need to make a definitive stand on what "really" happened in the previous two games and make them canon. In making TSL they made the innovative decision to allow you to "continue" the story as YOU left it in KOTOR 1. Through the conversations you establish what happened to Revan and who he/she was. HOW can they pull this off in III? Think about it. KOTOR 1 had basically two endings: LS Revan and DS Revan. KOTOR 2 comes along and continues EITHER of those endings, but now adds LS Exile and DS Exile. That is FOUR possibilities. LS Revan and LS Exile. LS Revan and DS Exile. DS Revan and LS Exile. And DS Revan and DS Exile. NOW add number 3 and if you try to do the same thing you have to add a LS and DS ending PLUS the different endings from the first two. Meaning that they would have to account for EIGHT different scenarios. And imagine trying to establish that through more expositional dialogue trees. "So who was Revan?" "A LS girl?" "What about the Exile?" "A DS Male?" "What about...?" ad nauseum. Add to this a THIRD new character that doesn't know anything about his or herself. UNLESS... They bring back Revan or the Exile. But this would require some things to be set down in stone. I would think it necessary unless they want to send the player through several hours of "discovering" what happened in two games the player has already played. UNLESS... They abandon the Revan/Exile thing altogether and set the game in a different time period. The "Old Republic" Era is usually considered any time between 5,000 and 1,000 years before the Prequels or maybe right up to the Prequels themselves. So they could move up the timeline 2,000 years and still be in the "OR" era. Then they wouldn't have to worry about Revan/Exile because it would be "ancient" history. OR How about a new game altogether? *GASP, SHOCK, HORROR* They could try making Knights of the New Republic. LA kind of teased at this already with the Jedi Academy game. Why not an RPG? With the various conflicts the New Republic faced, it would make a fine setting. You also get the added benefit of dropping the Skywalkers/Solos into the game. Maybe even the Yuzhan Vong invasion or afterwards. I think that would be a great game too. Just throwing some ideas out there. Hate 'em or love 'em. Won't hurt my feelings.
  13. Okay this line really bugged me. Let's see here: 1)Force pushed dozens of stormtroopers... Done that. It's called Jedi Knight II. Or KOTOR 1 & 2 if you want to count Sith instead of stormtroopers. 2)Project force lightning at a flock of foes... Refer to number 1. 3)Fling junk at TIE fighters. Jedi Knight: DFII let you do that with people, and JKII let you do it with AT-STs so same thing really. But I would gladly do it all over again with latest gen tech. When I'm 80 I'll still buy every Star Wars games out there (oh, they'll have them, just you watch). My point is that whomever wrote that line must not be a Star Wars gamer. Or a gamer with a short memory.
  14. Where I live Fry's is a grocery store. I would highly doubt they were related except for the fact that they both have the exact same sign (font, color, design, etc. etc.)
  15. The KOTOR Mandalorians already have the T-shaped visor, that is close enough for me. Style changes a lot over 4,000 years. You don't see any of us walking around looking like Egyptians do you? Besides, I'm annoyed enough as it is that Sith warships in KOTOR are clearly designed to invoke Star Destroyers from the Rebellion Era. It makes the Jedi pretty dumb that when Palpatine started building ships, nobody said "Huh, kinda fishy these things look like Sith ships... Oh well..."
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