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  1. I think it would have to be when your talking to handmaiden, and she says she "bored" or something. You can suggest that she plays Pazaak with Atton, and you hear Atton: What!? Pazaak?! Again!? Then T3 kinda freaks out in a robotic scream/yell type of deal. Man that was funny when I saw it.
  2. For those that ever read or were even interested in this, I decided to create an alternate ending that seems to fit well with the story. It begins just after Alpha is killed. Tek had watched the whole thing from the edge of the forest, and began to cry when Alpha fell to the ground. He walked across the battlefield, and stood next to his corpse, just as Luke stared down at Alpha’s remains. Tek fell to his knees and knelt over the body. Tears fell from his face, as he yelled at Luke, “The evil of the Jedi still remains! Alpha shall never be forgotten. A Sith Lord was he, and a Sith Lord I too shall become.” Luke felt the Force become a cloudy void, surrounding Tek as he stood up and stared darkly at his sister, who came walking up behind Luke. "I would have never though that my brother would turn to the dark side. It will consume you, Tek, and you will become its slave." “Ha! Who are you to judge the dark side? You have never felt its true power. Alpha had nearly mastered it. He could have saved himself if this pitiful Jedi hadn't defeated him with deceit. ” Luke puffed heavy breath out of his nostrils. He spoke his final words to Tek. "I'm afraid I cannot save you by my own will. It's your choice, Tek. Come with us, for the sake of your sister." "I have spoken. The Jedi will die within a century. If you wish to stop me, then draw your blade." Luke and Chelya stood there, not moving. Tek snarled, then turned and began to walk towards the edge of the forest. Chelya felt a sense of loyalty to the light, and drew her saber. She charged at Tek. Tek quickly drew his saber, and began to duel with his sister. Lightning fast movements, Chelya couldn't keep up. Tek slashed at her ankle, digging the saber half way into her foot. She fell down to her knees, and Tek did a quick spin and jabbed his saber behind him, puncturing her chest. He didn't see his sister's death. He sheathed his saber and walked towards the forest once more. A tear fell down Luke's face as he ran up and looked down over the body of his Padawan. Although he was dead, Alpha lived on in the blackened heart of young Tek. He then looked at the body of Alpha. A lump formed in his throat, unable to take in what he had just witnessed. He left his body there on the field. Tek waited until nightfall, when everyone would be weeping over the deaths of padawans and soldiers alike. He silently flew his Lamba Class over to Alpha, and laid him down within the cargo hold. He would return to Mustafar, alone, and give him the sacred rituals. It wasn't over.
  3. Using "Darth" is rather difficult for me. I'll have to think on it. Otherwise, I would use Lord Alpha, from my original story, which wasn't all that good, but the storyline was well thought, IMO.
  4. Unknown, at least to my non-Kotor modding eyes (but I mod other games). But that just reminded me...weren't the animations finally figured out a bit ago? And to Stoffe - I still have the Force Zeal files you made for me. Their awesome.
  5. First of all, where the hell is your 10 foot or so Mech Suit. Second of all, who says i want to even build one. Theres no way I could (Well i guess i could but i'de need alot of help) build one.
  6. I have no skills whatsoever in creating mods, so i can't help ya. But i LOVE the idea you have, and your paint drawing are phenominal. Hope someone does it for you.
  7. Chapter 35: Companion My fleet arrived at Mygeeto, as I prepared my new weapon, to counterattack the rebel’s. I was going to build the ultimate weapon, one that none would survive. A group, of maybe 3 Sith, and I knew the perfect place to look. Deep in Coruscant, in the forgotten, wasteful, despised places of the city, were settlements of families barely survived on the scraps of dirt that they live in. The children there are filled with potential, greater than that of the rich, and of the famous. They lived dark lives, and despised the ones who had things better. They held everything to themselves, and gave none of it away. I boarded the Streak Shot, without saying a word to any of my commanders, and set off for Coruscant. When I arrived at Coruscant, I shot into the atmosphere, landed slowly upon the smog-filled, rust covered ground of the forgotten part of the city. It reminded me of the area in which I crash landed in many a year ago, during the space battle to save Palpatine. I exited my ship, and began to maneuver through the scraps and salvageable parts until I found a hallway, leading to several small apartments, where families dwelt. I walked down the hall, and was passed by a man, with the looks of the criminal. He was not Force Sensitive however. I continued through the dark hallway, with a flickering light on the wall every few yards. I found an apartment area, with 3 or 4 houses. I entered the first one, and inside, was a family. A father, in rags and tattered clothes, a mother, also in tattered clothes, and at the back, was a boy, maybe 13 years old, which was dressed in a black robe, with greasy dark-brown hair, with a spiky design. The family stared as I stood there in the doorway. I walked right past them, to the back of the room, and looked down on the boy, who gazed at me with his black eyes, and dirt covered face. “What’s your name?” I asked him plainly. The boy didn’t respond. “He doesn’t talk much, sir.” The father said with deep voice. I asked again. “What’s your name?” He responded, with a hateful voice. “Name’s Jaern.” “Well, Jaern, I have noticed that you are…different, then those of your family.” I squatted down, so that my face was level with his. “You’re better than everyone else here. You have power that I cannot even withstand, deep inside you. Come with me, and your family will have great fortune. You shall however, come with me. I need your help Jaern, to bring peace to the Galaxy.” “I… My father…my mother…my sis-.” “You have a sister? Where is she?” “She’s gone…” “How did she die?” “No…she’s not dead…she’s gone to Yavin IV, to Luke Skywalker’s Jedi Temple. She’s a Jedi now. Luke came and got her himself.” “I see…Tell me Jaern, why did she get the special powers, and now a better life, but not you?” “I…I don’t know…” “It’s because Luke is incapable of compassion. He thinks your sister is more powerful than Jaern, child of the streets.” “You’re…your right.” He stood up, as his dark cape reached down to his feet. “My sister…My sister will not get away with this. Chelya will not be better than me.” I had a sinister grin on my face as he spoke those words of anger. “Come Jaern, and you shall have a new life, better than Chelya’s.” Jaern began to walk out the door, when the father yelled. I smiled again, and he soon flew to the back of the apartment, unconscious. Jaern saw this, and put the same smile on his face as mine. I led him back to my ship. I didn’t need to find anymore children. I only needed Jaern, my new companion, my son. Chapter 36: The Dark Knight I lifted Jaern by the shoulders to help him into back seat, and I entered the front. I closed top hatch, and set off. Jaern was marveled as we entered space. His family was poor. He had probably never been here before. As Jaern gazed at the stars, I looked ahead, and noticed a New Republic cruiser, just coming out of hyperspace before us. It was still about 20 miles away, perhaps, but I was just in a small ship. “Jaern?” “Ya?” “Can you do me a favor?” “Umm…sure. What is it?” “Hold on as tight as you can. This could get rough.” “What? Why?” “Just do it!” I adjusted the speed to max and zoomed towards the cruiser. We were soon flying through blaster fire, with Jaern not the slightest bit scared. I sped right under the ship, and once on the other side, quickly switched to hyperspace. When we arrived at Mustafar, Jaern covered his eyes at first with his arms, due to the fiery brightness of the planet. “You’ll get used to the brightness. I go here just about every week. My headquarters is on it.” “Your headquarters? What-.” “Shh! Later! I have a transmission.” The Com Link activated, and a small hologram of my Offensive Commander appeared on a small platform. “My lord, it is good to see you back. But why did you leave?” “I’ll talk about it later.” I cut off the transmission. When I landed at the foot of my mountain, the commander was there to greet me. He asked again why I left. I quickly whispered a response.” “This boy…he’s…different. He may not look it, but he can win this war for us.” The commander had a look of confusion. I nodded him away, and he led a new shipment of clones from Kamino away. “Step onto the elevator, Jaern.” He slowly stepped onto it, and I the same. I clicked a button on a small panel and it the elevator began to quickly move upwards. At the top, I let Jaern walk slowly towards the Temple, gazing up at its height and glory. “Welcome, Jaern, to the Sith temple. This is where you shall live, along with me.” “We live here?” “Exactly.” “Can I see the inside?” “Of course.” Jaern ran excitedly into the large opening for the front door of the temple. He ran from room to room, exploring them. I understood why of course. His entire life he had been living in a small hovel. This was like a sanctuary for him. Even though he was quite enjoying himself, we needed to be getting on. “Jaern!” I yelled as he entered another room. He poked his head out of the door. “Ya?” “I’m sorry to take away your fun, but we must be getting on. Please come with me.” He followed me to a large pool, where he was washed, and came out several minutes later with the dirt out of his face, and his hair was no longer greasy. “Now, I want to explain to you what you’re going to have to go through in order to stay with me.” I walked into the room where Delta and I first fought. The window had not yet been replaced. I stood in front, looking out to the surface of Mustafar as Jaern sat down. “Jaern…do you know who I am?” “Come to think of it, no.” “I am Alpha 073, leader of the Empire, predecessor of Palpatine. I was once a clone. I was in the very first battle of the Clone Wars. I have been through more chaos and turmoil than anyone else in the Galaxy.” “At first, I hated the Jedi, I hated there ways. But soon after we had destroyed the Jedi, I had found a lightsaber of my own, and used it, all the time. With it, I found power. But because of power, I slowly began to slip into the darkness. I found out something about me, about how I was different than everyone else…that was so many years ago…I was only twenty years old when the Battle of Geonosis arrived…I’ve seen so much death, so much pain, so much destruction. I’ve seen things one was not meant to see. I’ve endured things one was not meant to endure.” “But, I do not want you to withstand what I have. I want you to become more powerful than I, and bring peace to this war driven society.” “But…I’m just a boy.” “You are, are you? Well, you obviously have no idea of the potential hidden inside you. Take this.” I pulled a lightsaber from my robes and tossed it to him. He activated it. “Quite amazing, no? I’m sure you know what it is.” He gave a nod. “I want to see how good you are, even without training.” Without a word, he shifted into a charge position. I stood there, with my dark robes swaying in the wind coming from the shattered window. He charged, and slipped past me before I knew it. I tried to attack him several times, but he just blocked them with his blade. He soon began to use offensive slashes, actually making me walk back a few steps. When I was backed up against the wall, just as I had planned, his red lightsaber flew from his hand, into mine. “What was that?” “That, young Jaern, was the Force. A power you too, shall learn, soon.” Chapter 37: My Final Flight For months I trained Jaern to embrace the Force around him, and to use his emotions to his advantage. Within time, he became quite powerful, maybe even more powerful than I, force-wise. As hard he tried, he could not defeat me in combat. But in knowledge of the force, he overwhelmed me. He already could use the electricity the Force could create, lift extremely heavy objects, and make even the hardest of materials shatter into nothingness. The time had come to make our final assault against the Skywalker Academy, and his host of padawans. We would attack the Rebel’s without detection, and bring in our cruisers to destroy the base there. Jaern was ready. I was ready. The army of the Empire was ready. We set off for Yavin IV. When we arrived, no one said a word. Jaern and I stood there staring out the windows of the Dark Hauk. We studied the ships passing by and entering the atmosphere. A voice over an intercom said suddenly, “All troopers report to the hangers. I repeat. All troopers report to the hanger. I slowly walked away, and Jaern followed. Inside the hanger was every troop, besides those manning the turrets. They all watched as Jaern and I entered our own private little aircraft, the Streak Shot, and set off. All the men on every cruiser loaded into transports and set off. The hundreds of transport craft followed us and landed silently upon the ground of Yavin IV. As soon as we landed, the men gathered into squads and formations. Thousands of Stormtroopers stared as I walked in front of them to address them. “I come to you today, not as your leader, but as a fellow trooper, such as yourself. Today we fight our final battle against the Jedi. Those still alive from The Purge remember their plan of domination, which is repeating itself. And yet…for the first time, someone has the power to stand up to them. Through all of our wars and battles, through all of our death and destruction, we have established a technology to defeat this terrible power. And that technology, my friends, is unity. We are the Empire! We alone have that technology. Let us bring peace and freedom to the Galaxy forever! For all of our fallen! For Vader! Let us fight this last time. Let us fight!” The men all put there arms up and gave shouts of “Huzzah!” for there final time. I looked above and saw our Star Destroyers, along with the Hauk, ready for battle. They were slowly entering the atmosphere to have a better chance of wiping out men. I led the army across the plains of Yavin IV, and stood upon a hill in the middle of the field. At the end of the field, the Rebel base stood with its army in front. It was about half the size of ours. But that wasn’t the only thing. Through the tops of the trees surrounding there base, I saw the top of the Great Massassi Temple, which Luke had transformed into his Jedi Temple. And from the base came a group of about 20 good aged children, ranging from 13 to 18. And in front of them stood Skywalker, whose power I could already feel building up inside him. My troops and his stood in formation and gazed across the field at each other. I turned my body part-way around and looked at my army, with Jaern at my side. One final glance I took, when I began to sprint across the battlefield. Jaern soon followed, and the army soon began to rush across the field also. Luke’s trainees ignited their lightsabers and charged forward, along with Luke himself. When Jaern and I were a good way across the field, we ignited ours as we ran. This was it. This was our final fight. Chapter 38: The End of All Wars Both sides began to charge, stopping a good ways away and started firing. Meanwhile, Luke’s padawans were falling as Jaern and I cut them down one by one in the midst of all the fire. Some were killed by the blaster fire, some by saber cuts. Hundreds of troops began to fall on each side, with many more as my ships entered the atmosphere. Hell rained upon the rebel base and the Temple, as many more of our men fell. Luke was deflecting shots in front of his legion, when I charged at him. I stopped a few yards away, and we stared in the midst of the fire. Our eyes met, and the eyes of Vader soon pierced me. He really was Vader’s son. He would have great skill. A blast startled me as fire and chunks of metal fell from the sky behind my army as I watched the Dark Hauk fall down the ground and explode. A massive Rebel counterstrike had come from Coruscant. I had completely forgotten to take out the ship building facilities there. X-Wings zoomed across the field killing many, when just as soon Fighter’s of Delta’s design chased after them, hitting them and sending them crashing into the forest or onto the battlefield. The sky was like fire, the battlefield like a sea of death. The battle continued to rage on for hours, as Luke just gazed around. A word was never said. When the battle finally ended, Rebel troops and Stormtroopers alike were spread across the field, dead. The ground was scorched and burned in many spots. Large aircraft were on the ground, with half the Rebel fleet still hovering above. Jaern and I were the only ones left, standing in the middle of the battlefield in the wind, with a quarter of the rebel army still alive, along with a few Jedi. They all aimed there blasters at Jaern and I, but Luke beckoned them to stop. This was our battle. “Jaern…” “Yes, my lord?” “Run away. You don’t need to see this. It will be too much for you to handle.” “But I…” “Jaern, please, just walk away. Return to the ships. This is my battle.” He thought for a moment, and gave a slow nod. He walked across the battlefield in his robes, alone, back to the ships hidden partly within the forest. Luke walked forward and said these few words. “My father is in you. We are both part of him.” “Perhaps, but we will see who inherited his greater power. Let’s do this. Let’s finish this war.” Luke gave a quick nod and a “hmm” as he grasped his lightsaber handle. I took hold of mine, and ignited it. I charged at Luke, and he just stood there and adjusted his lightsaber to the best position to block the attack. He too tried to attack but I just reflected it. We moved with speed nothing could match on foot. We attacked so fiercely that nothing could have survived. The wind seemed to grow stronger with every strike. We soon stopped for a moment and stared once again. His golden-brown hair swayed in the wind. The tension began to grow. Luke charged and swung at me left and right, with me doing the same, clashing our blades what seemed like hundreds of times. Finally, in the end, I swung harder than I should have, and missed an important attack. As I lifted my blade back up, Luke kicked my hands, sending them upwards, and jabbed his lightsaber right through my chest. I stood there for what seemed like an eternity, which was only a few seconds. I fell to my knees. I put my hands to my mouth and coughed, it hurt more than anything I’ve ever felt. I looked at my hands, which were covered with black-brown gloves, and saw blood in them. Alpha looked up one more time at Luke, before he fell down on his back, and breathed his final breath. Alpha died on the battlefield that day. Jaern had watched the whole thing from the edge of the forest, and began to cry when Alpha fell to the ground. He walked across the battlefield, and stood next to his corpse, just as Luke reached down and gently closed Alpha’s eyes. Jaern fell to his knees and knelt over the body. Tears fell from his face, as he yelled at Luke, “Why? Why did you have to kill him? He was all I had left!” Luke watched in sorrow as he cried. “Jaern, you still have something left. You have your family, and you have your sister.” At that moment Chelya came walking up from behind Luke and stood next to him. A tear rolled down from her eyes too as she watched him. “Jaern, come with us. We can train together under Luke. He’s a nice man.” “But Alpha was better! He gave me food and a new life! Luke doesn’t even want me! I can use the Force too! But Luke didn’t take me with you! He left me there for scrap!” Luke bulged in. “I didn’t leave you for scrap, Jaern. You weren't ready for this responsibility. I could tell that you loved your family too much. I couldn’t take you away from your parents.” Another tear fell down onto Alpha’s chest. “I…I'll join you. It’s what Alpha would have wanted. But, I want him to burned, like the ways of the Old Republic.” “Of course, Jaern. You will learn to use the good side of the Force here.” “I am also Alpha’s heir. He made me his heir when he was training me. Everything that’s left of his Empire is now part of the New Republic.” “That’s the boy I wanted to recruit back on Coruscant. Let’s get a capsule for his body.” Luke ordered for a capsule, and one was immediately brought to him. Jaern helped load his body into it, and brought it to the Temple. Inside the temple they burned his body and gave him the Sacred Rituals. Alpha was finally with the men he longed to see. He was with the Empire.
  8. Chapter 30: Darkness is Betrayed I left the Rebel body on the ground, and headed into the Head Quarters. The blast door opened, and inside were many Rebels on their knees, aiming right at the door. They stared for a moment, and I did the same. “Don’t mess with the Empire.” I pulled out two blasters and fired on the rebels. The blasters proved useful, until more came. I unsheathed my lightsaber, and began deflecting shots. I soon became overwhelmed, and ran back outside. This was part of the plan. I ran back to my ship, with the rebels taking chase. When I reached my ship, the rebels stopped in curiosity. There was nothing there. I stood there, with my back to them laughing. As they continued to ponder in curiosity, an army became visible around me. They easily wiped out the Rebels, and marched towards the HQ. They returned several moments later, with shouts of “Hurrah!” I contacted Delta. “Our mission was successful, and we are now returning.” “Very well, my lord. I shall be most pleased to see you again. Also, our new battalion of clones have arrived.” And the transmission was cut off. “Something is wrong. You,” I pointed to a group of 30 elite stormtroopers, “Come with me.” Their leader came forward. “Very well my lord.” We returned to Mustafar. Production here had been quite successful. Delta had even built an elevator leading to the top of the Great Mountain. I left 5 troops at its base, and the rest of us boarded the lift. When we arrived at the top, we found that turrets had been installed, and that several troops were guarding the temple. They allowed me to enter. I entered the top room, and found Delta staring out the window. “Welcome, my lord, to My Empire!” He turned around, and drew a green lightsaber. He had betrayed me, and my Empire. Death was his only option. Delta advanced on me, and I drew my saber. Our blades clashed, but he was already having small difficulty keeping up. He tried to slash me on my right. I quickly jumped to the right, and clashed blades with him once again. This continued for a few minutes, until he stopped and looked at me. “You obviously have skill, Delta, but the force is not strong enough with you. You will fail, and you will fall into my grasp.” “Shut up! Skywalker’s training will not be in vain! I will continue to fight, and you will die by hand! Prepare for death, my master!” He held his lightsaber horizontally in front of him, and ignited the other side of it. It was a double-saber. He charged and I swung my blade left and right, deflecting the blows he tried to inflict. He swung at my feet, and I jumped up and kicked him in the chest. His saber flew off behind me, and he struggled to get up from the base of the nearby wall. “I will not fail! For the fate of the New Republic, you will die!” “Delta, you are mishandling the power of the force. It will eventually overwhelm you.” “That’s what you think! But have you ever handled the light side of it? It is so much easier to handle, and is much more powerful.” And with that he jumped out a nearby window, shattering it as he left. I saw him fall, and several moments later he escaped in his ship, the Remstar, an advanced version of the Evasive fighter. I ran downstairs, and found his clones and mine fighting. I reactivated my saber, and wiped them out. I ran towards the elevator, and looked down. Far below, I saw my troops fending off any New Republic clones marching at them. I jumped down the shaft, and began killing them even before my feet touched the ground. Within a few minutes, they had retreated and quickly left the planet. The commander came up to me and asked, “Sir, what shall we do? With the betrayal of Delta, the army of the New Republic has been reinforced.” “We shall secure Kamino first, to make sure that he does not capture it. He has probably already revealed its location to them. Then I will personally hunt down Delta, for his betrayal will never be forgiven. And you commander, you shall come with me.” Chapter 31: Separated Our army strengthened, with the commander and his men at his side. I hired a robotic bounty hunter name IG-88 to search Delta out. He returned a week or two later, with information of Delta being near the Felucia region. We quickly prepared for the attack. When our army in space above Mustafar was finished and ready, we set for hyperspace. When we arrived, we were immediately pummeled by blaster fire. I could sense Delta within 5 miles, and went to the hanger with the commander, which was later identified as Theta 427. He boarded his ship, Streak Shot, which was an old Naboo Starfighter from the early Clone Wars, which he painted black and silver, and I personally gave it a tune-up, making it compatible with my Old Republic Barc Fighter. We left the Dark Hauk, and zoomed through the laser fire until we reached the hanger door of Delta cruiser. Theta was already a few yards ahead of me. “Theta, speed up! We must get to the hanger!” “Got it!” He sped up, and just before I entered, with Theta already inside the hanger, the hanger doors quickly shut. Theta was trapped inside, with me still out in space. “Alpha, where are you?” “I’m still outside! Just keep heading through the ship until you find Delta. Distract him for a while. I should be there momentarily.” I zoomed around the cruiser, looking for the generator that activated the shields and openings in the ship. I found it under the ship, and destroyed it with my modified blasters. I contacted my Head of Offense commander. “Yes sir?” “Concentrate all firepower on the closed hanger bay door. Make me an opening!” Huge lasers from our ships fired out the door, making a great hole, which also made a suction. I flew through the hole and jumped out of my ship right next to the door leading to a series of networks throughout the ship. I quickly entered the hallway so that I would not be pulled out into space by the suction. Inside, I contacted Theta. “Theta, where are you? Theta, can you here me? Theta!” A voice came through his comlink. “I’m sorry, but Theta is…preoccupied.” And the transmission was cut off. “Theta! Who is this? Theta!” It was obviously Delta on the other side of the link. If he killed Theta, I would throw his head into a den of Rancors. I continued on through the halls, until I came to one with bloody walls and dead Rebel bodies everywhere. I also saw something I hadn’t hoped to see there. There were lightsaber cuts in the wall. Chapter 32: Darkness Will Prevail At the end of the hall was Theta, lying up against the blood-stained corner. There was a large spot of blood around an open wound on his armor. He had his arm over it. He wasn’t dead yet. “You stubborn bastard, Not even a lightsaber can kill you.” He fell down, while I quickly ran up to him. He was out cold, but still not dead. I quickly tore a large section off my robes, and wrapped it about his stomach. Hopefully it would stop the bleeding for awhile. I ran down the next hall, but when I reached the end, I took one final glance back at Theta. He looked up. He had awoken. He called down the hall, “Kill the traitorous bastard. Do it for the Empire.” And he fell down again. I did as he wanted me to do. I continued to travel down the hall, until I reached an elevator shaft. The elevator was nowhere to be seen, and the controls had been damaged by blaster fire. I jumped down the shaft, and grabbed onto a pipe that stuck out a little. From there, I focused my mind on a door that was just above me. It opened, and I quickly jumped inside it. I walked down the hall, and at the nearest intersection, a group of rebels came walking by. I ignited my saber, but they immediately heard it activate. “Hey, he’s not on our side! Kill him!” The started to fire on me. I easily deflected there fire and killed all of them except one, who I had backed into a corner. I deflected his shots and used the force to bring his blaster out of his hand. “I will kill you unless you bring me to your commander, Delta.” “Y…yes…yes sir,” he said shakily. “This way.” He began to slowly walk down the hall, until we came to a security door. “Open it!” “I’m sorry sir. I don’t know the codes…” I ignited my saber, and he quickly responded. “I…I’ll get them! Please don’t kill me!” He ran into a nearby control room, and came out a few minutes later. He punched in the code, and the door slid open. Inside was a throne-room type of area. Delta was standing next to it, looking out to the battle just outside. “Run before I kill you. Get me a shuttle!” He ran down the hall, while I advanced into the large glass walled room. Delta acted as if he didn’t notice I was there. I walked up the steps until I was within three yards of him. I stood behind him. “When will you realize that the Empire has fallen? You cannot rebuild it.” “That may be so, but at least I know that my troops trust in me. I am there hope, there courage. You are just a commander whose troops barely know anything about, except that you were once an Imperial.” “That’s enough, my master.” He turned around. “Let’s finish this!” He ignited his green saber, while I ignited mine. This was it. If I died, so be it. But if I did manage to strike him down, this would be last time something like this would ever happen. I was starting to get on in years, and this grew tiring. He charged at me, while I quickly jumped back. I landed some distance back, and we both charged at each other. We struck at the center, and began to duel for our last time. We each swung left and right, dodging each others attacks. He had a habit of swinging behind me, even if he was in front. This was a great skill to learn, but could also be your worse enemy. He attempted the attack, but I quickly tried to slash him from the front. He barely blocked the slash, but I continued to advance on him. He soon became overwhelmed, and fell back on the floor. He quickly jumped up behind me and our blades clashed once more. He advanced on me now, but I quickly used the force to push him back. I charged at him, and cut his saber’s handle in half, emitting green sparks from the shard remaining in his hand, while the other dropped to the floor. Delta tried to jump away, but I slashed him as he tried. He fell to the ground several feet away from where he jumped, landing on the floor, with a gouge across his chest. Blood began oozing from it, as he spoke his last troubled words. “For…th…the..,” He spat out a clump of blood, “New Re…Republic.” And he let out his final breath. I walked up to his body, and looked down on it. “That is what happens, Delta, when you betray the Empire. You never live to remember it.” Chapter 33: Power Is Regained I walked back down through the ship, through the elevator shaft, back to the site of Theta’s bloody corpse. There, he began to say his final words to me. “Alpha,” he began with extreme difficulty, “save…the Empire. Take my…ship. Its still works fine. Now…get out of here.” “But, Theta, I can save you. I can…” He pulled out his blaster, and aimed it at my head. “Get the hell out of here before I kill you.” He then fell down to the ground. It hadn’t worked. He couldn’t take the pain. He was gone. I took one final glance at Theta. He was helpless, murdered by someone more powerful than he would ever become. It was horrible. It was wrong. My mind became so overwhelmed that soon I began losing control. I struggled through the halls, with my cold, bloody hands grasping my skull, trying to regain control. It passed after a few moments, and stood up, with my eyes burning red. The force was now working in me ways that I doubt even Yoda could have even understood. It was now using me as a host of destruction, to destroy all that opposed it. I knew my next task. I needed to control this, or I too would fall victim to it. I entered the hanger bay, finding the hole that had been blown open to be patched up by the automated repair droids. I saw the rebel troop standing near the transport craft, awaiting my arrival. I entered the ship, and began making my way towards the cockpit. Just before I entered the door, I heard a voice behind me. “You’ll go no further, Alpha. Ya, I know who you are. Your lightsaber, you signature black robes. You have Sith written all over you. Now I’m going to end this war, once and for all. Drop your lightsaber.” I wasn’t afraid of this weakling, but I did as he said anyway. My lightsaber fell to the floor. He reached down to pick it up. “Don’t touch it, or your life will be removed, not yours.” Regardless, he reached down to pick it up. Just before he touched it, he flew back towards the rear wall of this ship. I turned around and walked towards his wriggling body. I focused my mind upon him, and he was soon floating upright, just a few feet in the air, with his hands around his neck. He fell to the floor, dead, a few seconds later. Before I took off, I remembered a certain ship that was still in the hanger. My ship had been destroyed due to my methods of boarding the ship. But Theta’s old Starcraft, even older than mine, was still sitting there in the hanger, damaged very little. I boarded it, and took off. I returned to the Dark Hauk, and my Offensive Commander was there to greet me. “Where’s your starfighter? Where’s Theta?” “Theta’s gone, killed by Delta. But Delta’s gone, slain by me.” “I see…but what about your ship?” “Let’s just say I’m keeping a promise to a friend.” I returned to the bridge, and oversaw the rest of the battle from there. A rage was continually building up inside me as I watched the shuttle that was Theta’s bloody corpse was inside. My voice became a dark, coarse voice, which could petrify anyone who heard it. “Commander…” “Y…yes, my lord?” “Concentrate all firepower on the flagship. I want it blown out of the sky…” “It will be done.” He walked towards a command consol, and ordered every turret and fighter to target the flagship. Huge rounds of red, green, and blue lasers flew towards the craft. Massive explosions of fire, ash, and metal were flying off the ship. Within a few seconds, the craft exploded in a blinding white light. The entire battle area was covered with the light of the explosion. Nearly every soldier covered their as, as I just stood there, staring out into space as the white light dissipated. I turned around and walked towards my cabin aboard the ship. The end of the war was coming. I could feel it. Chapter 34: Old Ways I awoke the next morning, with space still circling around us with debris from the fallen craft in the hellish battle the day before. I could hardly see through it all at the vast, misty planet of Felucia below. But I did not need to any longer. We had caught the Rebels before they could establish a solid foothold there. All that was left on the planet there were outposts, maybe large enough for a hundred men or so. But they were still part of the Rebellion…and they must be destroyed. I marched into the command room with soldiers at my side. To the commander, I spoke these few words, slowly, but with power, “…Rain hell upon them.” I walked away as I heard the commander give the order to the crew. The ship seemed to have an earthquake of its own when the might force annihilated the rebels below. Power seemed to surge through my veins, and possibly through the veins of the loyal troops aboard. That was another planet taken from the grasp of the New Republic. But as far as I know, that planet came as no significance for them. They had most likely captured it for a base to capture other planets, and remain hidden doing so. My next target I had already planned out. The massive aircraft facilities on Coruscant must be destroyed. “Commander, bring the ship back to Mustafar, and send the other ships to Mygeeto.” “Yes, sir, but why…” “No questions asked.” The other ships turned from Felucia, and soon sped off in lightspeed travel. We too, did the same. We arrived at Mustafar several hours later. Before I took Theta’s craft back to the surface, I went into the Communications Center aboard the Dark Hauk. The soldier at the controls in the small, computerized room was busy at work. “Soldier.” He stood up and held his hands to his sides. “Yes sir?” “Allow me to take your post, only for a few minutes at tops.” “Of, course, my lord!” He stood at the doorway while I established a connecting with our fleet. “Commander, can you here me?” Static seemed to jam the line. “Commander, respond.” The line became quite a bit clearer now. The sound of blaster fire could clearly be heard. “Sir! The Rebels have established a great foothold on Mygeeto! Our forces are thinning. Aircraft are being shot down every other minute. “ Now, we must get reinforcements here! We…” The line was suddenly cut off. I could still here the battle there, though. The transmitter aboard there ship must have been damaged. I could here yells and blaster fire. The rebels must have boarded the craft. I heard another soldier fall, as well as the sound of Rebel feet marching through the ship. It was gone, it was hopeless. The fleet would be overpowered. I wasn’t even sure the rebels would take captives. I turned to my right and saw the soldier at the door with his helmet off, with his mouth slightly open, as if in shock. “Soldier, have you actually been in a battle?” “Well, no, I’ve always been stuck in here.” “This is what battle is like. Death, horror, brutality, it all happens. Destruction perhaps, is the most feared, but that’s what I’m here to cause.” My eyes went red as I began to breathe loud and angrily. The ship began to quiver. I returned to the bridge, and said, without even looking, “…I will be leaving you for a time. Bring fleets, everything we have, here.” “It will be done.”
  9. Chapter 25: The Empire Has Fallen Our ship was sent off course, which was going to enter the safe confines of the Death Star. We were now aimed at Endor, which we were closing in on quite slowly. A group of Rebel X-Wings came up behind us and began to fire. “Boosters to max! Boosters to max! Close our right wing!” We hit the boosters to max, but our wing was blown off. The rebels still began to chase us. “Transfer gun energy to engines!” And with that we sped faster than anything that wasn’t in hyperspace before. A rebel laser hit the back of our ship and blew a hole in it, which caused a great force of wind to start dragging us out. We held on to the back of our chairs, and let fate decide. Our legs were up in the air, while we were holding for dear life. We entered the atmosphere, which made us look like a meteor zooming down on Endor. I tried to look out the front window, but the fire and smoke covered the front end of the ship. It then felt like we were hit directly into an earthquake. Our ship was creating a long crater, as that of a meteor. It eventually stopped, and we exited. We were in a small clearing of the great forest, and our ship was now up against a tree. “That was one hell of a ride!” He yelled with laughter in his voice. I began to laugh a little, but not for long. I looked up at the sky, and a bright light covered our eyes. The sky was as bright as another sun. It was beautiful, but possibly the saddest moment of my life. I knew what had just happened, and I think he did too. We each removed our helmets, held them against our chest, and continued to watch the sky. A tear ran down my cheek, and a few more after that. I put my hand to my head to salute the Empire, and the very brave men that had died in its power. Many men deserved the honor of that as heroes, but no one would ever be able to give it to them now. I knew that many would try to rebuild the Galactic Empire, but they would fail. The Rebellion had won, and there was nothing that could be done now. “What’s your number?” “Delta 47.” “Well Delta, we are now officially the last of the very few remaining Imperial Troops alive. The Empire has failed, and you know it, don’t you?” “Ya, I know. But we can still fight together. We are the Empire, as you said back on that Star Destroyer. Those words were touching. The very troops that heard them are now somewhere better than this Galaxy of War. There has been death in this Galaxy for so many years. When I first learned of the reason I was created, all I wanted to do was fight. Now that I see war for what it really is, I just want it to stop.” “Many people do, Delta. I, like you, wanted to fight when I learned of my purpose. I have seen war for what it is since the Great Battle above Coruscant many, many years ago, just before the fall of the Jedi order. I had a squadron of my own annihilated that day, and I would gladly join them, wherever they are. We must leave now, or we will surely be killed.” We walked away and began to travel through forest, looking for a way off this planet. Chapter 26: Rebuilding an Empire We traveled through the forest, being quite difficult as night had fallen and the shadows of the trees were not helping. We slowly eased our way through until we saw a great bonfire in a forest clearing. There were screams and laughter, and fireworks soon exploded in the sky. Delta and I walked toward the scene, and found that the source was an army of Rebels, and the planets native people the Ewoks. We realized that we were no match for them, so we slipped past and through the forest a bit more and found another small clearing, this time only with a man and a small fire upon an altar. There was something burning on the fire, but we could not tell what it was. We moved around a bit and came to a position that we could see the altar clearly. What was upon it was a black heap, in the shape of a man. We recognized it immediately. It was Vader. He must have fallen upon the Death Star. The man standing near him I could sense had the force in him, and realized that this was Vader son. He was weeping over the death of his father. We continued on and came to a clearing with a Lamba in it. Delta entered the ship, and before I entered, I took one final glance in the direction of Vader’s lifeless body. “Rest well, Lord Vader. Rest well.” I entered the ship and Delta took off. “Where’re we headed?” “No idea. The Rebels have taken near everything. I’ll check if there are any Imperial Communication Centers still online.” He messed with the controls for a bit, while I entered the back room. I looked out the back window and took one final glance at Endor. This planet was now the main thing in my mind that made we want to explode with rage. I just thought of all the men we lost, and at that point all the remaining parts from our fleet and remnants of them began to shoot towards the planet like meteors. The dark side of the force was now flowing through me. After thinking for about an hour, I returned the cockpit. “Where were you doing?” “Thinking.” “About what?” “The Empire. I know that there are still garrisons of troops out there that are waiting for revenge.” “Ya, and?” “I’ve decided.” “Decided on what?” “I’m rebuilding the Galactic Empire.” We hit the hyperspace module and zoomed towards whatever planet we new wasn’t conquered by the Rebellion, which we heard was now called the “New Republic.” This “New Republic” would not rise to power unless it was taken from me, and my ever growing army. We gathered an army of 10,000 at most, but his was not nearly enough. We sped towards Kamino, which the Rebels did not even know about. We arrived, and the men got out to stretch while I marched through the doors to the Prime Minister. I eventually found him, but he was now a very old Kaminoan. Even though he looked quite older, you could tell by looking at him that he was aged with much wisdom. “I thought I would be seeing you again.” Chapter 27: The New Lord He slowly began to walk towards me. I did the same to him. “I have heard of your exploits, and I’m quite impressed. But your “Empire” has fallen, and it is a waste to try and build it again.” “Don’t say that! These troops have faith in the Empire, and with that faith it will not fall again!” I put my hand out towards his neck, and he dropped his cane. Just before he was about to die, I let the force off his neck. “I…will do…whatever….you tell me to, my lord.” “Build me another 500,000 troops, and get out of my site!” I walked out from the building, and into my ship. I went to one of our planets we still controlled, Kessel, which was a mining planet. The resources there would be plenty enough to build thousands of new blasters, and even new spacecraft. I arrived on Kessel a few hours later. I commanded every facility to get every Wookiee slave we had to get working, and no breaks. Within the day we had already built the front part of my new ship, the Dark Hauk, which was the first of Delta’s personal design. He was with me and recorded everything I commanded, and he was the most loyal of all my troops. He was truly what I could call a friend. The factories were working overtime the next few months. Several Star Destroyers were built and many, many TIE Fighters were built. It was magnificent, but the constant noise was getting to my head. I went to a quiet area behind a cliff and sat down. I thought of everything that had happened recently, when a ghostly figure appeared out of nowhere. It was Vader, but not in his human form like everyone would have expected. He was still in his black armor. “Commander, if you do want to rebuild the Empire, then you must establish a Headquarters. Go to Mustafar, and in the northern hemisphere, you will find a mountain that is far taller then the rest. Climb it, and you will find what you seek at the top.” And with that he disappeared, probably never to be seen again. It had not really surprised me when he appeared, as I have had quite an experience with the force, and knew that it worked in mysterious ways. I returned to the main facility and found Delta. Just as usual he was overseeing the production, yelling at Wookiees to get working harder. But when he saw me, he stopped yelling and bowed down on his knees. “My lord…” I told him of Vader, and his orders. “We’ll only take smaller starcraft. We’ll use you new Evasive Fighters, which you promised me would easily slip through even the most powerful of defenses.” “It is as you say, lord. These ships are the perfect recon ships. What may I ask you need one for? Mustafar is not controlled by the Rebels.” “Yes, that is true. But I do not need that for Mustafar. There is something I left on Coruscant a few years back. It was my personal ship. A kind you might recognize.” We set off for Coruscant, and when we reached our destination, guns immediately began to fire at us. Our ships were very quick, and by the time the lasers hit there destination, we were long gone. “Delta, have you and your men circle the capitol building.” “Yes sir!” Guns were everywhere, firing with no stop. I quickly landed at the capitol building, while a few explosions of turrets being destroyed could be heard. I got into my ship, and set off. We immediately left Coruscant, and set off for Mustafar. Chapter 28: Many Trials We came upon the fiery planet of Mustafar. We landed in the northern hemisphere, as Vader told me. “Stormtrooper, fly up to the top and recon the area.” Delta directed one of the troops to fly to the top. We waited, and began to slowly get in our ships when an explosion was heard. The Evasive Fighter had exploded in mid-air, leaving behind nothing, not even metal scraps. Delta began to argue, “This is an outrage! My engineers said that they had built it perfectly, with no flaws! I’ll…!” “Delta! That’s enough! It was not the engineering of the ship. The will of the force has been worked to not let anything mechanical through. Only living life forms may enter, for now.” Without a word, I began to climb the mountain. Delta followed, and the others too. It has slowly rising slopes at the bottom, and quickly became steeper and steeper. About a fourth of the way up the mountain, one of the stormtroopers cried out, “I can’t take it! The gravity up here is very strong!” And he fell to the bottom. I had no idea what he was talking about. I felt just normal. “Delta, how about you?” “I feel a bit heavier, but I can last.” We continued on, practically climbing straight up. Another stormtrooper or two fell down, saying something similar to the previous one about the gravity. We came upon a plateau about half way up, and rested there. “Delta, make sure our remaining troop is okay. If he’s not, send him back down.” Delta checked the troop, and did send him down. He looked very dizzy, and had trouble standing up. “Delta, take off your armor. It will only slow you down.” He took it off, and we slept for a few hours. Before he woke up, I left him and began to climb again. When there was about a third of the mountain left dirt, rocks, and even little clots of magma began to fall on me. I let the dirt hit my face, and dodged the magma. It began to storm, with huge flashes of lightning streaking across the sky. Down below I heard Delta cry out, “Alpha! Where are you?” I did not answer him. I was determined to finish this. I continued to climb, as the mountain erupted, with lava falling down the mountain beside me. Smoke and fog were clouding the top, and I could not see beyond the final ridge at the top. I climbed it, and stood at the top of this giant. The planet shook, and a wave of lave, dirt, and rock began to flow at me. Atop this mountain the force empowered those who had the will to use it. I put my hand out in front of me, and pushed the lava off to the left and the right of me. After about 5 minutes it stopped, and I walked forward. The fog dissipated, and before me laid a great temple, black as space, surrounded by the dark side. I walked inside of it, and it was marvelous. It was the exact opposite of the Jedi Temple back on Coruscant. The force was very strong here; so much that I could have easily destroyed this mountain with a single flick of the force. But I did not, of course. I entered a room at the top of the black tower, and in it was a ghostly figure. Vader was looking out the window to the fiery planet below. Chapter 29: The Blade is Unsheathed “You have completed your task, and for that I am thankful. This fortress was once the Head Quarters of the Sith order, founded thousands of years ago. Palpatine once trained me here.” “Vader, what happened upon the Death Star, several months ago?” “It is a story I do not wish to tell, but I must.” He was silent for a few seconds, and then began to talk again. “When the Great Battle began, I already had my son in custody upon the Death Star. In the Emperor’s throne room, he was tempted many times to strike down the Emperor, but would not give in. After seeing his fleet in space suffering casualties, he gave in, and tried to slash Palpatine. I drew my lightsaber, and blocked his attack.” “We began to duel, with him showing great power, not even I had in my Jedi days. He struck me down, and the Emperor offered him to join the dark side one last time. He refused, and was punished for it. He was continually electrified by the force while the Emperor was laughing. I could not see my son suffer. I lifted up the Emperor, and threw him into the abyss of the Death Star. He was there disintegrated, and never saw again.” “I see….but how did you die?” “When I lifted the Emperor, his lightning electrified me, also. I was near death, when my son took off my helmet, and without it I died. He escaped the Death Star, and you saw him burning my body as they did in the days of the Old Republic.” “Vader, I will do whatever you ask of me. Destroy Coruscant, whatever it may be, it will be carried out.” “What I want you to do… is wipe out the New Republic. Good-bye Alpha, and may the force be with you…” And with that he disappeared. A tear went down my eye, knowing that I would never see him again. I was about to walk out the door when I noticed Delta standing there. He heard everything. “You know what we must do then?” “Yes, my lord.” “Go back to Kessel, and bring every last reinforcement we have to Mustafar. There are plenty of supplies here, and it is well defended. “It will be done.” The army was brought to Mustafar, and development began. A fleet the size of the Death Star’s defense was easily built and 3 more of that size also. War was once again coming to the Galaxy. I devised a plan to take planets easily. We would silently land on the planets, and sneak into their HQ, and assassinate them. The first was to be Dantooine, a grassland much like Naboo. The preparations were made, and we boarded the Dark Hauk. We arrived at Dantooine, which was in the very northern edge of the Galaxy. We used the stealth generator, and waited till night on the side we were on. When the time was right, I entered an Evasive Fighter and landed a mile away from the HQ. I exited the ship, and walked closer to the base. A group of rebels saw me, and began to fire. I pulled out my lightsaber, and ran towards them, blocking shots as they went towards me. I quickly murdered them all, and walked towards the main building. Alarms went off, and many Rebels began to close in on me from all directions. When all of the Rebel troops were about 10 feet away, they all aimed there blasters at me, and fired. I whirled my lightsaber around my body to reflect the bullets. Lasers were everywhere, mostly headed in the direction of the troops themselves. Within seconds only 5 troops were left, and they all let a cry of horror, and began to run away. I chased 2 of them down, and used the force to bring one them to me. When he got there, as before, he was jabbed right into my lightsaber. One ran inside the building, while I jumped at the other. He let out a cry, and 3 seconds later, I was right at him, with my lightsaber was through his head.
  10. Chapter 20: Brutal Tactics We ran inside the rebel base, taking out troops whenever we saw them. We came to a crossroad in the paths, and decided to split up, me taking the left, him the right. I ran down the path and found nothing but a small storage room, but in it were some marvelous devices. There were power crystals, glowing with fire-like auras. There were blasters, strong enough to blast through a group of men. But I also found many very long coils of cables. They were black, but they were not the type to be used for building. They were tough as durasteel, but could be easily stretched like a rope. I had an idea of what they might be used for, but the rebels couldn’t have the brains for it. I returned to the crossway, and ran down the path Boba had taken. There were rebel bodies and broken machine parts all along the path. It looks like Boba had been working a bit overtime. I hopped over the bodies and machines and entered a room at the end of the hall. Inside the room, I saw many more rebel bodies and saw another body that wasn’t dead. Boba was sitting with his back to the wall, wrapping his arms around a soft spot in his armor. There was a small shaft of smoke coming from the hole, along with a little blood. “What happened?” “I was ambushed. I could’ve taken them if they hadn’t all jumped out at once…filthy bastards. Can’t believe I actually took a job or two from them...” He clutched at his side with more stress now, but he stood up anyways. He was one tough clone. “How can you be standing after a wound like that? I mean, a wound in the leg or the arm is minor, but a stomach wound can be fatal. Well, if you can walk, we’ve got to go. Otherwise I’ll just leave you behind.” He began to walk through the doorway on the opposite wall of the room. This hall way empty, as the rebels that were here were the ones that ambushed Boba. We continued down through halls wiping out rebels, when I noticed how powerful his gun actually was. It shot only a few shots at a time, but each of them were almost as strong as a saber blow. I never had the chance to ask him where he had gotten the crystals for it. For hours we fought our ways down the halls, coming to control rooms and finding no turret defense mechanism. We eventually found an abandoned hanger, with nothing but ship parts left in it. We walked outside the hanger and up a hill, and saw a sight beyond marvels. The rebels had hundreds upon hundreds of men ducking out in trenches, firing when the time was right. They had turrets set up, firing like large cannons at the oncoming Imperial army. The Imperial army was even more marvelous. There were twice as many clones than there were rebels. They were marching up the icy tundra, halting every hundred feet or so and firing, taking out many rebels. The AT-AT’s behind them were firing with huge red lasers, but they were not shooting at any men or turrets. There were rebel fighters buzzing around them like flies. They were firing rope like cables from there rears, which I immediately recognized as the very same type of coil I found in the storage room. The idea that I had in my mind was the exact plan the rebels had in their mind. They were wrapping the coils around the walkers, until it was tight enough so that the walker would fall. It worked perfectly. Boba and I watched as several AT-AT’s fell at the wrath of the Rebel Alliance, until their defense lines were broken and they could go against the walkers no longer. The pilot in the walker was closing in on the Rebel base shield generator, when he signaled me. “Have you destroyed the generator?” “Crud, I forgot! Boba and I are looking at you right now, on top of the hill to your left. We couldn’t find it, though. But I have an idea. Take all remaining troops and walkers and concentrate on the shield generator. Enough firepower may be able to take it down.” “It will be done, commander.” Every laser on the Imperial side of the battlefield was aimed directly at the generator. Thousand upon thousands hit it, when the walkers fired at it, and was able to destroy it without difficulty. The army then rushed forward and immediately took the battlefield. The battle was over, but Boba and I had to get back to our own ships. For miles and miles we traveled over the tundra, never stopping, never talking. We eventually came to his ship, which was Jango’s old ship. He took off without saying a word, leaving me stranded to find my own. I walked for a few more miles, turning around and looking off into the distance, seeing the Imperial transports lifting off the planet. I wondered about all that had happened. How many had we lost, how well did the rebels fight back, and what happened to Vader. I eventually found my ship, still sitting there in the blizzards and ice. I got inside, but did not turn it on. I slept. Chapter 21: Bespin I awoke to a hum like ringing in my ship. The communicator was going off. I turned it on. Vader appeared on the screen. “Commander, stop lazing around and get here at once! The rebel alliance must be defeated before they can reestablish a new base. We are near the planet Bespin, readying to land in Cloud City,” Vader said with deep anger in his voice. “I’m sorry my lord, I fell asleep. It was a very tiring journey.” “I don’t care! Get here now!” I quickly shut off the communicator and set off for Bespin. I had never been to Bespin, but I knew that it was an important system, as it is one of the few planets that can harvest Tibanna Gas, an important resource for the Empire. As soon as I entered space, I turned on the hyperdrive and sped through the galaxy. I met no rebel craft, as they were all already deep in space, somewhere, hoping to never be found. I landed on Bespin an hour or two later, near Vader’s Star Destroyer which several troops were still getting off. As I left my ship, a general came up to me. He had a look of confusion on his face. “Vader requests your presence in the carbon freezing chamber. I cannot give you any directions to it, as I have never been here before.” When he finished talking, a small group of troops walked up to me also. The leader of the group spoke. “Please follow us commander. We will take you to Vader.” I followed them through several hallways, eventually coming to a large window overlooking a large part of the city. I looked in awe through the window, as the sky filled planet looked much like Coruscant, but much more pleasant. The building were not quite as tall as back on Coruscant, but the people here all dressed like they were rich. There was no smog in the sky and not too many speeders in the air either. “Sir, we must be going. Vader tends to get very impatient these days,” he said with a down voice. I continued to follow them until we entered a large black room, with a pit in the middle of the room, smoke coming out of it. I walked up a staircase to it, seeing a large block of Carbonite coming out of it. There was something inside it, but I was unsure what it was, that is, until I noticed the shape. Vader had frozen a man in Carbonite. Why I had no idea. He looked at me and spoke. “Commander, take this body and help get it to Boba Fett’s ship. There is a bounty on this man’s head, and Boba deserves the reward.” They put the block on a hovering cargo cart, and a few troops started to haul it out of the room. Fett walked with us to his ship. About half way there a blaster shot intercepted us, killing one of our troops. I started to fire, hoping to kill the one holding the blaster, but was unsuccessful. “Keep going! Get Solo to my ship, or I’ll kill you all!” The troop immediately ran with the hover to his ship, returning a few moments later. Fett took off, and we ran through the halls after the gunmen, possibly a rebel culprit. We cornered them at the end of a hallway, but a small astrodroid opened a locked door behind them, and they ran for their ship. Their ship was an older craft, but it was still powerful. They managed to escape, which brought the moral of our troops down quite a bit. We reentered the hallways, and for the carbon freezing room. When we arrived we intercepted Vader, which looked tired, as if he was in a fierce lightsaber battle or something. He walked right past us, not saying a word. He even used the force a bit to knock a few of us out of his way, but I just used the force to intercept his. The men behind me were getting up, as I just stood there, watching Vader walk away in anger. I do wonder what happened in there, but I may never know. Chapter 22: Imperial Saboteurs I boarded the Star Destroyer with Vader, and had another troops bring my ship to its hanger. Vader still refused to talk to anyone, until he was standing at the very front of the Destroyer’s bridge. I walked up and stood beside him. He began to speak, without even turning my direction. “Alpha, did you happen to feel a disturbance in the force back on Bespin?” “Only a small bit. I am not as force sensitive as you.” “True, as you have never received training from a real Jedi.” “My lord, may I ask what happened back on Bespin?” “I will tell you, but you shall not tell this to any other troops, or I shall kill you with my own hands.” I gave a nod, and he began. “Many years ago, when I was still human, Padme’ and I fell in love. After a year or two, just after Obi-Won nearly killed me, I learned that she gave birth to twins, but died in the process.” “But what does that have to do with Bespin, my lord?” Vader turned around, facing the door on the other end of the room. “We set a trap for him, so that we may have been able to turn him to the dark side. But I failed.” “Who, my lord?” “My son…” And with that he walked away not saying another word. Vader had a son? If he had a son, then that would mean there is still one alive in this galaxy who had the potential to become a Jedi. And if he was alive, then that would mean that another threat yet lived.” We traveled through space endlessly, going to whichever planet Vader commanded. We eventually came to the planet of Tattooine, which was when Vader came to me with a squad of troops in desert camouflage armor. “Commander, we have located a rebel installment on Tattooine. We believe they are constructing a huge fleet of aircraft, enough to easily overcome the Imperial Space Navy. Take these troops and take separate pods onto the planet, surrounding the base without being detected. Sneak into the base, and destroy there factories. This should cripple their development.” Vader then left, and I led the men to the escape pods. We had to use the pods, as we had no ships that would be fast enough for this mission. We separated into 3 different squads, each with a communicator, and set off for Tattooine. When we landed, or crash-landed I should say I contacted the other squads. “Where are your squads? I have landed south of the rebel base.” “We’ve landed approximately 3 miles north-west of it, and the other squad near 6 miles west of it. If we want to make this work, we should wait till they get closer.” “No time. They could set this fleet off any second. We must be quick and surreptitious!” My squad arrived at the rebel base nearly an hour later. I contacted the other squads, and told them one squad to search for the factories, and the other for the production yard, while I led the ground assault and diversion. We ran in, coming to an open plain of dirt and sand, and began to fire. The rebel all emerged from nearby building and began to return fire. The battlefield was like a sea of laser. My men split up and hid behind rocks for cover. We were able to take out many more rebels this way. I took out a few rebels on my left and ran up to the top of a cliff and began to fire from above. A small group of rebels snuck up behind me and rammed me off the ledge. Chapter 23: Rebel’s Offensive I woke up. I couldn’t see. There was a pile of dirt on my helmet. I wiped it off and looked around. I was in an underground complex. This must have been rebel production facilities. I looked around me for a moment, and then looked up. There was a hole in the ceiling leading to the surface. There were lasers flying over the hole, and sometimes a person walked by. I got up and started to walk down a nearby hallway. I entered a room on my right that led to a rather large storage room. Inside were many ship parts, along with crates of blasters and other war supplies. I opened a few crates until I found one filled with explosives. I set them all around the room and ran down the hallway to the room where I awoke. I set off the explosives and through the hole I saw a massive explosion of dirt and fire. A few rebels went soaring through the air and never got up. One of my men went up to the hole and jumped down. He called for other men to join. When about 5 other men had joined, we decided to start scouring the complex. We ran down the hall and saw that the explosion had blocked it off. Not even thermal detonators would get through it. We once again returned to the starting point and scoured the room. There was no other exit out of this room. We searched for 15 minutes or so, and then were about to leave when one of my troops slipped and knocked a crate over. There was a door behind it. We entered the door and it led us through many dark hallways that seemed without end. We eventually came to a door at the end, and slowly opened it. On the other side was an enormously large hanger bay, filled with hundreds upon hundreds of rebel aircraft. We each one by one slipped through the door way and behind crates scoured throughout the edges of the room. I hand-motioned them to sneak up to aircraft and set explosives off. One of my troops accidentally set off his bomb too early and ended his life. The rebels nearby came rushing toward the explosion. “What was that?” “I don’t know. I think it was just a malfunction or something.” “Fool! Look there!” “They all looked over at the stormtrooper corpse and loaded their blasters. I whispered to my men, “On my signal, fire…” I motioned them to get into a defensive position and they obeyed. “Fire!” We started to fire at the rebels. They immediately returned fire, but by the time they had taken out one of my troops, they were all dead. “There are surely more! Let’s get out of here!” We reentered the hallway and sprinted back toward the room with the hole. One by one we climbed through the hole and saw that a huge attack party was on one of my men’s scanner. “Sir, their coming through the halls! Run! We’ll hold them!” They each went back into the halls and set up a barricade of crates. I ran through the blazing hot surface and to my ship. I set off for the Star Destroyer nearby and gathered reinforcements there. We set off with an AT-AT and landed back on the surface. Men rushed into the rebel camp and set up positions among the cliffs. We quickly set up the AT-AT and started to walk it to the base. The rebel army was beginning to come out of the complex and marching straight for us. The men in the cliffs began to fire wiping out minority of the rebels. Yellow streaks flew across the sky and killed most of the men in the cliffs. We continued to march toward them. I quickly climbed into the AT-AT and began to fire. Single shots from the thing wiped out about 10 rebels, and a volley of shots around fifty, if the were in formation. The rebels all through grenades and destroyed the front two feet of the walker. It began to topple over. I quickly exited the cockpit and ran to the back of opened a top hatch. I exited the through the top and stood on it as it fell. It smashed about 6 or 7 rebels, but the impact of it made me fly forward. I ignited my lightsaber in mid-air and flew towards them. I began to dice the rebels until the main army was defeated, but the snipers continued to wipe out our men. One of them shot at my head, and I was able to just deflect it before it brought me to my doom. I rushed toward them and cut them down one by one. The final one was upon a very high cliff that not even the force could let me jump that high. I used the force to bring him to me, and when he arrived he was killed instantly by my lightsaber. Chapter 24: Defensive Maneuvers A few weeks passed since our victory on Tattooine. We had conquered very few systems since then, but the Rebellion had conquered more. They were becoming unbelievably powerful, and our forces were diminishing. We lost damn near 200,000 in these past few weeks. The Emperor and Vader had been discussing matters almost every day. The second Death Star was near completion, but was still missing a major chunk out of the lower area of it. The main gun was fully operational, and that was all that mattered. We also had a shield generator for it, which was hidden deep in the forest moon of Endor. It was much like Yavin IV, but even more jungle covered. The Emperor had sensed that the Rebels were launching a final assault. They would send a massive space fleet at the Death Star, while a small squad took out the shield generator. He sent Vader to bring every Star Destroyer we had left to amass near the Death Star. He sent a squadron of men trained personally under me down to Endor attack when the Rebels were completely unprepared. We made ready for the final assault. Another week or 2 passed, and the day of the Great Battle came. I waited upon a Star Destroyer, ready to take commands. We waited, for several hours, not knowing of the danger we truly faced. I gathered up the troops on my Star Destroyer for one final moment. “Men,” I began softly,” This could very well be the last time we fight together. This could possibly be the last time any clone fights side by side. These rebels have become far more powerful than we ever thought, and are possibly now more powerful. But we are united, as one! And no matter what stands between us and victory, we will fight to the end! We are clones! We are the Empire! And by god we will show them our strength!” The troops all raised one of there arms, with a blaster in the other, and let out a battle cry. I felt as if I was the Emperor himself, but actually felt as if I was connected to my fellow troops, instead of using them as pawns for his empire. The rebel fleet came out of hyperspace, and we immediately began to pummel them with blaster fire. One of the men in the blaster pod near me was destroyed, while the clone at my left and I were still firing. We continually shot down ships, but during that I noticed that he was racking up more kills than I was. He happened to have great skill with turret fighting, and I could tell because almost every bullet he fired hit a rebel craft. We felt like true heroes, sitting up in that ship. Several Star Destroyers near us were shot down. The rebels were shooting at us also. We were the only men that were still in the ship, as a lot had died, and others had evacuated. They hit our main stabilizers, and destroyed our engines. Our ship began to fall downwards, the front of the ship going down first. “C’mon! We can still get out of here!” He got out of the pod and followed me. We climbed up through the ship, grabbing onto whatever we could find. We eventually found our way in the hanger. Ship parts were lying on the wall, which was now considered the floor to us. Some ships were still operational, but had landed upside down. Our only craft flyable was a Lamba which was turned on it side. We ran up to it, and pushed with all our might, until it finally landed up-right. We quickly climbed inside, and flew out. We were immediately pummeled with laser fire, which destroyed our top and left wing.
  11. Chapter 16: Return to Kamino I landed on ran inside as soon as I could. I entered and found several more clones being created. But I did not have time to watch them; I had to find my answers. I ran through hallway to hallway, finding very few Kaminoans. I eventually ran into the Prime Minister. “Odd. Why has a clone troop such as yourself returned? We have been sending more clones about every month, and these ones are almost ready.” “Sir, I didn’t return here to see the clones. I came here to ask you about me. My creation. We were walking down the hall when we were talking, but when I sad that he stopped cold. “I knew this day would come. Please follow me.” “He led me to a small almost waiting room type area. It was very comfortable. “You can take off your helm if you want. I took off my helm, and he gave me a small mirror. I gazed into it, noticing that I no longer looked anything like a clone trooper. I had almost looked a normal human. Just born and raised. I was startled beyond all things. “Many years ago, when you were created, a Jedi about middle-aged came here and gave us a sample of blood from a small boy from Tattooine. He told me to use it on one of the clones, in case of emergency. I immediately found one of the clones, all of which were babies at the time, and injected this DNA into him. That clone was you. I’m guessing that DNA had I high amount of Mediclorians in it. Have you been able to…use the Force?” “Actually, yes I have. It struck me as odd how a normal troop could use the force, while many could not. But what has changed my appearance?” “Ah, that I also can explain. You see, you were normally cloned to be like Jango, yes? Now with the DNA of this boy, you would have slowly begun to look like him. But cloned like Jango, it took awhile for it to have its effect. Your Jango appearance and this boy’s appearance have now merged, making you have a body of your own, which I’m also guessing skills with a lightsaber.” “What has happened to the Jedi?” “Ah, I heard of his death, I did. I heard that he fell valiantly in battle, against a Sith lord. Yes, even the news of the Sith returning have reached us here.” He continued to explain all my questions. Why I had used the force. Why I had looked different. And why I had been so skilled with a lightsaber. With my mind about to burst with information, I had still had trouble figuring out one thing. What did the Jedi mean when he said “in case of emergency?” I did not understand. But I did realize one thing. I was no longer a clone. I was no longer held down by the clutches of the Empire. I left my helm there in that room. I would never need it again. I ran straight toward my ship. I took off and headed straight toward the Rhen Var System. There I would begin a new life, and begin to train my Jedi powers in solitude. Chapter 17: Return to the Empire For many years I trained on the icy cold planet of Rhen Var. Through harsh training, and intense conditions, I was able to focus my mind on the living Force surrounding me. For around 10 years I trained there, finally deciding that I would leave this planet, hoping to never return. It took some time to remove the ice from my old Republic Starship, but it eventually began to run. I climbed into the ship, and set off. As I left the atmosphere, I looked back at the planet below me. I noticed several cities on the surface, now shining almost as brightly as the planet. I’m glad I never noticed them before, as they would have drawn me away from my solitary area, and my training with the force. I flew towards Coruscant, hoping to see that things had not changed much. When I arrived, I noticed that it had changed quite a bit. Large parts of the city were in flames, with many other parts wiped out. I’m guessing the rebel Alliance has been working itself to the max to retake Coruscant, but had been unsuccessful. I landed where I had landed the very last time I was on this planet, right at the entrance to the Capitol Building. I got out, and walked up the stairway to the meeting chamber. A few troops tried to stop me, but I just used the force and pushed them out of the way. I went immediately to the chambers, and found no one there. I went to the Emperor’s chambers, and found someone whom I had not seen for 10 years. His armor was black, and his breathing was heavy. It was lord Vader. “I have seen you before, but have not seen you for a long time. State your name.” “Can you not even recognize your own commander?” He stepped back at these words, not realizing that it was me, until I spoke the word commander. “Alpha, it has been far too long, and far too many troubles have happened since you left. Where did you go, and what did you do? The force surrounds you, more than it did 10 years ago.” “As for where I have been, I have been on Rhen Var, training through extreme weather and difficult times. It has changed me forever. I can use the force, and have been training with a lightsaber.” “Well, it is good to have you back commander, and if you wish it, I may reinstate you to your former position as commander. Do you wish this?” “Yes, I would actually like to use my training for the good of the galaxy, regardless the thoughts of the public.” “I hereby reinstate you as commander, and I send you immediately to our battle station, the Death Star, to command our troops in a defensive maneuver to fend off rebel attacks, as we prepare to destroy Yavin IV, once and for all.” “Sir, may I ask for original clone armor? I was used for the clone army, and I will wear that armor which my men and I used so valiantly in battle. I would also not like them to see me in my current…condition. As you see, I have changed. I….” Commander, there is no need to explain. I have gone to Kamino and the Prime Minister has explained everything to me. I know understand how you are able to stand up to many troops, without any training whatsoever. Yes I remember several years ago. On one occasion on Yavin IV, I remember seeing you fighting that Jedi, Krez I believe his name was. You stood up to him quite well, until he got your arm. I had to step in, but you still fought valiantly nonetheless.” “Well, my lord, I will set off for the Death Star immediately, as soon as I get my armor.” “Ah, yes. We recently returned to Geonosis and scoured the planet for any rebels. We found none, however I did find several clone trooper corpses. We took their bodies, and gave them a proper burial. We took their armor, and have been saving it for new troops. Here.” He gave me a bloodstained clone armor suit from a small supply room. I remembered wearing this armor on the hellish landscape of Geonosis. It was almost all a blur to me now, but I still remembered losing many soldiers, almost getting killed myself. “Take this also. I took it when I talked to the Prime Minister.” He gave me a helmet, going perfectly along with my clone armor. I knew of course that this was my old helmet. “Would you also like a new aircraft? We have advanced our technology several times since you last left.” “No, I’m sorry I don’t. I am used to the old Republic Fighters. It is too late to change my opinion now. Now I will leave to your Death Star. Please inform the commanders there I will be there soon.” “No need commander, as I am coming with you.” Chapter 18: Rebellion’s Triumph Vader and I got to our ships and departed from the ever glowing city of Coruscant. We headed straight towards Yavin, but he decided to take a little detour. He led me a little ways from Yavin, to the area that Alderaan was. It was quite different now though. It wasn’t there. “Where is Alderaan, my lord? Are these asteroids all that are left of the rebel home world?” “Indeed it is commander. It is amazing what you can build with the power of the dark side. This was done by the Death Star. Although, as you may already know, this is nothing compared to the force.” The words he spoke were true. This was perhaps nothing compared to the dark side, but I had not mastered that kind of force power yet. I doubt even the Emperor had enough power to destroy a planet. We eventually arrived at the Death Star, which was still a ways from Yavin. We landed in the hanger, and Lord Vader received an honorable welcome from his generals and troops. Then they noticed me, all looking confused because of my original clone armor, and old Republic Aircraft. “Troopers, this is your old commander, from many years ago. He has returned, and has become more powerful than any of you. I command you to ask no questions to him and I order you to follow every one of his requests. Is this clear?” The entire legion of troops in the docking bay replied with a “Yes Sir!” It made me feel like I was back with my old squadron, the T-13 group. I missed those men dearly. They were the best fighters I had ever seen, and I would be glad to join them. But they are gone now, but fell valiantly in battle. I wiped a tear from my eye from under my helmet and followed Vader into the command chambers. The moon-shaped battle station slowly moved toward Yavin, it eventually coming in sight. We started up the defenses, and manned every ship and turret. Lord Vader commanded the best pilots we had to repair my ship, but I refused. I had already fixed the ship the way I wanted it, and had taken the crystals that I found on Kashyyyk and installed them in its blasters. I took the remaining crystals and put them into my lightsaber, not changing in color but changing in blade size and power. I followed several men into the largest docking bay we had, which my ship was landed in, ready for takeoff. The men ran to their ships, but I halted them before they entered the dark emptiness of space. “Do not leave this hanger until I am out of this hanger. Stay in your ships, until I have left.” About an hour later I returned to Vader and was going to ask him how long it was going to be until the main gun was charged. He said it would take awhile, and gave me a small control device with a screen on it. “Use this device to control a small droid. I will send the droid quickly to the planet, so that we may recon the area before sending men down to it.” Vader then picked up a small voice communicator. “Fire the Recon droid to the planet.” I looked down at the screen and it automatically turned on, showing a small portion of the jungle planet below. I had about the vision of a man's eyesight, but lower to the ground. I used the controls and used the droid to recon the area. I found an army of rebels waiting to get into their starfighters and attack the Death Star. “Use this mechanism to send in an air strike, commander.” I clicked a small red button on the side of the device. The screen went blank and a volley of lasers shot from the Death Star to the planet below.” It worked. The rebels and the men in that area were wiped out, only leaving scraps and corpses. Vader commended me on a job well done, as this would greatly weaken their numbers. The alarms went off in the battle station, and I ran immediately to the hanger. The men watched as I got into my ship and prepared for launch. I waited until a few rebel starfighters flew past and took off. The troops took off soon after I did. We went around destroying as many rebel aircraft as we could, but there were a much larger amount of them then we thought. Eventually Vader grabbed his TIE fighter, with 2 ships backing him up. He went immediately toward a small trench on the Death Star, trying to destroy any rebel craft inside it. “Commander, get into this trench and back me up. The rebels are aiming for a weak point in this crevasse. If they successfully get a rocket inside it, the battle station will implode. Get here at once!” “It will be done my lord.” I flew into the crevasse, but Vader was a long ways ahead of me. I tried to catch up, but a large white rebel aircraft eventually appeared on our right, and shot Vader out of the sky. He did not explode, but he went flying off into space. He was most likely headed toward Coruscant. I noticed the rebel aircraft ahead shooting rockets into a small hole on the exterior of the Death Star, then flying away with extreme speed. I knew what was going to happen. I turned my ship out of the canyon and out towards space. The Death Star exploded behind me, while I was caught in the flames. I turned my ship to maximum efficiency, and sped out of there before my ship overheated and exploded. I too flew back to Coruscant. I had been thinking the whole time about how many men we lost on that battle station. It truly was a sad day for the Empire. Most of our army was on that battle station. Chapter 19: In Search for the Rebels A year or 2 after the destruction of the Death Star, the Empire had immediately began to rebuild another one, and survey a plan offensive enough to do as much damage as the rebels did to the Empire on board the Death Star. We were holding a meeting in the Capitol Building on Coruscant to discuss the matter. “What then, shall we do to the rebels, my lord?” Vader stood up, as the Emperor was not there. “We shall attack the rebels head on. I refuse to have another casualty as bad as the Death Star. This rebel alliance will be tolerated no longer! Generals of the Empire, build up as many armies as you can and have them follow my Star Destroyer in search of the Rebel HQ. Now leave, and no exceptions unless it is commanded by Palpatine himself! Now move!” All the generals and commanders in the room immediately left, to build an army for the Empire. Vader stood there on the floating platform, thinking to himself. I called out to him and he replied. “My lord, what troubles you, the most feared lord in the Galaxy?” “There has been a disturbance in the force, commander, and I’m surprised you have not sensed it.” “What do you mean, my lord?” “Nothing, no leave at once and gather your troops. We have to find the rebels before they can discover that we are rebuilding the Death Star. Leave at once!” I left the building, wondering what Vader meant by a “disturbance in the force.” I had not sensed anything, but then again, his skills with the force were somewhat more advanced than mine. I went to a command station outside the Capitol building that Vader had built for me and my troops. I had around 5000 troops stationed there. I had the men load up on the 2 Star Destroyers we had, and we saw many others leaving the planet to tag along with Vader’s. I also saw Vader’s shuttle takeoff and land on his specially designed Star Destroyer, which was more shielded, had a stealth device, much faster, and had a lot more guns on it though. The stealth mechanism was not used for stealth attacks however, as the ship had to shut down in order to use it. We followed his ship to damn near every planet in the Galaxy, sending droids down to scout the planet. Our search for the rebels seemed endless, that is, until we reached the icy planet of Hoth. Hoth was more frigid than even Rhen Var, so I had doubts of the rebel Head Quarters being there, but Vader sent down droids anyway. I should have used the force to sense if the rebels were there, because my doubts turned out to be wrong. Somehow the rebels had managed a large command station on Hoth, and were able to defend it with many heavy turrets and aircraft. We also scouted out two objects of much concern, a shield generator, and a large E.M.P. cannon, most likely used for defending the planet. Around 20,000 troops, 5 AT-AT’s, and lord Vader and I loaded onto transports and set off for the planet. I knew that we were going to lose many men in this battle, but we went through with it anyway. But before the transports set off, lord Vader consulted me. “Alpha, do not come with us on this transport. Get in your craft, and land at these coordinates. They will lead you to a small, undefended area behind the rebel base. When you land, you will meet a bounty hunter by the name of Boba Fett, and you and him will sneak into the rebel base and sabotage their shielded turrets. Even AT-AT cannot get through these shields, so it is up to you, commander. Do not fail me, or it will be your life that will be the atonement.” I did exactly as Vader commanded. I grabbed my old Republic Starfighter and landed at the coordinates. As, I got out of my ship, I noticed the Imperial transports flying into the atmosphere, carrying an army twice as large as the army back on Kashyyyk, along with 5 weapons of mass destruction. After watching the ships fly in, I traveled north a little while a found Boba Fett. He was wearing the same armor he wore ten years ago when I hired him to find Organa. “You Alpha?” “Ya, that’s me.” “Well, let’s get a move on. I don’t like working with other people.” We traveled north for many miles and eventually found the back entrance to the rebel base. It had a sentry or two defending it, so Boba had the idea to rush in. “Stop! I can snipe them. I thought you were a bounty hunter, not just someone who wants to get himself killed.” “Don’t talk to me that way! I know what I’m doing!” He rushed in, and was actually able to slaughter the rebels before they could alert the base. I was amazed. I ran up to him near the entrance. “See, sometimes brute force has its earnings. Now come on, we have a rebel base to sabotage.”
  12. Chapter 11: Reytha We wiped out the remaining rebel forces around the capitol city. We did not dare go after all of them on the planet. We would be blasted to bits. After searching the area for a few hours, I contacted Lord Palpatine. “What news have you, commander?” “We have taken the city, my lord, but there are still many rebels on the planet. I would not consider sending an army to destroy them, my lord, as they have much cunning and are I am sad to say they are as skilled or more skilled then us. “I will take your considerations into thought, commander. I will not send an army to take the planet but I will send one to secure the city. If this is the rebel headquarters, then I want them to have to put a very strong offense to take it back. This will at least weaken their numbers.” As he said, lord Palpatine did send reinforcements to set up defenses around the city. They brought huge cannons and several aircraft to take out any nearby bases and defend the city. He also told me to scour the galaxy for Organa. But later the same day, lord Vader also had given me a command. He wanted to take out a large rebel installment on Reytha, the Empire’s chief food supply planet. I did not want to go against my lord’s commands, but I did happen to have a little more faith in lord Vader, as he had given me a high rank in his forces and had saved me from death. But I also wanted to carry out Palpatine’s commands. So I devised a way to do so. I decided to hire a bounty hunter to find Organa, while I took out the rebel installment on Reytha. I had found a special bounty hunter, who was someone I had never expected to see again. His name was Boba Fett. He and I, and all the other troops had exact same DNA, but he had not aged as much as us, as he was not in any way genetically modified. He was not the person who liked to talk, so I just told him his objective and he went away, into his father’s old ship, Slave I. I had not seen that ship since about the last time I saw Jango. The other troops and I gathered onto the ships, and set off. We arrived in Reytha several hours later. We flew into the atmosphere and departed. The planet was almost like Yavin IV, but much less forested. There were food gathering plants and people tending herds of nerfs everywhere. But I did not have time to study the area; I had to destroy the rebel installment. We all headed north for a few miles and headed into a forest. We found a group of rebels marching our direction, so we split up and opened fire. Right away we took out about 10 troops, but even though they were ambushed, they did the same. I did not understand why these men had such superior combat training, but we managed to defeat them anyways. We continued to travel north, eventually finding the rebel camp. It was not all that large, but it had heavy defense turrets surrounding it. I thought of a way to get near the turrets, but I had to make sure my men weren’t around to see it. I would use the lightsaber. “Everyone head to the north side of the base and attack from there. They have less defenses there. No exceptions! Everyone go now!” They immediately snuck around the base and started to open fire. The rebels were to distracted with them so I pulled out my lightsaber, and rushed toward the nearest turret. I deflected laser shots as they came near me, making it easier to get to the turret, and cut its power cord. I did this for all the turrets in the area, along with slicing all men that came near me. Within about an hour or two we had taken the base, and captured about 15 rebels. We held a small victory feast and helped put defenses around the base. Not too long after that, I received a transmission from Alderaan. “Sir, you need to return to Alderaan! Organa has come and set off his army! The whole army is made up of….Aaagghhhh!” “Come in trooper, come in! What is it an army of? Hello? Is anyone there? Crud! If you can hear me I’m on my way!” Chapter 12: Organa’s Weapon I ran to the ships and set off as soon as I could. I didn’t even bother to return to any of the Star Destroyers in the area. If Organa had returned, it was my priority to kill him immediately. I arrived on Alderaan and landed in the capitol city. I quickly exit my ship and searched the area. There was no one in the city. I ran toward the outskirts of the city and saw something that I couldn’t believe. There were about 300 clones out there being wiped out by an army of about 20 Jedi. How they had survived the purge, I had no idea. I immediately pulled out my Lightsaber, not caring who saw. I ran straight toward the Jedi and started to attack. I must have gone mad. If I was just a clone with no Lightsaber training whatsoever, there was no way I was going to stand up to an army of Jedi. About 3 of the Jedi noticed me and attacked. I continually moved my arms to clash blades with there’s, waiting for the opportune moment to attack one. I killed one that was quite young, and had not had much training quickly so that it was a bit easier to kill the others. They swung left and right and using the force to knock me down but I was too agile for them. I quickly rolled behind one and cut him in half. There was only one on my back now, but he was very skilled. He jumped back and forth so fast that I barely had time to clash blades with him. He eventually cut me in the leg, so that I was limping in serious pain. He then used the force and took my saber and was just about to kill me with his, when I pulled out my blaster and quickly shot him. There was a now fatal wound in his chest. The Jedi dropped to the ground dead, and I grabbed my lightsaber as I limped back to the city. The medics there quickly replaced the large chunk cut out of my leg with more machines. I went into our communications building and contacted Vader. There was no response. I headed back to the battlefield. We had very little troops left, but they had lost at least 7 Jedi, not counting the ones I slew myself. I saw the last of our troops get cut down on the battlefield, and I quickly ran into the city and into the hanger bay we had taken in the city. Inside I found just what I was looking for…and AT-TE. I got inside and started to walk the thing through the city. It was slow, but just being inside it you can feel the power surging through this mechanical demon. As I started to exit the hanger bay, I noticed Jedi running through the city. They must have destroyed the defenses. I walked down the nearest street and found that the Jedi were scattered throughout the city, instead of being in groups. Every time I came across one I fired at them, and they could not stand up to the power of this thing even the slightest bit. I eventually found a surviving group of clones, and they loaded up into the AT-TE. One of them manned the top gun, making it easier to kill Jedi from long ranges. Once we thought the city was cleared, we all got out. We walked in a group as we searched the city for survivors, but found none. We counted the bodies of Jedi in the area, but there was a problem…the body count was only 19. After seeing this stayed on our and each others guards. Even if it was just one Jedi, he was powerful. We continued to walk down the streets, but failing to find the final Jedi. We were just about to leave when we heard a lightsaber blade being ignited, and we saw the Jedi standing on the other side of the street we had just stepped onto. He looked more powerful than any other Jedi that was in that battle. The Jedi jumped high into the air. I quickly rolled away while he landed behind us and instantly killed all the men I had found. I pulled out my Lightsaber and began to duel. Chapter 13: The Rebel’s Plan He slowly walked towards me, probably thinking that I was going to be nothing but a nuisance. I would show him that I would be more of a threat. He attacked, with such great force that he almost hit my lightsaber back at me. I swung left and right attacking, but he showed no signs of any stress. I tried a bit harder. I continually swung left and right hoping to tire him out just a little, it never worked. I still swung as hard as I could from side to side, him eventually showing small signs of overpowering him. But he just shook it off. The street became a raging battlefield of blazing blades. He eventually started to jump behind me hoping to hit me, but I just rolled forward and quickly turned around and our blades met. We fought for hours, each showing great signs of pain in our bodies. This was not because of hitting each other; this was because we had each been moving with all quickness and might in our bodies. A little while later, I noticed a Lamba silently land in the hanger. I saw several troops run from the hanger to where we were, and watched in awe. I did one final clash of blades with him, and pushed him back a few feet. I put my lightsaber away, and he watched me, having no clue what I was doing. I pulled out my blaster, and aimed it at him. When he heard my gun being reloaded as I pulled it out, he heard several others too. He looked behind him, and noticed the several clones behind him. We fired, with him only blocking a few shots until he eventually fell to the ground, in extreme pain. He was full of bullet holes, but he was still alive. I had no idea how he survived. I ran up to him and took his saber, then called for a medical capsule immediately. If we had someone who was extremely hurt, we were going to question him before he fell into eternal slumber. We had him brought to Coruscant, and mind-probed him. It did not work. He was using the force to make sure we didn’t find any rebel information. We used a different method. We requested lord Vader to come and use the force on him, hoping that would work. Lord Vader came, but not alone. The Emperor came with him. They immediately went up to the Jedi. “You Jedi scum tell us what information you have, or we will force it out of you, in a way that will be most painful.” “I…refuse…to talk…” “Lord Vader, force it out of him, with any means necessary.” “Yes, master…” Vader walked up to him and gazed directly into his eyes. The Jedi started to squirm but Vader just used the force to hold him still. The Jedi put his hands around his neck and started to talk with extreme difficulty. “We…were plan…ng…to take…..Corus….t…..We….ha…a…arm…y….on….Kashyyyk….” And with that he fell silent, and stopped breathing. He was dead. “Commander, gather every troop in the area and set off immediately for Kashyyyk. We cannot let an army of rebels take Coruscant, no matter what the costs!” “And I have another objective for you there.” Palpatine interrupted. “There has been a rumor about a certain type of blaster crystals on Kashyyyk. If you can find them, return them to me at once.” Vader began to talk again. “I will come with you, and help you with the battle. We have been running low on troops, and even with you there our army will perish. I will lead the attack myself. Now prepare my shuttle for immediate takeoff.” We set off from Coruscant, with an army of about 400,000 troops. We had our newly built AT-ST’s, which were a cockpit with legs, mounted with powerful blasters, along with 5 Star Destroyers, and our new weapon, an AT-AT. The AT-AT was a little bit like the AT-ST, but so much larger and so much more powerful. It was around 50 feet tall, with blasters that could annihilate an army in seconds. With this new weapon, I felt like we could destroy any army the Galaxy could muster. Chapter 14: Assault on Kashyyyk We arrived on Kashyyyk a few hours later, ready for battle. We immediately loaded off the transports with guns loaded, and armor on. We landed near a Wookiee garrison, and they noticed us right away. We all new not to mess with the Wookiees, as they were expert gunmen and their thick fur served as their armor. We all loaded up in the AT-ST’s the AT-AT. A squadron of men were to begin the assault on foot. I was chosen to lead the ground forces. We headed south into a forest, and started to attack a small Wookiee outpost in the woods. It was not too difficult to take it out, as there were no turrets and very few Wookiees. We set up a perimeter around the outpost, and used it as a staging point. We set up a communications array, and had them send in the AT-ST’s. I had a few men stay at the base to defend it, while the others continued on. So we continued to go south through the forest, eventually coming upon a great clearing, with which it had an entrance to the sea, and what looked like an abandoned command center. We entered the command post and then called for the remaining reinforcements. We stood watch at the command station, as our army drew near. As we were waiting, a rough rain began to fall on. This was going to slow our army for quite awhile. We would just have to wait it out. We had one man stay guard in a sentry tower on the command station, but it would not be much useful anyway, as the rain had begun to fall harder. We all stayed inside trying to contact our army, but with no success. We all then decided to take a quick nap, which we had at least deserved. I awoke several ours later to sound, which I had heard before. The sound was almost like a light stomping noise. Ch, ch, ch, ch, ch, ch…. I got up and went to the sentry tower to see what it was. I climbed the tower, and saw through the darkness and rain something I had not expected. There were around 700,000 rebel troops, standing on the shore. I was the scariest thing I ever saw. I quickly ran back and woke the other men. I told them of the troops, and we manned our stations. The rebel army continued to advance up the shore, eventually halting some 50 feet away. “Soldiers! At the ready! Into attack position!” At that moment, the rebel army got on one knee, and took aim. “Fire!” I quickly yelled “Take cover!” to my men. We all hit the ground as a barrage of some uncountable number of bullets. My men and I held out as long as we could, not killing a single rebel. After about an hour, the rebels decided to cease fire. They must have thought we were dead. We made them think otherwise. “One of you grab a sniper rifle, and get to the tower.” I whispered to my men. ”Go for their commander first, and then they will be in a confused state, but still powerful nonetheless.” One of the men left without excuse. We waited in silence as precious moments rolled by. Within the next minute or so, we saw a sniper shot streak across the sky, right through the rebel commander, and we watched as he fell to the ground, released from the Jaws of Life. That was one. Only about 699,999 to go. We slowly stood up, and began to fire like crazy. They returned fire, wiping out a few of our men. The sky was a sea of red and blue shots. We needed to take out larger groups at a time then just a single bullet per person. We each threw a few thermal detonators, wiping out around 200 soldiers, since they were in such a tight formation. We fought for hours, firing, and returning fire. The ground was becoming like a barren wasteland due to the grenades. We had lost about half of our soldiers, while many others were injured, when we finally had hopes of winning this battle. Off in the distance, I saw a small shaft of red light appear out of the darkness. Vader and his army had arrived. They rushed forward, wiping out men as they went. I watched as Vader took out several men in quick swipes with such skill that I had the urge to join him. I pulled out my lightsaber and rushed into the battlefield. I cut through rebels as they came my way, eventually becoming overrun. I knew I was just about to fall dead. I suddenly felt a jolt of power surge through me as they came near. It was an incredible feeling. At that moment all the rebels near me suddenly flew back through the air landing on the sand. I knew what that power was, but I knew that it was impossible for me to use it. Had I just really used the Force? But how? It couldn’t be possible. Chapter 15: The Will of the Force As the battle raged, I could not figure out how I had used the force. I am a clone, and even I realize that I have not near enough mediclorians in my body to use even the simplest amount. The battle ended several hours later. We searched the rebel bodies for anything that might have been important, and found only 1 thing. Lying beside the rebel commander’s body we found a small box with a small button on it. I took the box and pushed the button, opening a small chamber in the box, in it laying the crystals the Emperor had wanted. We then left the planet, leaving behind several troops and the AT-AT to defend the command station. We all looked back at the hellish battlefield before we loaded onto the Lambas. I finally noticed how many people had died. I didn’t realize that all 700,000 rebel troops were dead. Even though we came through victorious, this was still a sad day for the Galaxy. Lard Vader returned to Coruscant, but I did not give him the crystals. I went with Vader to consult the Emperor. “Soldier, have you found the crystals I was looking for?” “No…no sir.” “I can see through your mind commander, now hand over the crystals!” “He does not have them, my lord.” Interrupted Vader. “We scoured the planet for them, but couldn’t find them. Now let him leave. I need to discuss something with you my lord…” Vader had stood up for me. He knew that I was not going to give the Emperor the crystals. I was going to use them myself. But first I wanted to eavesdrop on their conversation. “My lord, have you noticed how powerful that soldier has been becoming? He has been killing massive amounts of men, without getting touched himself.” “Yes, I have noticed. What also troubles me in how he was able to survive getting his arm removed and still alive? That would have killed any normal trooper. This one is not normal.” “My lord, is it possible that he was purposely made this way? I mean, none of the other troops have shown this amount of power, and I am beginning to feel slight amounts of the Force surrounding him.” “This is very odd indeed. But we will discuss the matter later. Right now we have been hearing rumors of an attack on the Death Star…” I could not believe what I heard. Was I special? Was I made different? I had to solve this mystery alone. I went immediately to my ship, and set off for Kamino. If I was special, the Kaminoans would surely know something about it.
  13. Chapter 6: The Rebel Alliance The newly formed Galactic Empire was at its full power. Every rebellion that arose was crushed with hours. No one could hope to defeat us, yet alone stand a chance. As we were about to head into out space cruiser, one of Palpatine’s attendants came to us. “The Emperor has given you a personal order to scour the Galaxy in search for any hopes of Rebellion. Lord Vader would join you but he has been given a personal mission about something on Mustafar….” Of course, with loyalty to the Emperor such as mine, I gathered my troops into the cruiser immediately. “Get to your stations, and set us on course due to Mygeeto! The Emperor is counting on us!” When we arrived at Mygeeto, we found no rebellion except for a small droid garrison that we must have skipped. We only lost a single soldier because a droid got a lucky shot when he was putting on his helmet. Otherwise, no rebellion. Next we decided to head toward Yavin IV, a small Yavin moon covered in thick forest. About half way there, we met a fleet of some kind of forces. We were just going to pass them but they started to fire, and we returned fire. I had not recognized this type of cruiser that they had, but our systems recognized it as a Mon Calamari cruiser. This was no simple threat. It had destroyed over half of our cannons when we had taken down their shields, not to mention our Communication Tower. This was getting out of hand. I ran to our hanger and hopped into a TIE Interceptor and flew straight to their ship. They apparently didn’t consider me a threat, because they didn’t fire at me at all on my way to their cruiser. Perhaps they thought I was a negotiator coming to surrender. If they did, they thought wrong. I landed, and grabbed my rifle from my ship. I ran right forward, and surprised attack a group coming through a corridor. These troops weren’t easy. They had the same type of tech as me. Where did they get it? As soon as I wiped them out, only getting shot once, but my armor was too strong for a single laser, I ran back to my ship and called my cruiser. “Calling for backup. Repeat. Calling for backup.” “We’ll send reinforcements right away. What is your position?” “Mon Calamari cruiser, hanger B. Hurry!” A few moments later, backup arrived. They had brought 3 Lamba class shuttles, all full of about 10 troops. “Okay follow me!” They followed me to the corridor, and we proceeded from their. We found several enemy troops, which were a bit tough to take out. We eventually found ourselves in the control bridge. We wiped out the troops there and a hologram appeared on the center control panel. It was Senator Organa. “If you don’t want to be wiped out, don’t mess with the Rebel Alliance. Now I suggest you leave before you are incinerated!” I heard a timer, and what troops we had left ran toward the hanger. “Into the Lambas! Quick!” We took off, but unfortunately only one Lamba escaped, before the whole cruiser self-destructed. Chapter 7: Yavin IV When I returned to the cruiser, the other men and I were honored as heroes. Apparently everyone had the mind of a hypocrite. They congratulated me, but they had totally forgotten about the men that had perished on that cruiser. “What’s wrong with you people? Why not think of the men that died to keep you lazy troops alive! If they had not sacrificed themselves we would all be dead, or captives, to be treated like slaves!” With that I left and went to my captain’s quarters. This war was starting to get to me more and more. I couldn’t think straight. I was raging with stress so much that I passed out. I awoke several hours later. One of my officers awoke me to give me the news that we were now above Yavin IV. I walked to the window and gazed upon the fiery red planet of Yavin. Luckily I would never have to step foot on that hellhole. “Sir, would you like to stay here and give orders from a safe distance or go down to the planet?” “I’m going down to the planet, as a soldier should.” “Are you sure?” “Yes, now load up the Lambas.” “Yes sir!” We arrived on the planet in a clearing only too easy to be seen. I knew this wasn’t going to work, but we had to try. Everyone shuffled out of the Lambas and broke up into groups of 3s, 4s, and 5s. I went north with a group of men that looked a bit freaked out. These must have been new troops, because they weren’t too skilled. They walked back and forth, not even bothering to walk around the bushes so that any rebels nearby couldn’t hear us. When we walked about for 2 or 3 miles, the other troops suddenly stopped. They turned around and took off their helmets. These weren’t clones, they were rebels. They all pointed their guns at me and I dodged their lasers in any manner possible. As I dodged their bullets, I wondered,” What kind of moron let these people onto the ship?” I had time to think about that later. Right now I had to either kill these men or flee. I wasn’t going to leave them alive. I hid behind a tree on there left, and jumped out and massacred them. One of them dropped a small bag full of some strange items…. I had seen these items many times before. They were lightsabers. There were at least 5 of them, and I knew what they were for right away. I had heard from Vader himself one day that there was a surviving Jedi Knight fighting with the rebels. I had been lucky enough to grab these sabers before he could have used them to possibly train more Jedi. I put the sabers on my belt, but took one to examine it. I ignited it. It was the coolest color I had ever seen. It was like a mixture of blue and gray, and it being in an energy type form only made it cooler. “I better hold onto this one, I might even use it sometime.” I continued to travel through the forest, eventually coming upon a group of rebels discussing something at a small clearing in the forest “….before the Imperials can find us. They landed too close to the Temple! If they just walk north for about 5 miles then they’ll find it! We have to evacuate! “Calm down…I think I heard something over there!” They slowly started to walk towards where I was. As soon as they came near me, instead of pulling out my blaster, I ignited my lightsaber. I cut them down in a matter of seconds, and what shots they managed to fire were deflected right back at them. I never realized how powerful this weapon was, and my aiming skills only made it easier for me to use it. I think I had just found my new best friend. Chapter 8: The Battle of Blades I ran north for as long as I could. After about an hour, I finally reached the foot of the rebel temple. There was only one word that could describe it. Big. It was huge. Of course it was nothing compared to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. I ran up to it and hid in a corner by the entrance. A group of rebels of about 40 walked out. I wanted to test my skills with my new lightsaber. “Hey rebels! Eat this!” I rushed towards them and sliced about 5 down in a single swipe. It was getting hard, as this was one of my first times using my saber, but I eventually got used to it. “Where did he get that lightsaber? It doesn’t make sense!” I heard a rebel say. After getting shot once and wiping all the rebels out, I ran inside the temple. It seemed much smaller inside. I knew there was likely going to be many more rebels, so I snuck around instead of running. I crept up a staircase to the left and inside a small control room. I found the transmitter, and destroyed it with my lightsaber. I wasn’t calling for reinforcements. This was personal for the men I lost on that accursed cruiser in space. I went to every control room, destroying every control, and slaughtering every rebel. I took an explosive and set in on the main reactor. I sprinted towards the hanger after I set it and when I got outside, it never went off. I returned to the temple to see what the problem was and a man with very agile reflexes jumped down from a rafter above. “I heard there was someone with a lightsaber massacring my men, so I investigated. But there’s no possible way a Clone Trooper has a lightsaber. It’s not possible. Oh, and if that was you’re bomb, you can blame me for the de-activation. My name is Krez Deflentor.” “Ah, but it is possible for me to have a lightsaber, Krez. I’m guessing sometime today you were expecting a handful of lightsabers to be given to you. Well, let’s just say I “intercepted” them and took them.” He was angered by this. He then ignited his lightsaber, which was a greenish bluish color. This must have been the Jedi Knight who survived lord Palpatine’s purge. He rushed towards me and swiped right at my head. I rolled to the right and ignited my saber. Just as I ignited it he swiped and our blades met. We each swung left and right clashing blades, sometimes just barely missing each other and rolling out of the way. I found an advantage point and swung at his head but he jumped high into the air and back onto the rafter. I pulled out my blaster and started shooting, but he deflected the shots and I was the one who had to roll to dodge my own lasers. He eventually jumped down and started running towards me. I continued to fire but he ran up to me and cut my blaster in half and swung at my head. I pulled my lightsaber back out and I deflected his blade just before it brought me to my eternal doom. He knocked my saber out of my hand using the force, which I could not use, so I was at a serious disadvantage. My blade flew over to the wall, into a dark corner so that it could barely be seen. I pulled out 2 of the other 4 lightsabers on my belt, which turned out to be green and blue. I fought him with all my might and actually just barely cut his armor, making him growl with anger. He rushed up and cut one of the lightsabers in my hand in half. I tried to fight with the other, but I was too weak. I pulled out the spare 2 and swung left and right, dodging his attacks. Our blades clashed for about another half hour. Until he once again used the force and made one of the lightsabers fly out of my hand. I swung left, he dodged it. I swung right, up, down, left. No matter what direction I swung he dodged it. I eventually made a horrible mistake. I tried to do an aggressive attack on him and had my lightsaber in the air, about to strike, when he then quickly sliced my arm clean off my torso and onto the floor. I was then knocked on the ground. He was just about to slice me in half when a red saber clashed with his. Chapter 9: From Man to Machine The man holding the red saber I had never seen before. He was wearing pitch black armor, and his breathing was very heavy. He also seemed a bit slow. Nevertheless, the man was powerful. He was easily overcoming the Krez with single strokes of his blade. But eventually Krez had nicked the man in the leg and he had trouble walking. While the two masters dueled, I crawled away, slowly, in extreme pain. I eventually came to where my arm had fallen. I took the lightsaber out of my former hand and used my other hand to help me stand up. Krez was too distracted with the man, giving me the opportunity to strike. I snuck behind him, and when his and the man’s blade were clashing, I shoved my blade right into his stomach, and he fell to the floor writhing in pain. I took his saber and put him out of his misery. “Who are you?” I demanded. “Lord Vader. I can see why you could not recognize me.” I stepped back in surprise. Could this really be the all powerful Lord Vader, whom had put me into the rank I am in today? This could not be possible. “Well, if you’re Darth Vader, then what was the title you gave to me back on Coruscant?” “Alpha 073, do not question you’re authorities. It can get you into dangerous situations.” This was really him. I could not believe it. “My lord, what has happened to you?” “When Palpatine sent me to Mustafar, I battled my old master, Obi-Won Kenobi. Unfortunately, do to my carelessness, he struck me down. I was cut, and I was burned. It was pain you could not even imagine. My lord found me, and rebuilt me. I am now almost complete machine, which has slowed me greatly. I am very lucky to be alive.” I bowed down to him. Somehow I now knew this was really him. Before we left the temple, I gave Vader the spare sabers but I hid mine away, as I had already claimed it as my own. After we had finished discussing the matter, we gathered our troops and returned to the Lambas. “How many men did we lose, Commander?” Vader asked. “Let’s see….23, 24, 25….we lost about 15 troops. Not a bad tragedy, but still a loss nevertheless.” “We can get more troops later. Let’s return to your Star Destroyer.” As soon as we arrived on the cruiser, I consulted Vader. “My lord, is it possible for a clone as myself to learn the will of the force?” “It’s possible, but it will take several months to even master the simplest powers of it. It is a force not to be reckoned with. If you wish to learn the ways of it, I can teach you, but I will need permission from my master.” They replaced my arm with a mechanical one, which like Vader’s arm that was replaced when he was still Anakin Skywalker, had its pros and cons. It was much swifter, but it often malfunctioned due to lasers hitting it and other problems. Chapter 10: The Death Star The answer was no. Lord Vader had asked the Emperor, but he denied it. I did not really care though, as I was already good enough with the gun, and was now building my skills with a lightsaber. My next mission was to defend a cargo transport convoy to an area near Coruscant, from Tattoine. When I arrived on Tattoine, I returned to the old droid encampment I had taken over in such a brief time so many years ago. It had changed a lot. The city was now bustling with droids and civilians, trading everywhere from street to street. When I found where the encampment was, I found a few of our troops guarding it. They looked at me and went on with their business, as they were told to do. I returned to my ship, and headed into space. The convoy launched, and we set off. After about 5 hours of slow travel, a small squadron of rebel ships came out of hyperspace. I expected more, so I set the other ships with me into attack position. We engaged the rebel squad, who had turned out to be more skilled than we thought. We lost about 5 TIEs when we finally wiped them out, and then just as I expected a transport and about 30 other fighters came out of hyperspace. We engaged in a roaring battle of smoke and lasers. W lost a cargo ship, but eventually made it to Coruscant. When I arrived there, I saw something I had never expected to see in a life time. There was a metallic moon, man made, about half way covered with the other half like an empty shell. I wondered what it was. I flew down to Coruscant and landed near the Capitol Building. I walked inside and witnessed the Emperor giving a speech. “…that has been constructed will be the most powerful thing ever created. It will be able to demolish a planet in a single blast. This battle Station will ensure victory for the Empire! This battle station will be feared in its power as THE DEATH STAR!” The crowds cheered and screamed with anger. It became a room of turmoil when a few senators aimed blasters at the emperor in rage of this “unjust decision.” I pulled out my blaster and shot whoever had a gun out. When everything had calmed down, I noticed someone was missing. Senator Organa wasn’t there. When I saw this I remembered that he was the one who sent me a message inside his cruiser. I knew my next target. The emperor looked up at me and just gave me a small nod. I got into my ship and went to the nearest garrison of troops and gathered as many as I could. We set off for Alderaan, Organa’s home planet, immediately. When we arrived, we found it difficult to land. There were rebel stations and lookout points everywhere. When we finally found a landing spot, we gathered in a group, and marched toward the capital city of Alderaan. It was amazingly difficult for us to reach the city. There were rebels absolutely everywhere. We split up, and took out the rebels from safer distances. When we arrived at the city, I entered Organa’s home and found that he had evacuated. He knew we were coming ahead of time. I didn’t care. I would track him down and hunt him like a bounty hunter if it was the last thing I did
  14. The Empire’s Will Please feel free to leave comments here. Thank you. Chapter 1: Creation I woke up. I was in some sort of factory with children all around that looked just like...me? What was I? Who am I...? I later learned that I am a clone of the man named Jango Fett, the galaxies greatest bounty hunter. The other clones and I kind of looked up to him as our father, even though we were one and the same. They, as in, the Kaminoans, taught us everything from hacking into simple computers, to killing everything we saw with brute force. I was apparently number 105,624 of 200,000 clone troopers, with yet another 2,000,000 on the way. When I heard this, my hopes of becoming a great general fell. I mean, out of 2,200,000 soldiers just like me, what were the odds? As I grew twice the rate of a normal human of course, my skills evolved. I could shoot blindfolded and kill whatever I wanted in a single shot. I was one of about 10,000 that could do this so they split us up into squads. I was hoping I would be a Commander, but instead they gave me a choice to put in a special squad that would be at the front lines of battle, or to be a long distance sniper. Although I would have done well with the sniper rifle, I chose the squad instead. And besides, maybe I would be leader of the squad! I didn't become leader but second-in-command. I could order troops around, but only at the captain’s command. Life was boring after a while here in the facility. Same training, same food, same guns every day. "I wish something exciting would happen around here!" I said to myself. But luckily, and horribly enough, I got my wish. "What happened?" said a general. "Someone is fighting up on a landing platform, sir!" "Can you identify them?" "Let's see....one is Jango! But the other....Is...Is...A Jedi?" "A Jedi? Can master Jango stand against a Jedi? "He just escaped in his ship, General. I think the Jedi is going to chase after him." The alarms went off. We were now at war with the ever growing army of the CIS or the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Apparently they tried to attack the planet of Naboo several years ago, but two Jedi, a queen, a boy, and some troops took it back, along with the help of the Gungan grand army. "To the ships! To the ships!" cried a pilot. As I loaded into the LAAT Gunship, one of the most powerful airships ever created, I saw in the distance there was another LAAT that had a small green man. And at his side a saw...a lightsaber?! A Jedi tried to kill Jango, but yet we were working for them? What was going on? Did Jango do something wrong? Luckily, a general had been in the ship with me. "What's going on? Why are we working for the Jedi, even after they had tried to kill Jango?" I asked. "Remember, we are clones, not servants of Jango. Whatever happens to him will not matter to us," so said the general. "Where are we headed, pilot?" "To Geonosis. There are separatist ships, foundries, and troops all over the place. About 2,000,000 more than us. Don’t think well win...” "Nonsense! With our superior training we will overpower them with ease." We arrived. The first objective: rescue all remaining Jedi. Apparently they tried to do it themselves, but failed. We were flying right above the arena in which the Jedi were trapped. I looked down, and what I saw was a circle of Jedi, about 20 at least, surrounded by about one thousand droids. We closed in on the arena and started firing. Chapter 2: Geonosis We swooped in, quick landing, almost fell out. The first thing I heard was "Round up the survivors in perimeter 3-8!" from the small green Jedi who I later learned was none other than master Yoda, head of the Jedi Council. There were lasers everywhere. Mine too of course. And before I knew it, we had two Jedi and a young woman in our ship. Flying with the Jedi made me uneasy, but I had to follow their commands. After awhile of dodging bullets, we flew across a ridge and what I saw below me amazed me. Blue and red bullets were everywhere. Green lasers from our (by far) superior AT-TE's flew across the sky. Purple streaked rockets missing us by inches but yet devastating tanks and men that were below. We flew past a spire and saw a separatist core ship, which with just one you could conquer a planet, and several smaller Techno-Union transports. The younger of the two Jedi then yelled out “Aim right above the fuel cells!" So the pilot did so and sure enough, with just two simple rockets, a Techno Union ship fell with ease, destroying many droids and tanks. "Good call my young padawan!" cried the older Jedi. And from then on I knew that these two Jedi would change the outcome of this war. Whether for good, for bad, or for an eternal conflict. Even though I got the promotion to be on the front line of battle, I just so happened to be in one of the few ships that a Jedi got in, so I never got in any ground combat. We swooped down, fired rockets and lasers like crazy destroying several separatist Dwarf Spiders, Spider Walkers, Hailfire Droids, and droid soldiers by the second. But then the older Jedi saw something. The separatist leader had been speeding away on a speeder bike with just two measly ships behind him. "Look over there! Follow that speeder!" So we took chase. We followed him for a while. Then he, the separatist leader, decided to send his two ships behind us and fire. One to the left, one to the right, then swooping behind us and started firing like crazy. My life on the line, all I could do was hold on and hope for the best. The pilot was swerving left to right dodging lasers. Doing this, he had no time to look at the desert terrain below us. He had not noticed the ridge beneath us. The bottom of our ship hit it, and the young woman fell, along with one of our soldiers...the general. The younger Jedi was yelling at the top of his lungs to put the ship down. The older one telling him to calm down and what he should do. At one point I even heard him say "What would Padme' do if she was in your position?" From then on I knew I had just been standing next to Padme' Amidala, former Queen of Naboo. We followed the speeder for a short time until it pulled into a hanger. We quickly landed, jumped out, and then started shooting at the ships that were following us from before. Our ship took off, only to be blown up a few seconds later. The Jedi ran inside while we tried destroying the ships. We took out one ship. I heard a yells of pain from inside. What was happening in their? Could the separatist leader just have killed the two Jedi? We tried to shoot the ship down for a while until it flew a distance, turned around and aimed at me. My life was over.3...2...Boom! The ship had blown up and from behind it came one of our transports. In it master Yoda and some reinforcements. They landed then took off. I heard more lightsaber dueling from inside. It soon stopped, but then I heard a rumbling sound. Out of the hanger door I saw a ship take off. At the same moment another of our transports had landed. The general and Padme' were inside. They got out, started shooting the ship as it flew into orbit, but with no success ran inside to check what happened. Inside, we found the older Jedi, who I learned was Obi-Won Kenobi, one of the Jedi who helped retake Naboo, and Anakin Skywalker, who helped retake Naboo as just a 9 year old boy by destroying the droid control station, both hurt badly. Obi-Won had been cut in an arm and a leg, while Anakin had his entire arm cut off. We got them in a ship, and headed immediately towards our main base, or assembly area. We replaced his arm with a robotic one instead of a biological one, which had its pros and cons. Hours later, all clones and Jedi on the planet loaded up onto ships at a huge landing platform. Me and the general were put onto separate ships and we took off. Space travel was weird on the LAAT, but was alot different on a cruiser. It didn't even feel like we were moving. As soon as I explored a bit, I went to the control room and asked the new general where we were going to fight next. He said that we fight wherever the Republic tells us to. Chapter 3: A Galaxy of War We were invading the droid recon station on the icy Rhen Var. Awhile into the battle we had a shortage of pilots so I volunteered. I hopped into the AT-TE, and headed toward the fortress. Then it happened. While we were being pummeled by turrets, tank about half health, our backup tanks were destroyed and two AATs just appeared around the corner. The squad and I fought with all we had until we could take no more. I ejected but unfortunately the other pilots perished. What troops we had were able to destroy one tank that was damaged quite badly, but we were no match for two. We dodged huge laser fire for a few minutes, but then in my head I was wondering "Where the hell are our new backup tanks?!" Then I looked forward and saw the tank aiming at me. I thought I was for sure a goner. But then I saw a rocket and a few blue lasers fly past my head, and it was over. The tank was gone. I turned around and saw two tanks off in the distance. I knew that my life had been spared. Our next destination was going to be the Tibanna Gas colonies on Bespin, but we never reached our target. When we were heading over Tattoine, we encountered an abnormally large fleet of separatist long distance recon ships. I had manned one of the front turrets, and started firing away. 2, 3, 4 ships had been shot down in a few seconds. This was a piece of cake. 11, 12, 13. I was racking up spare parts for an entire cruiser to be built when our worst nightmare came. A fleet of Separatist Battle Stations had just come out of hyper-space. They fired away, almost every large laser round pummeled us. We realized that we were now no match. We ran towards the escape pods. I hadn't memorized the ship's design yet, so I just followed the other troops. Unfortunately, they weren't headed toward the escape pods, they were heading towards the hanger bay. "Why did you lead me to the hanger bay?" "Because of that!" He pointed to a hole in the wall, where a Separatist cruiser had been boarding the ship. We got down behind some crates, and aimed. "I have an idea!" I said,” just distract em'." I ran off to the side of the bay, opened a crate, and pulled out an explosive. While he distracted the droids, I grabbed a few more explosives, and after a wave of droids came out, I snuck in the ship. I ran down a few hallways, trying to find my way to the main power core. I heard a few droids walking down a hallway behind a closed door. I fired a shot to scare them. The droids got into a defensive position, while I laid an explosive on the door. It blew, I threw a grenade, and the path was clear. I ran farther, eventually finding the bridge. It was empty. I ran toward a computer, found out where the engine room was, and went to it. I placed explosives on each core, and ran. 1 blew. The alarms went off.2 blew. I was about 50 feet from the exit. 3...2...1. I didn't make it. I watched the exit as it broke apart from our cruiser. As I drifted farther away I saw escape pods heading towards Tattoine. Then it hit me. What two things do all ships have in case of emergency? Of course, escape pods, but the other.... Backup engines. I ran towards the engine room again. I found that there had been 4 medium sized engines under the floor. I ran to the control room. "Where is the communicator? There it is!" I put it to the channel that the clones used to talk. "Can anyone here me? Repeat. Can anyone here me?!?" No answer. Maybe I could figure out how to drive this thing onto a planet. Tattoine was one option, or Kashyyyk. Kashyyyk was aways away. And besides, I don't even think I could make it there. I turned it for Tattoine, and looked for something to hold onto. The force of hitting the planet knocked me out. I woke up expecting to find absolutely no one, but to my surprise I landed near a clone encampment of about 40 troops. They gave me some provisions then we slept. The next morning we headed in the direction of what we thought was the nearest city. When we got there, we found many civilians dead and what was left was working in the nearest crystal mines. We devised a plan and headed to the droid encampment in the middle of the city. "Snipers, to your positions. Grenadiers, behind the crates. Troops follow me. We marched toward the base. The droids noticed at once. They started firing. "Spread out! Surround the base! Snipers, now!" About 20 droids dropped dead. "Grenadiers! Toss em!" Grenades surrounded the base "Get down!" Smoke filled the air. Droid parts everywhere. "Now...ATTACK!" The troops ran toward the base, wiping out everything in their path. All droids were gone and the base was ours.” Send someone down in the mines and free the prisoners!" Chapter 4: The New Threat "For brilliant tactics in the time when innocent people needed it most, I award all 40 troops of the newly formed Squadrant T-13 new battle armor suits! And for the leader of this group, we award a new upgraded gun and the right to command an entire squadrant of men to yourself,” said Master Windu as he looked upon his new squadrant of men. "Um...Master Windu...uh...we.uh...have a problem. "What is it?" "They've revived General Grievous." General Grievous. The most cruel, vile, disgusting general you ever heard of. He would send suicide attacks into Coruscant just to make us fear him. It never worked. We were somehow able to deflect, defend, and protect every attack he made, until recently, that is. He has been sending entire fleets down to a system just to take a base After quite a few attacks on Coruscant, we finally found our time to strike. He had to fly over Coruscant to get to Naboo, and we had a space station close by. He would be trapping himself. The time had come. Just before our attack we heard horrible news. Supreme Chancellor Palpatine had been captured by Dooku and Grevous. "The clones will be shooting down aircraft and defending the city when it happens, while Anakin and Obi-Won land on the ship and rescue Palpatine. Squadrant T-13, you will be our prime offense, not defensive. That will be Squadrant D-34. For the rest of you! Get to whatever turret, ship, or ground fights you can!" "Squadrant! I do realize that this may be our last mission together. This will be very rough, so always stay in groups of three at least. If you return alive, every one of you will most likely become captain, general, or a commander. I would also like to say that I have been proud to fight by your side! To your ships!" "Y-Formation Squadrant! Head toward the capital ship and aim for the turrets! Good! Now break up the squad!" Fly to the left, fly to the right, hit by a laser, barrel roll, destroy a ship, fly to left, fire a rocket, turret gone. This had by far been the most intense battle I had been in. Lasers everywhere, smoke filled the sky. "Take the turret!" I cried as I was hit by another laser. I flew up and turned around. There was Master Obi-Won and Anakin in their yellow starfighters. I looked down and saw that about 12 of my squadrant had died. I flew down. Took out 7 droid starfighters and 3 turrets in rage. I felt like my own children had just been murdered. I flew with such great tactical advantages at that point that I could have destroyed and entire fleet by myself. 50, 51, 52, 53. Enemy ship remains were falling down to Coruscant like a meteor shower. But once again, my worst nightmare happened. Dooku and Grievous had apparently noticed me. They sent a small fleet of ships and all turrets operational on their cruiser at me. I was no match. I swerved to the left, then to the right dodging laser rounds, only to be hit. They destroyed my engines. I was headed down to Coruscant; with no control what so ever. Where was I? I had never seen this area of Coruscant before. The sky was filled with red smog. Instead of the normal tall buildings, they were about 5 story buildings with smoke herding out like a pack of Banthas. This place creeped me out. Who knows what bandits, thieves, and criminals lurked down here. I started walking a ways until I saw people. "Where am I?" "In the industrial district. You better get yourself out of here, or you'll regret it," said an older woman. I started walking more and more, only to find nothing. I looked up. I could see the top of taller buildings but I couldn't find my way to them. I kept walking. I eventually found an older man and an old run down transport. "Excuse me, but could you take me to the nearest clone trooper garrison?" "If you can fix my ship." I looked inside. The radio was gone; the hyper-space teleporter was gone. Almost everything had been destroyed except the small, weak defense turret it had, and the ignition crystal. "There’s a junkyard over there. I saw a few parts for my ship there, but they were too heavy to lift." I headed to the junkyard. I searched around a bit. Nothing. I kept searching around. Still nothing. Why did he say he saw something here? There's nothing! But then I turned to a small stream of thick, disgusting slime. Their in it was a ship. A heavily armored air transport from a few years back it looked like. But then I noticed the shape. It was an LAAT. "There! I finally fixed it up enough for it to fly!" I started what was left of the ship. It started to rumble, but eventually lifting off the ground. It was slow, but it sped up eventually. I flew it a while, until I reached the part of Coruscant I was familiar with. I was just flying past a landing zone when half a separatist cruiser came crashing down in front of me. Chapter 5: Betrayal I landed in the nearest military base. I told the troops what happened and I asked them what happened to my squad. "When they saw you crash down, they just lost all hope. They still fought, but eventually being crushed to bits. If it helps, here is your second in command's helmet. He asked me to give it to you before he died... "Damnit! Why does all this bad crap keep happening to me?!" I was confused. Every time something big happened, I get thrown out of the battle. Was it my actions that I took, or was it the "will of the force" that the Jedi always talked about? "What was with the separatist cruiser that came crashing down?" "Obi-Won, Anakin, and Palpatine were all on it. It was their only way to survive, so they took control of it. They're safe now, though." Although my squad perished, I continued on. My next mission: help Obi-Won take over a planet's canyon. I was unsure of the name of the planet, but I knew where it was. "All troops to the nearest hanger bay. I repeat all clones to the nearest hanger bay." The time for the mission had come. I went to the hanger bay. "Hey! You! Yes, You!" Obi-Won was talking to me. I went over to him. "I'll need you to take a squadrant of 2000 soldiers and follow me to the planet slowly." "O, come on! I could probably take twice as many droids as you!" "Just follow my command end everything will be fine." Follow him? He wanted me to follow him? I was tired of this. Taking orders from Jedi. We were the ones risking our lives out there, not them. Before we left, Palpatine told us commands in case of emergency. Order 64: kill friendly soldier if in terrible pain. Order 65: Flee if necessary. And my personal favorite. Order 66: kill all Jedi on command. "Ok, now storm the planet!" We flew in, landed, and fired like crazy. Droids falling everywhere. Obi-Won chasing Grievous on some kind of beast. A massive droid garrison headed our direction. I ran to the nearest mobile E.M.P. cannon, wiping them out in seconds. We fought for hours, but the droids kept coming. The clone next to me found Obi-Won's lightsaber, which he had dropped. Then I heard it... "Execute Order 66." From Palpatine himself. I turned the cannon toward Obi-Won, and fired. He fell hundreds of feet. "There's no way he could have survived that fall." "Sir, you have a message from Palpatine. He needs you to come back to the Coruscant." I returned. I found that I was one of the very few that was chosen to accommodate Master Skywalker, who had recently been appointed Darth Vader, the new Sith apprentice of the dark lord, who we recently found out was Palpatine himself. It did not matter to me anyway. I hated the Jedi. I was to go with Darth Vader on a mission to storm the Jedi Temple and kill all who come in our way. Criminals, civilians, and Jedi. Wait a second...Jedi? This was the moment I was waiting for. To kill as many Jedi as I felt necessary. And that of course, was all of them. We marched in. Darth Vader scattered us though the temple to secure it. He chose 3 of us to accompany him personally. I was one, and I was proud of it. We marched up floor after floor, killing all in our way. We finally reached our destination. The council room. In it Jedi children and teenagers were hiding. "Master Anakin, are you going to save us?" "No, I'm not!" He pulled out his lightsaber, and slew all the Jedi in the room as we watched. I now just remembered that the first time I saw him I said to myself "And from then on I knew that these two Jedi would change the outcome of this war. Whether for good, for bad, or for an eternal conflict." I now knew that it was just 1, and partly for another. The 1 was the good: the meddlesome Jedi would finally learn their lesson. And the other, the eternal conflict. Only the thing was, it wasn't eternal. This war would end soon. To many this seemed wrong. To me...I loved it. From planet to planet, we wiped out every Jedi and those loyal to them. I myself had killed 3, besides the ones that we killed when we stormed the temple. Palpatine had gathered the senate together and had officially declared himself emperor of the newly formed Galactic Empire. This is what I hoped for all along. I had been sent to patrol an area outside the senate building when a speeder came up. It was a senator. Senator Organa. "What is this?" "There’s been a rebellion." "Move! Let me through!" "There's nothing you can do here! Now, leave before we kill you." As he headed toward his speeder, a young Jedi appeared out of nowhere and killed the several troops near me. I shot him while Organa escaped in his speeder. Too late. "Lord Vader, what ever happened to Yoda," I asked. "We sent an army of clones to Kashyyyk to defend a massive droid invasion, but the last we heard of the troops was when we told them to kill him." "Should we send an attack party to find him?" "Not now. Now if you will excuse me, I have a meeting with the Emperor." "Before you go, would you mind giving me a number fit for a general?" "Fine. From now on you shall be Alpha 073."
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