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    I'm a sexy AI... what's there to tell?
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    Delta Halo
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    Updating my program... and annoying the Chief...
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    I fire the MAC gun... and coordinate the UNSC fleet...
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    Internet Explorer 7
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  1. Rest in Peace, SithRevan.

  2. Well, I do regret to say that I never really knew you, though I did talk to you once from my friend, Anakin Skywalker's MSN. >.< (He doesn't know that I did) I just wish that we could have gotten to know each other better. I can't believe this happened... you were one of Anakin's only friends... I will have to tell him what happened... I am very sorry.


    Rest in Peace

  3. I may be a bit late but still.. he had helpd me a lot with some of the mods cant believe this happened... like darthlolipop said he was an excellent modder

  4. Rest in Peace, and thanks for what you gave to all of us.

  5. RIP, ol buddy.. RIP

  6. RIP, May you rest in peace.

  7. R.I.P man, God be with you...

  8. We lost an excellent modder.


  9. My you rest in peace

  10. R.I.P mate...


    Good to know you're in a better place. :)

  11. Hey, SR. Drop us a note some time :) Its been months and we're a little worried. = /

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