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  1. Greetings all,


    This is a thread I'm running on a few different sites now. It's time I brought this over here.


    This thread will contain any news items and announcements from the SW:ToR team, and anything else of interest that comes my way.


    All new items will be added to the top of the list. Enjoy :)




    News Article - Third Issue of Threat of Peace Released - 28/3/09



    News Article - Timeline 1: The Treaty of Coruscant - 28/3/09



    News Article - Bounty Hunter Class Revealed! - 21/3/09



    News Update - Second Issue of Threat of Peace Released - 15/3/09



    News Update - Video Documentary 2 - 15/3/09



    Bioware Blog - Creating the Poluted World of Nal Hutta - 7/3/09



    News Article - First Issue of Threat of Peace Released - 28/2/09



    News Update - Hutta Concepts and Avatars - 21/2/09



    News Update - Nal Hutta - 14/2/09



    IGN Interview - 10/2/09



    News Update - Threat of Peace Webcomic - 8/2/09



    Bioware Blog - Senior Content Producer - 7/2/09



    News Update - Developer Dispatch: The Making of Tython - 31/1/09



    Media Update - Screenshots and Wallpaper - 24/1/09



    Fan Friday - 16/1/09



    SW:ToR Forums Post - Official Confirmed Features Thread



    News Article - Star Wars ToR Concepts and Forum Avatars - 13/1/09



    Bioware Blog - Mark How - 3/1/09



    News Article - Capturing the Look of SW:TOR - 3/1/09



    December Media Update - 26/12/08



    Gamespy Interview - 18/12/08



    First SW:TOR Documentary



    News Article - Story in Star Wars - 5/12/08



    Bioware Blog - Writing Stories in the Star Wars Universe - 5/12/08



    Interview Part II



    Media Update 28/11/08 - 7 new screenshots added



    Interview 27/11/08 Part I



    Interview 21/11/08



    Media Update 14/11/08



    Article - Better than another KOTOR


  2. I'm having the same issue. When I load a game I get a black screen. I can however see my cursor and hear the footsteps if I move my character. All I do to fix the problem is alt tab while the game is running and go back in to it again. The screen appears normally.

  3. I'm a Vista user, and a happy one at that. If there is a computer problem, people seem to blame it on Vista. It is not always going to be the source of the problem.


    If you still have trouble, let me know and I'll see what I can do about uploading a copy of the pdf for you

  4. I had that program on my computer before and it worked really good but after a while they started charging me for its useage and thats why I tried 7zip instead because I simply needed a program to extract files from zip files and didnt need alot of fancy features or anything like that. If I get some money maybe ill use winRAR and see if theres a difference or not.


    Right. All the best to you :)

  5. Surprisingly I was also able to use a number of mods on KOTOR 2, some I had trouble installing because they couldnt extract or copy the files sucessfully but they seem to work for the most part and dont have any adverse affect on my game.


    Very good. Perhaps switch your zip file program to winRAR. I can't say for sure, but it might fix the problem with extracting the files.

  6. I disabled the UAC, unsurprisingly KOTOR 2 still wont load, I still get that program must close because of error message. I found the permissions thing in the properties tab but I dont know how to proceed from there.


    Edit: I managed to get the game working finally, not sure how long its gonna last. When I disabled the UAC I tried to extract the patch for the vista update and it worked this time and when I replaced the file the game was able to launch sucessfully. I also used win xp sp 2 compatibility mode.


    Congratulations :)

  7. Im not entirely sure how to do either of these as im relatively new to Vista.


    With the User Accout Control, check out this site:



    Go down to Method 4, which is doing it via the Control Panel.


    As for permissions with the folder, I'll have to look in to this when I get home tomorrow afternoon. You have to right click the folder and go in to properties, and go from there.

  8. It keeps saying I cant extract/open the .dll file when I try to use 7zip to put it in the KOTOR2 folder.


    Hmm... I'm stumped on that one then. Perhaps you should check the permissions of the folders you're trying to extract to?

    Also, I suggest that you turn off the User Accounts Control. My Vista experience has definitely improved after I've turned it off.


    I dont have any mods and the only changes I made to the executable was I tried it in compatibility mode and tried to run it as an administrator. I did patch the game to the 1.0b patch but I dont play it in widescreen.


    Well that rules any modding problems out.


    My game says both the memory and the video card dont meet the requirements.


    This is a problem I'm seeing more of on these boards. I'll take a wild guess and say that some of the new hardware peope are putting in to their computers is too advanced for KoToR 2 to detect.

  9. Yeah I did, it had trouble extracting the files. I beleive I was able to extract them but when I replaced the ones in the KOTOR 2 folder with the new ones the program still wouldnt load the game when I got to the start up menu. I still was told the program needed to close and that my specs still werent up to date. Since I had the trouble extracting the files im wondering if I extracted them all sucessfully or if they were recognized by the game. There was some kind of .ini file and a readme. I also got that new version of the msg32.dll (or whatever its called) file and that didnt work either.



    For the Vista fix, there should have only been 1 file in the zip file, which was the .dll file. The one with the ini? I have no idea what that's about.


    Are you running any mods, or have you modified the executable file or the .ini at all? Sometimes people may have trouble when they patch the game to make it run in widescreen. I had that problem at one stage.


    KoToR 2 on my computer also tells me that my graphics card doesn't meet the minimum requirements. This is the for the poster above you as well. I'm running a HD3870, so it's more than capable of running the game. I don't know much about that at this point, but I'm currently in contact with ATI trying to fix the problem.

  10. Im having trouble running TSL on my computer. I have windows Vista and I recently got a new computer. However when i start the program it says that something went wrong and the program had to close. When I run a scan of my requirements it says that my memory and video card are out of date but I have more memory than what it says and my video drivers/card are up to date. I would send one of those dxdiag files but I cant seem to find the program to do that on my computer. Anyways it seems to be the problem everyone else is having. I also tried it in compatibility mode with no sucess and also used run as adminstrator. I also had trouble installing the game previously so I dont want to risk uninstalling it.


    Have you tried the Windows Vista Fix?


  11. Yeah, I know what you mean.

    What's supposed to happen is the scene between the exile and Visas. It is where she appears and you have the duel. That is why I searched for files relating to her in the Override folder, but as stated before I didn't succeed.



    Well, here's an update. I tried loading the game again, and it worked...

    I have no idea how, but it did. No complaints however. The game shall continue!

  12. So this just happened out of the blue? Game was working just fine for years and years and years, and all of a sudden, just stopped working? I'm assuming the game is fully patched...


    If you want to narrow down if it's a mod-related problem or not, you should just take out your mods from the override, put 'em someplace else temporarily, and try playing again.



    Of course is hasn't been working fine for years and years. But I have been able to complete the game many times without a repetitive problem.


    I tried removing the mods from the override folder, but the game wouldn't load in that case either because the save was reliant on some of the files in that folder.


    I've started working through the game again. Just finished Peragus, and now I have to deal with an incompetent Ithorian. *sighs*

    I'll see what happens when I reach the same point again. If the same problem occurs, I'll start the game again, work up to that point, then install the mods.


    But again, any ideas are welcome :)

  13. Hello all,


    I'm in the progress of trying to fix a problem I came across.


    Dantooine was the first planet I visited after Telos. After completing the quests on Dantooine, I head back to the Ebon Hawk and I crash during the load. I've looked at some of the files in the Override folder to try and narrow the issue down, but I've had no success. I thought that seeming Visas will be making an appearance after the load, that it may have something to do with files relating to her.

    That didn't work.


    So I've reinstalling the game, and I'm going to attempt to replace all my mods "neatly". Hopefully it'll work.


    If anyone has any ideas, they will be very welcome :)




    No success.


    I'll try and start a new game. Hopefully, it won't happen once I reach the same point.




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