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  1. Thanks RedHawke, I'm playing the X-Box version so no fix for me! Maybe they will show up next time..... Sadam
  2. Hi there, I have managed to complete the Batu Rem and Batono bounty missions on Telos, but haven't yet discovered how to meet the 2 escaped criminals and apprehend them for Dol Grenn. Does anyone know where I need to look to find these guys and bring them to justice? Thanks Sadam
  3. The K & D Sessions - Kruder and Dorfmeister.
  4. Definitely Makashi for me, Soresu a close second. Why? Dooku managed to hold off Obi-Wan, Anakin and Yoda in Lightsaber duels, without breaking a sweat. I really like the classical vision of the Jedi as a Knight first and foremost, and this form displays elegance and is also deadly against other Jedi/Sith. Plus you can always back it up with some Force Lightning if things get tricky! Lightsaber duels rock......
  5. Wow, good thread.... Mine would be: Albert Wesker and William Burkin (Resident Evil) The Machine (Turrican, for those who can remember the days of the Commodore C64) Galm (Shining Force 3)
  6. Thanks for the help everyone. Looks like I won't be able to complete the Lootra / Aaida mission as I didn't kill the guards in the refugee sector :-( Check out Achilles' Influence Guide for details on influence with GOTO, especially on Onderon - you do get some reasonable experience for getting some details from him about his operation on Nar Shadaa. Worthwhile in my book, plus you don't have to pick up DS points if you follow the conversation correctly.
  7. Not strictly movie, but as someone mentioned the Hood then I would definitely go with Captain Black / The Mysterons from Captain Scarlet. A few more: Count Dooku (my fave SW character) Han and his henchman Bolo (Enter the Dragon) Roy Baty (Blade Runner) Mr Morden and Bester (Babylon 5) Mayor Wilkins from Buffy the Vampire Slayer season 3.
  8. Hello all, I have just completed GOTO's yacht, but I'm having problem with a couple of the Nar Shadaa side quests. I can speak to Lootra and Aaida, and although I have sorted out the Serocco, Visquis and GOTO, they still won't meet up with each other - how do I get one of them to meet the other? Also, I can no longer find the pilot I spoke to in the refugee sector. I recommended him to the bunch of spacers without a captain in the flophouse, and I have also spoken to Kahranna about getting her family off Nar Shadaa. Fassa keeps telling me that no-one can leave until the fuel situation is sorted, do I have to speak to Vogga regarding the fuel situation to finish this mission? (which according to the influence guide means coming back to Nar Shadaa after completing Onderon so as not mess up the influence options for GOTO)...... Please help! Sadam
  9. I agree with you in principal Stoffe, I think Sidious' switch to using Force Lightning to defeat Windu (and the after-affect of costing him his youthful good looks) was a last resort - OK yes Anakin interceded and was therefore complicit in Windu's death, making Anakin realise that he had already started down the path of the Dark Side - this presumably was Sidious' plan when he realised that the Jedi would come for him. However, I think he under-estimated just how powerful Mace Windu was, and as a consequence Mace would have killed him if Anakin had not joined the fight. Look at the Emperor as he is depicted in ANH, TESB and ROTJ -aside from some more Force Lightning at the end of ROTJ he is to all intents and purposes a crippled old man - obviously still powerful with the Force but not really able to cut it in Saber duels etc. Windu would have wasted him if Anakin had not entered the room at that instant. I'm not sure Sidious would have used up so much Force energy on Windu and Yoda unless he felt it absolutely necessary (ie he couldn't win/draw any other way). On another note, does it not bother anyone how easily Anakin disposed of Dooku in ROTS? I know there is the whole "doubled in power" thing, but Dooku held his own against Anakin and Obi-wan at the end of AOTC, and still had enough to fight Yoda to a standstill, yet in ROTS he manages to last for all of 2 minutes against Anakin on his own. As a master of Form II, he should have been a fearsome opponent for any Saber-wielding Jedi, no matter how Force-powerful they had become. It's probably just me, as I'm a Dark Side freak and Dooku is my fave "prequels" character, it just seems that after these intense Saber battles the bad guy always seems to die in the cheesiest fashion. You know, Maul, Grievous etc. At least Sidious' death was done well.
  10. It's not exactly proof, but Coorta does have a conversation with an "unspecified" person about the Jedi bounty on one of the holo-vids IIRC. Sadam
  11. Ah, that would be the other one! Thanks Goldberry......all is now clear. Sadam
  12. Thanks Jediphile, I'm guessing I have bought duplicates of the Vocabulator, in the 2 locations you mentioned. I'm sure though, I have picked up an item prefixed "HK" that I can't use to fix him up with (no option appears when I approach HK-47 with the part in my inventory), and also cannot be equipped. I'll check later and post the item names if I can find them. Sadam
  13. Hello all, I always seem to have a few extra "HK" parts left over once I have finished re-assembling everyone's favourite Assassin Droid, I think there's an "HK Vocabulator" and there's another you can buy from the gun merchant inside Khoonda. Do these have any use/relevance, or were they intended to be used with some cut content (the Droid Factoy?). I'm asking because iif they don't get a use in the game, I may as well sell them or break them down for components. Cheers Sadam
  14. Jediphile, I agree the "randomness" of some item distribution does seem a little weird, for instance if that Boma has eaten a dose of Adrenal Alacrity, why isn't it faster when I'm fighting it? That aside, if the item distributiuon is truly random, can anyone explain why I haven't found either of the crystals I mentioned above? Unlucky, or am I too powerful by the time I reach the point at which they would normally "spawn"?
  15. I'm on my 6th playthrough of TSL, and so far I have never encountered an Ankarres Sapphire or Kaiburr Crystal, and have only once found an Ultima-Pearl (on Malachor, where it was pretty redundant by then). Are there any specific points in the game where these Crystals may turn up, so that I can save just before and keep loading until I get one of these special Crystals, otherwise I don't think I'll ever find them?! Thanks all Sadam
  16. I can't say any of them annoyed me voice-wise, but certain phrases did begin to jar after a while. I completed TSL as a male character 3 times before trying the game out as a female, and I never want to hear the Disciple's "You have left me an opening!" ever again. Visas beginning every conversation attempt with "my life for yours" got a little tiresome too, but again nothing to do with the voice actor. That's about it though.
  17. Sounds like you're having as much fun as I did on my first play through! I didn't use Achilles' Influence Guide until my 3rd play through, it's definitley worth looking up to get the maximum out of your TSL experience. Good luck with the rest of the game.... Sadam
  18. Yep, that's the way your first visit to Onderon usually pans out, don't worry you'll be back ther later to finish what you started...... The online guides should help you decide where you want to go next.... Sadam
  19. I agree the battles in the game can seem easy(ish) - the ones you mention as being a little more difficult (mercenaries on Telos, and Freedon Nadd tomb for example) I also found very hard. I do see TSL as a game that actually wants you to make it to the end (not like some games I own which seem to punish you the further you get through it!), but the fun comes in the variety of gameplay types - not only Male/Female and LS/DS, but Lightsaber or ranged, or unarmed, aggressive or stationery/grenadier, heavy armour + no force powers or robes + Force Storm ownage etc. Also, the more you replay the game, the more you learn about it. Yes, I can kill most stuff in the game without breaking a sweat (although I did have MAJOR problems with Vrook first time as a Dark Sider), but I think I'm going to enjoy playing it through more as a LS Consular without an uber-Lightsaber or any DarkSide offensive powers. It's up to you to choose how you get enjoyment out of playing the game. Plus, there's always mods as mentioned earlier :-) Sadam
  20. Thanks, I completely forgot about the Mentor ability, should pay more attention I guess. I'm enjoying this game more and more every time I play it, thanks to the Influence guide I have actually managed to train Atton to become a Sentinel, and I'm expecting great things of Mira, Disciple and Bao-Dur when they are sufficiently trained. Cheers for the help everyone, it's making the game better all the time.... Sadam
  21. Thanks Stoffe, I may actually start using her in my party rather than ignoring her now! Sadam
  22. I'm currently playing through TSL for the 4th time, just made Jedi Master for the first time :-). I was just wondering whether any of the feats/powers/level ups applied to Kreia have any bearing on her stats when you reach the final confrontation at Malachor? I have tried giving her loads of defensive force powers, and resisted giving her any offensive force powers at all. I have also left her out of my party for most of the game since reaching Nar Shadaa. Will this affect the final confrontation at all, or does the game automatically "level her up" for the big showdown? Do her powers vary depending on my alignment or Prestige class? Thanks all...... Sadam
  23. Thanks everyone, Darth Traya has (finally) been defeated, now I have started again with a female L/S Consular. Will let you know how it goes......
  24. Thanks all, I'll take the advice and hopefully complete both characters' endings with your kind help. And then I'll rule tha Galaxy bwa ha ha!
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