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  1. Which, UVmap? For the combat suit?? GB j7

  2. Hey, hey! New show sounds great! Have fun :-D I look forward to your PM :) I have a dropbox account which I can send you the details for, for all the Force Fashion K1 stuff! :) GB j7

  3. Hey, no you didnt! Send her on over!!! GB j7

  4. Hey, yeah I downloaded FRAPS and used that to take screenshots; http://www.fraps.com/ - You can also use it to make videos of the game too! :) GB j7

  5. Hey Qui-Gon, no worries! Just saw your update below, congratulations on the new show! Get back to me when you can :) GB j7

  6. You get my PM? :xp: GB j7

  7. Thanks! :) Hows you? Hows life treating you?? GB j7

  8. Hey D3! How art thou?? Hope your well! Had a quick question for you, that you may know the answer to! If If I wanted to delete Trask's lines on "how to play the game"; which I think spoil immersion, what would I need to do? GB j7

  9. I solved the problem by using FRAPS, not sure what the problem was... *Shrugs* About to send you an email ;-) GB j7

  10. Watch think of the Sith Stalker? Need me to send you anything else? Last question, any ideas on taking screenshots during cutscenes... My game seems not to be doing it currently, never noticed that before! GB j7

  11. Fantastic :D Qui-Gon has done a great job, he said sound wasn't working for you, think you may have put the folder in the wrong place double check that your directory for it reads; C:\Program Files\LucasArts\SWKotOR\streamwaves\m01aa\qgss01 - Having the working animations makes it even better. If you could look into the female jedi robe, that would be great to, as I said its not letting me change textures at the moment, I've tried hex-editing it... The new name I was going with was "f_jedirbe"; Thanks again for all your hard work Dak, your a star! GB j7

  12. Oh, forgot to say... Of course its ok to post screenies :xp: GB j7

  13. Hey, the "fanny pack" isn't such an issue on the Sith Stalker, on the female Jedi Robes it is more of a problem I think, if you fancy having a play with the models feel free! You've done fantastic work so far, thanks so much! I suppose one question is... Would it be possible to put the male legs on the female model? GB j7

  14. Hey, awesome, can't wait to try it :D I'm just at work! Could possibly have a male item, would it be possible to stick the female head on the Sand Person Jedi Robe? As the female sand person has feminite attributes! Btw is their a male/female item restriction? I haven't found one in K1 yet! GB j7

  15. Mods up and reviewed on K-Files, see thread for link as I'm feeling lazy ;) If your still up for doing some modding, may have something for you to do in Force Fashion k1 if you fancy it! GB j7

  16. Sent you an email for you to enjoy ;) GB j7

  17. Your amazing :D I'm still working on this female robe >.> GB j7

  18. Went up under "SoundLizard"... Don't know why, gonna have to use your new account in future I'm afraid :( GB j7

  19. Hey, so confronted your main bad guy Sith and then Sion showed up, as I was leaving the Valley there was a video of him, missing an arm awakening someone in a Kolto tank... Is that the end of the mod or is there anything else to do? Can send you an email of my thoughts/suggestions/criticisms/improvements if you ? Overall the mod is a very good piece of modding! :) GB j7

  20. Hey, good I'm back in the Academy at the Hologram table, but can't seem to be able to interact with it, the Jawa told me to go to the security desk, but I can't access the Hologram thing, and the Security desk in the main room only allows me to terminate prisoners. Otherwise the mod has gone very well :) GB j7

  21. Got Skype yet? :xp: GB j7

  22. Yeah, thanks :) GB j7

  23. Hey, my hard-drive is failing, although I now have K2 again, so can run another Beta-test on that soon and will let you know what I think :) Hows you? Hows tricks? GB j7

  24. Hey, I was going to test through your mod for my K-Files review, but I've spent most of my day off trying to clone my hard drivte which I'm gonna have to send off to be replaced under warranty, fingers crossed I'll be able to run my laptop off the clone on my external hard-drive... GB j7

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