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  1. I'm still here... not exactly working on mod related things, but I'm still around. And Jennaida, that comment is very true. You guys have no idea how many times we've had the "shall we give up?" conversation... but every time, we choose to struggle on. As far as I'm aware, the current plan is to get the 6-level demo done, and then re-evaluate things after that. Who knows what will happen, but there are a lot of people on this mod who don't want to give up - I think if we can, we'll see this thing through to the end.
  2. No-one else saw Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang? It was bloody awesome - sharp dialogue, very funny, and great performances all round. If you haven't seen it, I'd definitely suggest checking it out. If you're into Tarantino, and enjoy films like Fight Club (that sort of humour), then see it.
  3. Saw lots of movies last year, my top 5 were probably: 1. Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang 2. Serenity 3. Lord of War 4. Crash 5. Million Dollar Baby I *really* want to see The Constant Gardener - and from what I've heard, it'll probably make the top 5. Best film I saw that didn't come out last year was probably The Hudsucker Proxy - the Coen brothers at their best, brilliant film.
  4. Books: A Mao Biography History of Modern Russia CDs: Ani Difranco - So Much Shouting, So Much Laughter Frank Black - Teenager of the Year DVDs: Episode 3 Audioslave - Live in Cuba Very happy with all my gifts
  5. The story is the same, and our maps are based on the originals. To all intents and purposes the maps are the same, but there are several differences - sufficient enough to make an original DF walkthrough confusing to DFMod players.
  6. Guy-Gone_Weird, could you please make your signature smaller? As far as I'm aware 80kb is the limit on LF.
  7. Thought this would be appropriate for this topic - from a recent Sky broadcast:
  8. Three words: The Big Lebowski
  9. Downloading the video. It does look pretty cool, and is a pretty neat concept - not sure I want to spend 15 quid on it, though...
  10. Think it's time to break out my MTG card again That's what I think you all look like!
  11. We should have that in our sound library...Ben?
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