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  1. So hypothetically... If a new Jedi Knight/Outcast/Academy/dont know what to call it game were to come out, which would be the best engine for it to be built with? The old engine started showing their age, last year, and with 3 perdominantly new engines either out or soon to be; Doom3, CryTek, and Source, which would be best? Since Lucasarts won't spend the time or money so develop or create their own unique engine for a Jedi based game, their main interest is money, and with a pre-built engine its just easy puting the characters in there as fast as they can, to get that greenback, the question arises. First, lets look at the 3 contenders. CryTek - Far Cry - This one would be excellent for creating amazing and massive worlds for a jedi to explore and destroy. The physics are pretty good too. Doom3 - This engine seems like it was designed for smaller environments, like in Doom3, and for lighting. In my opinion this engine would be THE ONE to make amazing lightsaber battles. With the lighting and the detail in the charachter models I cant even comprehend the astonishing potential for a amazing dramatic Jedi duel. And, with a little work and modding, the engine could be expanded to work well with big outdoor environments, like LEC did with the quake engine for JO, JA. Source - Half-Life - Now this one nobody knows too much about. And if you say you played the leaked beta and the physics are crappy dont discuss this thread because the game wasnt done and that wasnt a full represntation of it. Basiclly no one has relly been able to see the potential of the engine beacuse it is yet to be released. But from videos and other things, this engine might be the middle between Doom and CryTek. With the videos we have seen some amazing outdoor areas. The graphics dont seem to be as good as Doom3, but the physics seem to take the cake out of the three. And with a supposedly amazing physics system the Source engine might be one to make insane force powers with. Force throw, grip, push and all the others could be utilized to their fullest. Make them better than they seem in the movies, make it seem like the jedi are actually something special as are portrayed in the movies. With JA and JO I never really got the same impression as I do with the movies in regards to jedi. But at this point we know very little about this engine, my guess is it will live up to the hype and exceed expectations, but you never know. This is a tough question, each has its appeal. I dont feel I can make a solid stand with my opinion on this untill I can play each engine. But I thought I'd throw the question out there, maybe make a decent inquisitive thread?
  2. Yeah kurgan is an Ass hole, big immature dick head. He always assumes stuff and tries too hard to impress people. Hes got a big head, thinks hes cool, thinks he knows everything, post in every thread with his "I'm better than you I know evything" attitude. He'll probably ban me for this and make fun of my spelling. You know what? I dont care. These forums are a joke. JA is a joke along with Lucasarts. I've been comming to jediknight.net and these forums since Jedi Knight, and after all these years its still just stupid nerds arguing about a game thats a half assed attempt. So since this is probably my last post before I get banned. F u c k O f f!!!! Lamers! LAMERS! L A M E R S!!!! Later.
  3. One of the many things involved is a few years back, at E3 they claimed that they were going to cut down on SW titles. The claimed they were going to make it 50/50 with SW and non SW games. Yeah. That hasnt really happened. They see they can make more money on just OK or ****ty SW games instead of taking the time and making something origional. Like I said, that is just one small aspect, the tip of a huge iceberg. Gladius? Wrath? SWON? Armed and Dangerous? sure not SW games. But not good either. Should I mention RTX? They cant come up with anything origional and good. Clone Wars. JA. StarFighter. Rogue Squadron? Thoes, at best are marginly OK games. Nothing new or cool. Just have the SW name so people buy it. Take JA, it had the name SW, along with Jedi along with it, so you got the SW freaks thatll buy it, then the Jedi serries fans that will buy it. The Jedi fans are there only because of the previous title which were different and gave something new. OK so they might announce it so there are 50/50 but in the end that idea gets shot to hell by them cancelling games, and/or announcing MORE STAR WARS!!! YEAH!!! I'm sorry. I'm done. You can say I'm jsut bitter. WELL I AM!
  4. its not just the cancellation of S&M. Thats just the tip of the iceberg. It goes deeper that that. I goes back a while. Mixnmojo.com always has a good discussion on somethings. Maybe we should get them to write an edatorial explaining the whole downfall of lucasarts.
  5. I havent played JA, or any Star Wars game since they cancelled Sam and Max 2. A little boycott. I actually havent even come to this site since then either. I realize one person not playing isnt going to make a difference, but it makes a difference to my conscience. I cant play a game or support a company as crooked as Lucas Arts or George Lucas him self.
  6. where did you go to check out the sites being regestered
  7. Anyone ever look in the manual? Page 20. THe picture in the bottom has a jedi with dreadlocks. Yet another thing left out of the game. I wonder why.
  8. Ah! this happened to me also. it happend when i was using the give forceall cheat, i think it might have something to do with having all the force powers filled up and it doesnt know what to do with the new points. I dont know if you used the cheat(s) but thats what happened for me, what i can suggest if you did use that cheat, is to load up a save point from the level you just finished and do give forceall 2 or 1, set it back down to where you can allocate some of the points when you finish. Maybe it will help, maybe its a bug. who knows.
  9. thanks alot, you can throw out the thread if you want
  10. sorry, i tried to do the spoiler thing where you higlight it but i messed up, i dont know how. sorry, please dont ban me.
  11. So this is what happened, i formatted my hard drive and forgot to back up my saved games. I know of the devmap cheats but i need to know the names of the levels so i can get back to where i left off, is this even possable? I'm sure it is. Can anyone tell me the names of the levels or tell me where i can look in the JA files to find the names, is there any console commands? I really dont feel like going through it all again, i was up to the part with the right after you pick between dual or staff. If that wont work anyone want to lend me their saved games?
  12. I was having all types of loading problems before, wouldnt load MP, would crash constantly. SP wouldnt load. How I fixed it? I just formatted the hard drive and did a fresh install of win2000. Works great now, no crashes at all! Its the only thing i have on my system besides internet stuff. So if your having problems, consider that. Raven should get an award for the most inovative game ever! How many other games do you know of where the only way to ge it to work is to format your hard drive? What a great concept. heres one for the elite, WQQT!!!
  13. Swops, ATAT, are in the seige mode. In SP on the level where you have to blow stuff up with wedge i npc spawned an x wing when i was on top of a building and you can get in and fly, space bar is to lift off. but i could only fly for a few seconds, i kept running into the sky box and that makes you crash
  14. ang2002, i know how to fix your problem, same thing was happening to me. Its happening because your CD isnt reading right, its not spinning fast enough. SO what you can do to fix this is, take out the CD, hold the outer edges, so not to scratch it, and put soome pressure on the center of the CD with your thumbs, switch sides, your basicly bending the CD. It helps warm it up, makes it spin a lot faster. After a few times put more pressure on it. Kepp doing this for aobut 5 minutes. Depending on what version of windows you have you might need to put a lot of pressure on it. Sounds funny, but works great though. Fixed my problem, im almost done with the game now.
  15. Ive got a bug i havent seen anyone talk about yet, so its probably just my machine. Anyway, almost 100% of the time when i either join, or am playing in a MP game after a few minutes of playing, or while I'm picking my model it dumps out to the desktop and says something like "jamp.exe has created and error, you will need to restart. And error log has been created." thats close to what it says, i dont remember exactly. But it happens all the time. I've dloaded all the latest drivers for everyhting. my specs are: Win 2000 Intell Pentium III 8ooMhz 256mg ram SoundBlaster Audigy2 Nvidia GeForce DDR Any ideas. Its anoying, i think the longest ive played a MP game is for abuout 10 minutes, then it dumped me to the desktop. Even the solo games. The single player works fine.
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