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  1. Just dropping by to say that I love your avatar. Rock on brother. \m/

  2. Another special bulletin from the department of bloody obvious affairs?
  3. Cool ideas Lynk I'm glad you liked it.
  4. Alien vs Predator never happened. Still the best sci-fi/horror I've seen in a long time... Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) The self-operation scene to remove the Alien is both gruesome and absolutely insanely good! Instant classic. It's been left very open at the end I'm really excited about a sequel, if you think about the movie for a bit a lot of the things do add up, it just doesn't hand you everything on a plate like most Hollywood rubbish does ;-)
  5. Lol the "West Ham reject" Diamanti was better than any player in the England squad, they were punching way above their weight. Italy were not rubbish, they controlled the game from start to finish pretty much, hit the woodwork twice and constantly hammered the defence and goalkeeper. It's by a miracle it got on to penalties but justice was served in the end. Young and Cole pathetic as usual overrated players anyways. Rooney world class? Forgettable performance all round to say the least. He can only score on penalties against teams like Wolverhampton or Wigan, useless. Pirlo was world class all game, plus has b*lls of steel to take a penalty like that in a shootout...
  6. Must've been something to be in that crowd though, what an atmosphere!
  7. Went to see it last week it is very very good, best sci-fi film I have seen in cinemas in a looong time! It had a very 2001: A Space Odyssey feel to it and also David (played by Michael Fassbender) really reminds me of the character R. Daneel Olivaw from Isaac Asimov's books. A must see for any classic sci-fi fan
  8. Live action TV series or it didn't happen...
  9. You should have waited and got a Galaxy S3, it's the most wonderful thing I have ever held in my hands (apart from the obvious lol)
  10. Yeah our national team doesn't do well there it's a shame we've got really good individual talents right now for our squad: Kompany, Vermaelen, Hazard, Fellaini, etc etc. But no decent coach to bring it all together since Dick Advocaat betrayed us...
  11. The Pope. I love the Nolan Batman movies too he's done an amazing job with them. This movie though (if you're a comic book fan) ticks all the right boxes for a flawless comic book adaptation because it has so much detail and love for the genre in it. But it also keeps it accessible for people not too familiar with the genre and a newer generation of fans whilst blending together a lot of established characters in a well thought out manner. TBH I don't see Nolan doing that, he's good at what he does, Whedon did an epic job with this one. People saying "oh the story is so predictable blablabla" are just criticising for the sake of it, it's a Marvel movie what did they expect? It's like going to watch a Pixar film and moan about it being animated 3D, utterly pointless
  12. Criticism is not well founded...it is a comic book adaptation, not a Shakespeare play. And it is the pinnacle of comic book movies, end of.
  13. This being the very first movie I bothered to pay the 3d premium for, let's say I was very underwhelmed and shall never do it again.
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