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  1. Yipee! I can get back to uploading magical mysteries to the web. ;
  2. I only have milk in my tea where it comes into contact with boiling water. What about my malk?!
  3. That's EDIT: I just realised I mixed up left and right in the answers
  4. I made this christmas... card, thing for everybody online. So, I thought I might aswell share it with you lot, it might make your day. P.S. Answers are on the bottom, upside down. Print it out and post it through your letter box. Put your name at the top. Whatever floats your boat. Arrrr.
  5. You're made redundant by the new PHP system!!!
  6. Oh wait, I found them. Here's the weird bit though... the cases were both in my cd rack and the correct cds were in the cases. What are the chances?!
  7. Oh nos, my quake and ut cds have gone missing. I bet one of you lot stole them to avoid being fragged into oblivion!
  8. Different? Well, you've just spoilt it for me.
  9. I'd buy it but I have no money. Well I have money but it's for more important things. Mwa ha ha ha ha.
  10. Was it better than TTT? That was... meh.
  11. I want to see it, but I'm either going to have to download it or bring it back from the shop in a brown paper bag.
  12. ptdc


  13. I have a life outside the forums, it's called IRC.
  14. The Darkness' new one reminds me of Queen's Somebody to Love and Queen in general. Hmmm..... Bells End is a little too much like bell end It's great!
  15. Careful, you don't want to give him a heart attack. Btw, you're looking good for 86.
  16. Graphical calculators are the best. You can write boobies and then below it draw a picture of some boobies.
  17. Yes. Yes we do. I would have chosen biggest twat, but I've never met you.
  18. I have sig images turned off, back of the net!
  19. I would hope he'd use a minigun at the very least.
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