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  1. ^ has a peculiar unidentifiable odour. < Is tired. V Is a tyre.
  2. ptdc

    A Rant on OS's

    I don't mind linux but I hate it when people try to recommend it by just bad mouthing windows. As for windows, I think microsoft should spend more time making consoles, they're much better at it
  3. I uninstalled linux to make more space for my windows stuff, but I haven't got round to uninstalling lilo yet so I have to sit and watch my pc boot every time.Fun.
  4. He probably has a winmodem, blurgh .
  5. ^ Doesn't know < Doesn't want to know V Will never know
  6. ^ Isn't very good at describing things. < Has a creature of epic proportions *raises eyebrows suggestively* V Is human, allegedly.
  7. ^ Is deluded. < Is closer to an Anti Saint. V Starred in hit tv series The Saint.
  8. ^ Is incapable of coherent thought. < Has more ideas than he knows what to do with. V Is a figment of your imagination.
  9. ptdc


    Unless it was reopened then he didn't and you thought wrong ¬¬
  10. ptdc


    No, that's a gimpette.
  11. My advice would be to write a rough storyline first, try to flesh out as much of the story as you can early on. My second piece of advice is try and get some people to help you. I'm trying to make an adventure game on my own and it's driving me nuts!
  12. ptdc


    Gimpet is a perfectly cromulent word.
  13. ^ What arr YOu lookinhg at???? < Wishes he was drunk because then he'd have an excuse. V Will be adding yet more length to this thread.
  14. ^Is a stinking liar. < Never lies. Except when he does. V Wants the truth, but CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH!
  15. This map thingy is a terrorists delight. Now I know exactly where to send my cruise missiles
  16. I've heard of it but I haven't tried it, but all operating systems crash, some more often than others
  17. ^ Has just finished reading spot the dog. < Has spotted a pattern. V Henceforth shall be known as shorty greasy spot spot.
  18. ^ Uhm, correct what droogy. I wonder what other chellovecks vidied the film the other night. < Is peeting some moloko plus to sharpen him up for a night of ultra violence. V Can't make up his razoodocks what to shazat.
  19. I've seen spiffy in the game. My computer exploded shortly after. No I can't prove it, leave me alone!!!!!!
  20. ptdc

    Sludge 3.31

    I think sludge is ok, but it should be free. I managed to make a small 'game' with it a while ago. I'm interested to see if the help file has improved at all.
  21. They do what with bread now??!!
  22. The latest version uses windows. I'm going to take a look at it because it looks more finished than Sludge. The only problem is I'll have to convert my .tga pictures to .pcx, yuck.
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