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  1. From what i first heard about the game was meant to give you an insight on Vader and how the rebel allience was created
  2. well from what i hear you have just arrived at tatooine as for the other you should just keep doing legacy that takes you to jabba's themepark depending on hwat you mean with Rebel ground are you on leave Combatant or Special forces or do you just have faction points with Rebels
  3. the best way to find a pvp group is by either joining a guild or going to restuss alone when your the right level and ask for a group you have to be either imperial or rebel to do pvp though on the side note in your questions in the first post i'll have to answer no jedi can't do bounty hunter specific quest and vice versa same goes with the other proffesions
  4. Combo:Sith shien Force Power:Force repulse Outfit:Jedi adventurer Robe Color crystal:Blue
  5. Yeah i had my share of experiences of MMO's i played Guild Wars SWG and WoW I liked them all in someway but WoW is still my favourite and it will possibly always be my favourite as it brings new content very often or fixes i liked Guild Wars for the cool armor and much more but didn't like that it was to short not the game but the leveling just 20 that doesn't fit me and then it didn't have anything else to work for and another thing all the stuff was to expensive SWG was my first real MMO and it was cool and i still like not as much as WoW though i like the feeling of being in the world of Star Wars and i liked the weapons armor proffesions but the thing tha takes down the poins is that it's almost the same landscape everywhere on the planets like Tatooine is like sand,flat,flat hey a mountain,more sand and flat earth on naboo it was the same but green and more rivers and more mountains but it is quite good so no it's not my first mmo im not even sure if i play it i don't think there will be any game in a long time that is gonna beat WoW also it kind of disappointed me that they are not making kotor 3 they could at least have put it a few years after TSL
  6. i have to say that at first i didn't think it looked so great but then i read you can be Sweden so that a reason for me buying the game
  7. i also understand you rabishi i know people like MGS but they are not my type of game so that is just one of many reasons i hate them but about TOR MMO we can't say it's crap yet cause it dosen't "excist" yet
  8. well i am young still so i haven't played much of the games that has been mentioned here but here's my list for worst games and sequels ever MGS1-MGS4 always hated those games i don't know why i tried all of them one and there is nothing i like about them All the final fantasy games i hate them almost most of all All Sonic games i'm not a fan of mortal combat neither does i like tekken then there is also soul calibur i think Soul Calibur IV is going to be worst okay i know you can play as yoda darth vader and the secret apprentice but they got nothing to do with the soul calibur universe so Now that's all for now one thing don't get mad at me but we can complain about games i know but if you think for a while i got to that until i and you to can make a better game myself we really have no right to complain
  9. a well i wasn't talkin about the battle with jack of blades but just as he is and i think he is better then lucien at least you got to fight him
  10. I got fable 2 or 3 weeks ago already completed it twice but it's great game so i like the fighting system i like the clothing and pretty much everything is good about game except rwo things and that is i want a long bow so i can feel like robin hood if you ask me coolest ranged weapon ever is the bow also they made the evil one in this game worse Lucien is not even scary if you compare to Jack of Blades
  11. as for me i like Gadon Thek and the sith troopers on Taris also on taris the drunks that you meet Well Gadon i like because he sound like that guys that knows what he should if everything goes wrong the sith trooper i just think they sound so good when they say:Out of our way citizen we are on offical sith bussiness just step aside if you know whats good for you as for the drunks they just sound funny
  12. i also got lots of song that i don't understand mostly Italian and Spanish song i don't understand much of them but they are good
  13. ok here goes the mod list allronix_dialogue_pack 2.1_1 Bastila_extra_dialog bastila_romance_enhancement bastila_revelation_robes basty_fix_v2 bendak_bounty_rework black_vulkar_restoration_next_version Brotherhood_of_shadow with patch btlsbr_clr_wotor clontrooper[MECK] dan14_juhani darthtalon deadeye_Man di_k1fpp_1.7 di_kaw.7z di_mbb.7z ekun featgaink1 force_power_dispel force_power_resurrect force_quake fpgaink1 garrum_and_tareelok get_the_other_krayt_dragon_pearl hv88 iamjedi imperialofficer increasedstuff invisible_head_gear jaga_fett_items k_vader_02 K_anakin_aotc_style_hilt k1_cartclothes_iiv1.7z k1_doublebladed_replacement_hilt K1_movie_style_hilts k1_quigon_style_doublebladed hilt k1_revan_without_cape k1_yellow_and_red_doublebladed replacement k1_yoda_style_shortsaber k1robemodel kain kc kill_plauge_multi fx_lightning kotor_stomrtrooper_v 1.1 ld_bastila lightsaberforms malakimproved mandalorian_jedi_robe mandalorian_ultimate_mod mannan_doors merged_stormclone new_belaya project_bastila reborn regeneration rep_commando_kotor revan_cutscene_k1_102.7z revan_items_by_chainz_ver 1.1 revan_mask_plus2.0 revanrobefix RHCanderousDarkJediMod.7z RHCarthJediMod.7z RHMissionJediMod.7z RHMissionJediBooster.std2.7z RHJawaShop1a.7z RHElderMerchant1.7z RHSFWorkbench1a.7z romance Saber_rescource save_Malak_1.1 sharina_fizark_Restoration_1.1 Svosh_mods taris_lower_city_restoration taris_undercity_and_gamorrean_stronghold_restoration tomb_of_jesset_dal_kest_v2 trewin tweakmod westar_if visual_effects_k1.7z Wotor_1.1 with both patches now if any of you don't know some of the mods here tell me and i tell you as much as i can about it
  14. hi it's me i got a problem with Knights of the old republic well i got to dantooine and now after the first meeting with the council when so if i remember right after either the loading screen or the cutscene when you dream of revan and malak i am stuck inside the ebnow hawk starport or whatevere it is named woth no way of getting out i think same would have happened on endar spire but i used a mod to skip it you want i post a list of mods i use for Knights of the old republic
  15. well i played WoW, SWG and GW i think WoW still is the best one of them it was my first mmo and is one of the greatest game i ever played then i got GW that i enjoyed for some time and then galaxies that was fun until now so i have to say WoW is my favourite and will probably be my favourite all time
  16. the elemental sabers for tsl was made by Voyager763 but he reamde his mod site to a music site so you probably have to email him this is his site can find his email adress there here's a link http://voyager763.webs.com/arrangements.htm
  17. well i have high hopes to for this new mmo but that dosen't mean i don't care that they are not going to make kotor 3 i waited years hoping and beliving they would release kotor 3 and it saddens me that it will not be done and this MMO has one bad thing in it 300 years after the original kotor don't get angry at me but it sounds lame but we can always hope
  18. yeah that kind of what i want like EW said i have high levelf force powers but that's not for kotor just TSl
  19. well i don't want new powers i just got some idea's for the existing one for TSL how about making force scream neutral and sound like in episode 4 when obi wan scares away the sand people for both games i would like the force storm that they lift their one of their hand up and shoots lightning i would like it to come out like detstroy droid so they put the hand forward instead and it comes lightning out
  20. i do also think wow and swg is equally fun to but this kotor mmo that sounds very tempting well anyway i hope that we also get the kotor 3 come on i wanna know what happened after TSL or kotor 2 also don't flare up again but i just wanna say one thing that is wow got better enviorment and nicer nature and so but okay enough with this wow vs swg
  21. personally i think wow and swg is equally good wow has something that is better then swg and swg also has things that they are better at than wow i am going to give some example WoW I think they have better pvp like capture the flag defend castle and taking over POI and defending them they have in a way a better story even though i am a jedi myself in SWG i still dosen't think it fits in there they have better things for char like special things that makes that race good for some special classes like gnome extra intelligence makes them good spellcaster and humans have 5 exrta skill with swords and maces Awesome armor and many different sorts of armor and with the latest expansion the flying mount also wow got cool nature and so they got better server system that are like rp servers normal pvp servers and rppvp server also DarthmaulUk wow got lots of those things you mentioned SWG Have better combat animations for melee fighters then one thing that new jedi armor i wanna know where to get jedi armor player city's one thing i hate with swg that only those who bought total experience could get BARC and only those who bought Trials of obi wan could get bunker i think it's unfair There is probably lots more that i can't come up for swg now but i just wanted to say that the companies are good at different things but that was what i wanted to say
  22. I know it's lacks something but it has to do something right since almost 9 million people is playing it
  23. personally i think wow also is one of the greates games ever the worst thing i know is when people actually never played the game long enough they play for say 10 minutes and say it's crap with wow for example you have to play more then 10 minutes to understand how great it is well anyway i still like swg and if this kotor mmo looks like wow or swg it's going to be good
  24. well he is the best badguy ever if i were placed in a dark room like example the joker from batman i wouldn't be as scared if i were placed in the room with Vader i mean that breathing is always scary Edit: i don't also understand why everybody thinks darth vader is crap he has done a lot more then sidious that is just sitting is his chair and gets fat Combining posts cause you got it in before my warning. -RH
  25. i am also a fan of Darth Vader and Revan i like them both but there is nothing wrong with vader he is still one of my favourite bad guys and is much cooler then many of the badguys in movies from this year anyway back to topic Vader has done impressive feats that he was first with he killed every jedi except yoda and luke he have done much impressive feats that is just one of them
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