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  1. BF2 heros are crap, You have to kill people to raise thier health, I'd prefer it if you had regular health but you couldn't use health droids or bacta pickups
  2. What's wrong with these forums? How many people actually use them?
  3. PC deidcated means that the server is being hosted through a PC, you can play on them fine. Non dedicated means a player is hosting the match, these matches can have serious lag so avoid them. The 'connection to host lost' happens to me sometimes but if your not on a PC dedicated match then maybe that's the problem
  4. I know, but I'm trying to get more people to vote, then we'll see what is the superior weapon!
  5. Me and my clan leader were having an arguement about which is better, blaster rifles or rocket launchers? have your say: *ZOINKS-NINJA* Registration required. A mere, slightly disguised advertisement ploy unveiled ! ~Alegis don't just choose the blaster rifle, we're talking online as well
  6. Jumping around usually works, but sometimes it doesn't like when a jet trooper jumped in the way of my inacurate shot
  7. sorry, I didn't realise I double posted but still i think it's stupid that you can't attempt to vote off the other team
  8. that's the most important question
  9. They're awesome, are you sure your using photoshop?
  10. also I don't think it's possible to do it without the droideka
  11. I can't vote the enemy team, and it happened again today
  12. I always move from place to place as a sniper, especially online as people get wise and snipe you back, so I don't have favourite spots.
  13. Jaffa_Cake


    I play online and I noticed people using glitches. Earlier a droideka got stuck in a wall on mustafar and we couldn't capture the CP. we could have won but instead we lost, and you only get the option to vote off teamates!! How can I counter-attack glitches? is there anyway to stop them?
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