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  1. Good to see you back!

  2. It was weird in that it listed it as 50% discount but it was free; you could just click install game next to it. Did yours have a price next to it? I'm UK Steam.
  3. Cool beans, please post threads in the correct place and please do not post 3 identical threads all over the forums. You have to be patient - as Miles has sent you a download link via PM I will close the thread and consider this matter dealt with. -- j7
  4. Left4Dead 2 is currently FREE on steam...
  5. I can't get the pictures to show up on my desktop but I just used another feat gain mod to solve the problem. I appreciate the help you gave me J7 :) Thanks man


    Best Regards

    - Chev

  6. I remember this too, and this really should have been kept for future generations... Yeah, speaking for me, I really like and respect Alexrd, urluckyday; none of my posts were meant to seem aggressive, angry or indeed attacking the individual. The forums contain many people I greatly respect - adamqd for example has the most in depth knowledge of anyone I know about Star Wars, and there is no-one on the forus I dislike (well except for MIMARTIN ). I'll consider it, if others are interested I could post a general plotline as I (and Lynk, we were chatting about this the other day) would have done the Prequels... Here's a little taster art; Star Destroyers are so cool too, every other Starship sucks compared to them...
  7. Sure. It might be a bit later today but I will get the pic.

  8. Can you post me a pic of the error? -- j7

  9. I managed to add the feats but now I'm having a weird issue. Whenever I create a new character I get an extra feat gain page. What I'm saying is that I click on the new feat and than the feat screen comes up again saying I can get another feat.


    Thanks for the help J7, I really appreciate it :)


    Best Regards

    - Chev

  10. Hey,


    So you need to edit the "featgain.2da", the first column down 0-19 is the level. As you scan across the horizontal line, all the different classes are abreviated - so if you wanted two feats per level for all the classes at starting level you would need to go across horizontally and add a 2 across all of the horizontal "0" column. Let me know if you have any questions. -- j7

  11. Hey J7, I was hoping you could help me out with a problem with the KOTOR tool. I'm trying to modify the amount of feats you get per level but I have no idea what column I should be modifying. I was hoping you might be able to help.


    Best Regards

    - Chev

  12. I cannot believe how any one can defend some of the utter awfulness in the Prequels, are they ok movies? - yes, do they entertain? - yes. Are they anywhere near as good as the OT? No. Some of you seem to be in a frankly weird denial about why the prequels don't have major issues - they do. Period. I can't link because of the adult content, but youtube redlettermedia Star Wars prequels and watch the videos to see what is wrong with all the prequels... As for my opinions; All the prequels suffer from a lack of characterization and too much of Lucas thinking oooohhhh with all my CGI I can do this, this and this, ironically I think the special effects in the OT look better than all the blue and green screen crap in the PT. The biggest problem is the Prequels have a bunch of charachters in that I don't really care about - Qui-Gon dies, but even as a kid I didn't care much, I think Mace Windu's death is the only one in the whole PT that had any emotional impact, and even that was mitigated by him not acting like a Jedi. What's wrong with TPM - biggest problem; it has no main charachter, can anyone tell me who the main charachter is? If it's Obi-Wan why is he missing for large portions of the film? If it's Anakin why are we not introduced until 45mins in? Lets not even talk about freaking accidentally blowing a whole star ship up. If it's Padme why does she spend the whole film being boring as hell and pretending to be a servant. If it's Qui-Gon whats the freaking point considering he dies? The next issue is that stupid pod race, TPM pacing doesn't work - it seems to me Lucas wanted a pod race and then made a really convulted plot to include it which just spoiled the whole film. AotC - Jane Austen in space, with charachters we don't like and horrific dialogue. "The Clone Wars" - Seriously, I think all of us wanted to see them, it's Star WARS, not Star LOVE. Also more Space politics we don't care about, and more boring dialogue I could watch on the politics channel if I really wanted. Also Anakin is a complete idiot, I don't really care about his fall later in RotS because he's a total tool. Also would you seriously fall in love with some egit who slaughtered a whole tribe of women and children. Like its early in their relationship, if you went out with someone for two weeks and then they said by the way I'm a serial killer would you really still continue a relationship? Or report them to the freaking relevant authorities? Additionally Hayden Christianson was just an awful choice of actor; I'd vote Christian Bale personally. Lets not even go into the Clone army being created the Jedi saying they will put all their resources into investigating it and then... Completely forgetting about it and just going to war. RotS. I hate this film the most. I also love it, for the fact the Emporer is amazing in it. I hate it as it ruins the twist "I am your father" in ESB, and also spoiled my visions of "Do not underestimate the powers of the Emporer or suffer your fathers fate, you will" - I'd always imagined Anakin and the Emporer fighting. As a kid I was captivated and shocked by the "father" reveal, how many kids have had that ruined by seeing the films in "order"? Here's how it should of been done... Vader should of been the Emporers private assassin from the start, we see him in a proto Vader suit, assassinating various of the Chancellors enemies. Vader is shown to think this is good by aiding the republic... He also likes that he is gaining new powers - he could learn force choke for example on a mission. Anakin is doing his Jedi Hero routine. We never see them togeather (like say Batman and Bruce Wayne). Anakin goes to confront the Emporer having figuered out he's a Sith, he gets his ass handed to him with lightning... And that's the last we see of him; he's presumed dead. The Emporer then orders Vader to attack the Jedi etc etc, so would of been saved until ESB for us to finally realize (if watched in chronological order) that Anakin and Vader are infact the same person, and gives a whole new twist on Anakins fall. Yet another problem - totally inconsistant tone, this started with RotJ and the flipping teddy bears, but this gets ever more worse in the Prequels, on the one hand we have the super daft and stupid Jar-Jar, the totally stupid and goofy battle droids, then we have Anakin slaughtering women and children, and finally see him dismembered and burned alive. GL, what on earth were you thinking? Finally Yoda should never hop around like some feral kitten high on speed. He also shouldn't draw a lightsaber, should just fight enemies with the Force. And he should of been the one to kill Grevious, Grevious should of been shown killing a few Jedi, then he fights Yoda, and Yoda just crushes him with the the ceiling... (Could I of done a better job of the OT than Lucas, undeniably not. Could I of made the prequels a hell of a lot better, entertaining and coherant than they are... YES. Also if anyone tries to defend the new Indiana Jones film, I'm liable to think you completly devoid of any ability to discern a good film).
  13. Aye, I certainly agree, and the way the three games play out it seems to me that Bioware suddenly thought we can make a lot of money off Mass Effect so we should do a sequel, the games don't play out as an over arching plot IMO. I agree ME2 is an entirely pointless - you spend the whole game trying to stop the reapers coming back and then ends with the reapers coming back... My biggest bug bear across the series; Cerburus being terrorists/"good" guys/Indoctrinated I found extremely painful/fanciful. Funnily enough of course I think Star Wars and the Prequels also show this problems, the cracks started appearing in RotJ and then the prequels...
  14. Space child does look an awful lot like... That was what I was meaning. I think it definitely could of been done better I think it would of made for an absolutely awesome plot twist. Usually with "amazing" plot twists, say Revan I already saw it coming from way off, I certainly wouldn't of guessed Shepard was indoctrinated. From a story perspective it would be great I think, for an RPG (which ME is and isn't) it would be awful; having the PC in an RPG as an unreliable narrator seems highly problematic It would of course make all gameplay after the point Shepard was indoctrinated 'pointless' - but isn't the point of indoctrination the insidious you think you are doing what is right part of it. I'm not sure what the name of the DLC is as I played it on a friends computer but whichever one has the Leviathan hiding out below the waves on a far off planet. I was more meaning in terms of the origins of the Reapers and what happened, space child says a bit but personally I thought the Leviathan explain it much better. For me, you go back to ME1, and Soverign (sp) talks about the Reapers being far above human understanding and how humans cannot understand their motives, when you can actually explain it in a sentence, that I found highly frustrating. It's not so much evil for evils sake as the motives behind it at least being more complex than what was explain in ME; I think thats my gripe was ultimately the explanation was simple. As for the picture I was originally intending to say the above, but I found that picture too tempting to post instead succumbed to the lolz
  15. Two mods come to mind as possibilities... The Final Touch by Oldflash or The Veridian Echo by Torthane - let me know if you can't find a download link for them. I have both on my harddrive but IIRC they are pretty big.
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