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  1. I'm playing as the rebels in GC and i'm on tech 5 but i can't build the gallofree transport ? Help plz
  2. I had to update my original EAW to install FOC but then is says something about Emulation software and it wont start ?? Help plz !
  3. Off topic but are they uploading the demo Torpid ??
  4. Tot ziens,au revoir,auf wiedersien,bye... And may the force be with you !
  5. Is it more like an ion gun or hypervelocity gun ?
  6. I've a thread with more pics its called new pics this is there to.
  7. What kind of ship is this RZ-52 on page 3 ?
  8. This is pic of it. http://www.gamed.nl/messages/32159.jpg
  9. New pics with the arc hammer,mc-30,Garm Bel Iblios on land,... http://www.gamed.nl/view/21256/4
  10. Aayla-Secura


    Whenever I install a patch the game won't start up it says someting about binkwell??
  11. I uninstalled my game a while ago and now it wont start up ??
  12. I have a mod installed,will this affect the expansion?
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