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  1. Can you post me a pic of the error? -- j7

  2. Hey,


    So you need to edit the "featgain.2da", the first column down 0-19 is the level. As you scan across the horizontal line, all the different classes are abreviated - so if you wanted two feats per level for all the classes at starting level you would need to go across horizontally and add a 2 across all of the horizontal "0" column. Let me know if you have any questions. -- j7

  3. Yeah, I'm back... You? :-p

  4. I've already looked at your post. I'm not going to make the mod for you, I already have enough projects of my own I'm working on, and little knowledge of of dialog editing. Your going to have to be patient, and I can't guarantee anyone will make the mod for you. You may have to do it yourself. Also there are no mods that mean you can romance Visas and Handmaiden, you could already do that. -- j7

  5. Hey Chev, yeah it does - the armour looks like this, so I don't use up an additional Appearance.2da slot...



  6. Skype... Baby!!! GB jx

  7. No problem... You should of had it years ago! GB jx

  8. PM me your email... GB j7

  9. Hopefully ASAP, I just emailed him saying he can just upload it under his username (he's done by far and away the most work on it IMO). GB j7

  10. Thanks for your prompt approvals today! =) GB j7

  11. Thanks Chev, nice to see you too. GB j7

  12. I've missed you.... GB j7

  13. Sure, feel free to use any of my mods for anything you so desire! =) My dad had a lung transplant, along with my mum being sick - hence me being away. GB j7

  14. Hey Chev, yeah I am, just really busy with real life stuff I'm afraid! GB j7

  15. I'm ok thanks bud, how you doing?? Gb j7

  16. Hey Glenn! Hows you? Hows life?Hope your well bud! You should see me back around here and DS. Lets get Force Fashion K1 finished! You should see some updates in the thread in the next few days! Sorry I've hardly been around, my dads really sick (needs a lung transplant) and I've also been ill! GB j7

  17. Hey, sorry, I'm just getting back into the swing of things; my dads very sick and I've been quite ill. Couldn't remember if I emailed you back; what do I still need to do for you? GB j7

  18. Hey, sorry its been an age! Send me the files! Really looking forward to testing and finally releasing FFK1! GB j7

  19. Hey, hows tricks? Sorry I've not been around as not internet as just moved! Hows things with you?? GB jx

  20. Hey, aiming to have that head finished for you by the end of the week... Sorry its been a while in terms of updates, been busy in RL. GB j7

  21. Hey Glenn, no worries, I'm in the middle of helping manage my organisations response to the Van earthquake (in Turkey)... We've sent some medics and are putting on a soup kitchen, now we've gotta send all the blankets, warm clothes etc. All to say I haven't had much time myself recently to do any modding.


    There anything I can do to help? My other question is could we spawn the Sith Assassin's in the Endar Spire module before the Sith Stalker to split the load on the engine? Will send you an email shortly... Which dialogues do you want; edited or unedited Trask? GB j7

  22. You may want to get on Skype, I'm volunteering you for stuff :xp: GB j7

  23. Murph!!! Long time no speak! Hows you? GB j7

  24. Awesome! Thank's so much for all your hard work Glenn!!! :) GB j7

  25. Sorry to hear that bud :( Was the computer covered by insurance? Let me know you need any mods of yours (or others) I have a lot backed up! I'm ok thanks! Got bitten by a possibly rabid cat last week, which was an interesting experience, had to have rabies shots etc. Hows school and work going?? GB j7

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