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    No, you look like a forum glitch.
  2. I'm British you insensitive clod. Oh ****, wrong site.
  3. For the love of cod and all his little fish fingers, no.
  4. That bicycle man would soon have an accident and be split in two. Ooh, nasty.
  5. 'ere, that's not fair, ranting about me where I'll never look, except I did, oh ****. Don't dally too long young frodo, or your ring may become rusty! jgfjghyguyghyhfcrfgfhvhgv
  6. Hmm. Crazy. I nearly went deaf earlier, I went to a sealed knot civil war (English) reenactment and stood fairly close to one of their cannons. Luckily alcohol dulled my senses a little
  7. Interesting. So it would appear that this is the least popular place to increase ones post count
  8. That went gold a few days ago didn't it? I still think it's going to be little more than a tech demo for the engine.
  9. No, because they're all cretins really.
  10. DrMcCoy lives with 10 cats and smells of wee.
  11. Dr Edison 007 still has a stupid name.
  12. Dr Edison 007 has a stupid name.
  13. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.
  14. Awww... is it an I love everyone in THAT way shrine?
  15. Dr Edison 007's name features both numbers AND letters. It would probably make a good password.
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