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  1. Hey, all, long-time no-see. Apparently this thread has died. I just wanna say this was reeeeaaaally fun, I enjoyed it guys but.... I just got a job and a car and it looks like I'll be busy for a while, if I wasn't so busy I would love to continue this but... I can't. I had fun, you guys were really great. Later
  2. *The Rebel Lieutenant had sent a small force to go and retrieve Clone Kithoran, he knew where he went because he told him right before he entered hyperspace. After the Rebels exited hyperspace they saw a star destroyer orbiting the asteroid that was getting ready to send troops down. Blue leader (the leader of the Rebel force sent to detach Clone Kithoran) looked at his force: 10 X-wings, 6 Y-wings, and two Corellian Corvettes. He decided to engage.* *Blue Leader* Everyone, attack formation, Corvettes do your best to keep the TIEs off of us, all right everyone, attack!! *Blue Leader and his troops zoomed in towards the Star Destroyer and engaged, they caught the Star Destroyer off guard, the Y-wings destroyed his shields and his communications, the Star Destroyer, Terminate, opened fire on the corvettes and deployed a squadron of TIE fighters. One of the Y-wings were destroyed by the TIE fighters, but the corvettes managed to get them, the Y-wings blew up the turbolasters on the side of the Star Destroyer that was attacking the corvettes, the Star Destroyer repositioned itself and opened fire with it's other turbolasers, one of the corvettes blew up, the X-wings took out the Hangar and Ion Cannons while all of this was going on, and the Y-wings took care of the rest. After the battle Blue leader called for reinforcements to help get Kithoran out of there. ________________________________________________________ *Clone Kithoran ran to the center of the chamber and picked up a lightsaber that was on the ground and ignited it, it was purple. Darth Blaze ran and attacked Clone Kithoran for a few seconds... the room started shaking terribly then one of the walls crashed and the bridge of their Star Destroyer took it's place.* *Darth Aap* Rebels! I leave it to you, Aap.... By the way, you have any idea where Daniel is???
  3. Sorry I wasn't able to reply, mom's putting us on this no video games thing till Christmas but she says she's gonna let me get on the comp now and then, could be worse >_>. *Clone Kithoran went back to Yoda's house with Yoda on his back* *Clone Kithoran* So, what do I do now? *Yoda* What you feel you must do. *Clone Kithoran closed his eyes and tried to think about what he would do if he were a jedi from the clone wars... images of Revan and his duel with the figure in the portal flashed through his mind....* *Clone Kithoran* I need to learn more about the force... are there any places in the galaxy besides here that have force.... auras? *Yoda* Many places there are, go, search for them you must. *Clone Kithoran sighed and within the hour he left Dagobah to be lead somewhere by the force....* Hint, hint Aap.
  4. *Clone Kithoran was still on Dagobah, but he was going through training exercises similar to Luke's (lifting stones and the like)* *Clone Kithoran* So, how long am I going to be doing this? (he was getting tired of doing this day after day) *Yoda* Until ready, you are. *Clone Kithoran sighed* *Yoda* Now, go into a cave you have to. *Clone Kithoran thinking to self* Well, it's an improvement.... I think. *Minutes later Clone Kithoran was walking through a cave unarmed (unlike Luke), after he got about halfway he heard footsteps, Kithoran stopped, and a figure with a black robe and cloak with a mask on it's face walked forward.* *Clone Kithoran* What? A-aren't you dead? *Revan lifted his hand to the wall of the cave, there was a picture of somthing.* *Clone Kithoran went forward and looked closer.* I'll leave this to you, Aap.
  5. nice story, though it's like 7 months old, if you decide to get it up and running again I might be interested in joining in.
  6. *Clone Kithoran woke up to find himself lying on a bed with a strange feeling in him. Then he noticed the Rebel Lieutenant was standing near.* *Clone Kithoran* Wha.... what happened? *Rebel Lieutenant* Well, after Darth Blaze knocked you unconcious and left, we went and got you and a few other key members of the Alliance out of there before the Death Star blew the planet away. *Clone Kithoran brought his head back to the pillow, thinking it through.* *Clone Kithoran* Darth Kithoran and the other sith have to be stopped.... but how? *Then he suddenly passed out, while he was fainted he had what he thought was a dream but was really a vision. There was a green and white planet, wildlife everywhere, with a swampy background, then he saw a small structure made of what appeared to be made out of clay, there was a faint yellow light inside.... He woke up* *Rebel Lieutenant* What was that all about? *Clone Kithoran* I don't know.... I need to do some research. *Rebel Lieutenant*..... Okay. We don't need you now anyway. *Clone Kithoran* By the way... where are we? *Rebel Lieutenant* Yavin IV, at a hidden base. *A few minutes later he was in a small library at a computer, looking up planets. After a while he found what he was looking for. A planet called Dagobah.* Hint, hint!
  7. Your idea has potential, to me anyway, others might think it's stupid... but anyway sounds like fun.
  8. Well if they add Hoth, it'd be cool if you had to wear some cold-resistent clothing like for the Rebels and neutrals you'd wear those coats/pants that the Rebs used at Hoth on Ep. V and if you were Imp you'd wear something like the snowtrooper armor. Just an idea, though it'll prolly never be implemented. One can dream though, can't he?
  9. While I think Bespin would be cool (along with the cloud cars) I don't think the player city and the new house thing would work, I think it should be more like Kashyyyk than just another planet like Tattooine, Naboo, Endor etc. where there would be just one city and that, of course, would be Cloud City, I mean, you don't exactly see floating cities around every corner...
  10. I think it would be awesome to be General Grievous's species, I would totally make a character with one of those guys, they're awesome (in my opinion anyway).
  11. What I think would be cool was if they added Coruscant, think of the nice views you'd get from standing on a platform on the side of a 50 story building!
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