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  1. I've also bound a key to timescale, but when I activate force-speed, it returns the game to it's normal timescale. I'd like to be able to slow the timescale slightly (for my own movement) while also using force-speed. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks.
  2. By the way... GREAT IDEAS!! Here's some ideas to elaborate on them. Some of them may be obvious additions, but I'll include them anyway. For Force Dodge, the gauge could be the normal sheild gauge, but could have two levels of effectiveness. When the gauge still has power in the second level, all attacks are dodged. Once the gauge goes down to the first level, it reduces the health damage by half for every hit. Your idea for a new Force system is genious! I think this would greatly improve on the pacing of the saber combat. Anything that encourages more walking during saber combat is a good thing in my book.
  3. Here are some of my JK II Mod ideas. Sorry for the long post, I actually did edit some of them out to keep it shorter. - Saber can damage players on other side of (thin) walls. - Saber can be thrown through (thin) walls or objects with force seeing level 3. - Camera rotates 90 degrees as the player executes a wall-walk so that the camera is always centered on him, rather than on the level. - Player can alter the trajectory of a wall-walk with force speed enabled. - Player can run straight up a wall instead of just flipping off it. This could be done by running straight into a wall, double-tapping jump to execute the vertical wall run, then tapping it again to do the backflip. - Bring back mid-air blue lunge (without the feather-fall). - Create new saber style(s) for double-edged sabers and duel-sabers (I think this is already being considered, but I thought I'd throw it in anyway). - Easy-access communication/taunt menu (a.k.a. MOH:AA). - Include option to impose walking during duels (if both players vote yes). Running could only be done as short bursts during the duel. ---- There could actually be a whole menu of rules that could be voted on before a duel initiates (saber throw, kicking, double-edged sabers, etc.) -Change Force Absorb into Force “Nullify”… ----Depending on assigned level, this either drops all of the target’s Force powers somewhat in point-value, or negates them all-together, for a limited time (maybe not neutral powers, or maybe only neutral powers, whatever works best). This will balance Absorb’s effectiveness, and make Light vs. Light battles more interesting. - Jedi vs. Merc: ---- Mercs can have a Jetpack, and can pull themselves over short walls ---- Mercs have grappling hooks, and can even tie up other players if they shoot them with it (like Boba Fett did to Luke in RotJ). This should somehow be blockable and breakable, and should definitely only last for a limited time. ---- Mercs can only carry a limited number of weapons (based on weapon size) ---- Mercs get a sword instead of the stun baton. Limit this to same damage as baton, but enable dismemberment (possibly with blood). Sword vs. Sword combat will work just like sabers. ----These new Merc abilities/items could be either there by default, or selectable like Force powers, or new inventory items to pick up. - Make Repeater primary fire faster and more accurate (more tightly grouped shots), and secondary fire less accurate (randomize shot distance and trajectory). This should balance the effectiveness of the gun, rather than just nerfing secondary fire damage. - Integrate “Over-heating” for Repeater and Flechette secondary fire so it can only be fired 3-5 times in a row before cooling down (like the silenced machine gun in Return to Castle Wolfenstein, or the Covenant weapons in Halo. - Add “Light vs. Dark” game mode for all team game types. Thanks for listening to my ideas, I hope you can use them. -[Edited for speling ]-
  4. razorace, I have a bunch of Mod ideas (and absolutely no Modding experience) if you're really interested in them. Should I post them here, or is there a better way for me to get them out there to the community? Thanks.
  5. A Shotgun shell to the groin vs a Rail-Driver, shot vertically up the spine (starting at the groin).
  6. fist fist vs. a shot to the nads
  7. I either go by my tag here (in JK2 only), or more often V'GER. When I play at work I'm usually "V'GER @Work" so I don't look like a jerk if I just suddenly log off in the middle of battle when my boss walks in my office. In JK1, I was usually Rihc (my real first name is Rich, and it was a typo that just stuck). On console games at home (and everyonce in a while on the net) I go by "SnatchMaster".
  8. When I'm away from home, this is my keyboard setup: <: Move Left >: Move Right L: Move Backwards ---(R Mouse is still Move Forward) ; (semicolon): Jump / (forward slash): Crouch ' (quote): 2nd Fire (or middle mouse button, if available) R-ALT: Absorb M: Force Push N: Force Pull O: Seeing I: Speed H: Heal G: Grip V: Lightning K: Mind Trick J: Taunt [ (Left Bracket): prev. inventory ] (Right Bracket): next inventory \ (Backslash): use inventory 1234567890: Weapons (and mouse-wheel if available) ENTER: Lightsaber (easier that pressing 1) SHIFT: Walk SPACE: Use WINDOWS BUTTON: The one that gets me killed I know this is a strange setup, but it's what I got used to back in the day, and it works pretty well.
  9. I have the MS Stategic Commander and the MS Intellimouse Explorer (5 buttons + scroll wheel). If you haven't checked out the Strat. Comm., do so 'cause it's the bizomb. You can control character movement by moving the device around, and it has 6 buttons + 3 shift buttons (the shift buttons give the 6 control buttons all new key mappings). This gives you 24 possible key mappings right at you fingertips, without ever having to look at the keyboard. There are also two un-shiftable buttons right next to the others. It sounds complicated, but it's really very easy. Here's the setup: --MOUSE-- R mouse: Fire L mouse: Move Forward (I started this in Doom, and haven't changed yet) mouse wheel button: 2nd Fire mouse wheel up: next weapon mouse wheel down: prev. weapon thumb button 1: Force Pull thumb button 2: Jump --Strategic Commander-- -Movement: Controller Left: Move Left Controller Right: Move Right Controller Back: Move Backwards Controller Forward: Force Push (sounds weird, but feels very natural) -Non-movement: (note: "S"=Shift, "B"=Button) B1: Saber Stance B2: Mind Trick B3: Speed B4: Lightning (or Seeing in MP) B5: Heal B6: Grip (or Absorb in MP) S1 B1: unused S1 B2: Taunt S1 B3: Chat S1 B4: prev. inventory S1 B5: next inventory S1 B6: use inventory S2 B1: Lightsaber S2 B2: Bryer Pistol S2 B3: Stormie Rifle S2 B4: Therm. Det. S2 B5: Bowcaster S2 B6: Repeater S3 B1: Disruptor Rifle S3 B2: DEMP 2 S3 B3: Flecette S3 B4: Rocket Launcher S3 B5: unused S3 B6: unused non-shift B1: Use non-shift B2: Crouch Also all the buttons are scriptable, meaning you can program multiple keystrokes to a single button, and you can re-program buttons on-the-fly (during gametime). I don't use the script feature in MP though because script-kiddies are asses. I recommend the Strat. Comm. for anyone. It's only like $20 now, and if you don't like it, just return it (give it a chance though, it'll probably feel awkward at first.
  10. I totally agree with this. You should have to think twice before sticking your leg out in front of a Jedi's ready lightsaber. Kicks should only be effective in the right circumstances, like when you parry a blow or win a saber-lock. Of course, you should be able to do them any time you want, but you'll have to accept the risk. This could also be an advantage if you're fighting a gun user, since there's no chance of chopping off your own leg.
  11. Binding Force powers to keys is included in the setup menu. I don't see how that's cheating. Besides, on more than one occasion, I've seen Ravenites strongly encouraging it.
  12. Has anyone tried out the new nVidia 29.42 Detonator XP drivers that just came out? I'm still using the 23.11 drivers because of the problems people were supposedly having with the newer ones.
  13. I'm with txa1265. JK II is my favorite game ever. I don't think I could ever say that one game is the best ever. There are many games that are nearly perfect in every way (and for that matter, some that have no redeeming qualities whatsoever). The thing that usually makes some games great is that they do something different, and they do it well. Comparing the features of revolutionary games to one-another is only a matter of personal preference. You can't compare Max Payne's bullet-time effect to Half-Life's enemy AI, or JK II's combat system, or ... <insert your favorite game here>. As far as JK II is concerned, I'm not holding my breath for "Game of the Year". I don't think most people will think it's the "best" one since there'll definately be some stiff competition. I'm always open to the possibility that come December 31st, something else will get my vote, but its more likely that JK II will be my favorite game of all time for several years to come (JK 1 was my favorite up until JK II was released).
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