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    I'd like a 3D adventure with a 2d like interface. Keyboard control doesn't feel right for adventures. On the bright side as computer graphics get better and better the atmosphere achieved in 3d adventures will hopefully approach and exceed that achieved in traditional 2d adventures.
  2. Hey, we all need money. I doubt we could even afford the chains
  3. Um... at least it's short I suppose.
  4. So far I've only mucked about a little with AGS, but I think I'll have a go with SLUDGE. Perhaps I should start soon seeing as I'm supposed to be making a game...
  5. It's like the site yet unlike the site. I'm confused.
  6. Hehe, that's just a placeholder in hindsight perhaps I should have made it say something like Hello, World! The actual site may be up soon or at least a less insulting placeholder
  7. Assuming of course that the moon exists. ¬
  8. The clangers were there first!
  9. ^ Is paranoid. < Is not paranoid since the whole world is against me. V Works for the shadow government.
  10. ptdc


    I haven't seen it but the trailer at the cinema scared me.
  11. I think the only piece of hardware I would buy that had been fiddled with by microsoft would be an Xbox. Unfortunately the way things are going an action adventure is far more likely to be released on the Xbox than a 'traditional' adventure.
  12. 99.999999... % of conspiracy theories are absolute crap, such as this one. The trouble is that because most of them are crap the one theory that might be true is dismissed as crap.
  13. It's hard to get an idea of scale and distance in these pictures, the mountains look like hills, but they are probably VERY big. Therefore it would be hard to detect a small change in the location of the camera.
  14. ^ The secret of comedy is < Very funny. To look at V timing.
  15. As a concerned parent I will be enforcing these policies in my house immediately
  16. I don't have much experience with this but I have a few ideas. Obviously it would be very difficult to just figure out all the puzzles in a game in one go. I think it would be best to start with just a story and gradually work puzzles into it, and then tweak it as you go along. I think you should try to keep the total number of items in a game down, and make sure the puzzles aren't too cryptic.
  17. "I ate a baby... I want my baby back, baby back, baby back ribs!"
  18. I like it, but when I first saw it I got all confused and nearly ran out of my room gibbering like a kerazy person.
  19. The only ads that bother me are popups or popunders, because they're so intrusive. Luckily you can get software to deal with them and normal ads too.
  20. FSAA makes everything in EMI look pre-rendered.
  21. Don't talk about yoko ono's breasts. Talk about someone elses.
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