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  1. Good to see you back!

  2. I can't get the pictures to show up on my desktop but I just used another feat gain mod to solve the problem. I appreciate the help you gave me J7 :) Thanks man


    Best Regards

    - Chev

  3. Sure. It might be a bit later today but I will get the pic.

  4. Can you post me a pic of the error? -- j7

  5. I managed to add the feats but now I'm having a weird issue. Whenever I create a new character I get an extra feat gain page. What I'm saying is that I click on the new feat and than the feat screen comes up again saying I can get another feat.


    Thanks for the help J7, I really appreciate it :)


    Best Regards

    - Chev

  6. Hey,


    So you need to edit the "featgain.2da", the first column down 0-19 is the level. As you scan across the horizontal line, all the different classes are abreviated - so if you wanted two feats per level for all the classes at starting level you would need to go across horizontally and add a 2 across all of the horizontal "0" column. Let me know if you have any questions. -- j7

  7. Hey J7, I was hoping you could help me out with a problem with the KOTOR tool. I'm trying to modify the amount of feats you get per level but I have no idea what column I should be modifying. I was hoping you might be able to help.


    Best Regards

    - Chev

  8. I'm lurking a bit. Started playing the games again about two months ago.

  9. Yeah, I'm back... You? :-p

  10. ...Damn, are you still hanging around here? :xp:

  11. I thought that was mod request form and 2nd I did make the dialog work so the mod "does" exist


    3rd you are the only one who has replied and I don't know why

  12. I've already looked at your post. I'm not going to make the mod for you, I already have enough projects of my own I'm working on, and little knowledge of of dialog editing. Your going to have to be patient, and I can't guarantee anyone will make the mod for you. You may have to do it yourself. Also there are no mods that mean you can romance Visas and Handmaiden, you could already do that. -- j7

  13. Hey Chev, yeah it does - the armour looks like this, so I don't use up an additional Appearance.2da slot...



  14. can you look at my post

  15. Hey J7, can I ask you a quick question regarding Force Fashion for K1?


    Will the mod have Darth Bandon style armor for any of the characters? I've been looking for a mod that adds it for K1 but so far I haven't had any luck.

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