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  1. With a large stick? And shouldn't it be Adventure Developers love you, rather than loves. Pfft.
  2. In the sense that it hasn't really started up properly but has been just around the corner for ages, I guess it has failed.
  3. Does that have the same effect as licking toads?
  4. Go away and don't come back.Nobody likes you here and I can't imagine that anybody likes you on any of the other forums. Can't you take a hint to just leave everybody alone?
  5. ptdc


    :burn1: This flamey enough for you? You stupid assclown!
  6. That really didn't take a lot of work did it?
  7. This place is rather dead and in an attempt to liven it up I suggest that we talk about random stuff, anything apart from adventure developing should do it. Any thoughts?
  8. I hope the new AD isn't as dark and depressing as the current one Plus it better have plenty of fibre. Oh and MAKE IT WORK! MAKE IT WORK/fixitfixitfixitfixit
  9. If you're lucky, and if you're not it'll be 50 or 60 minutes.
  10. I can't get it in my area and now scabb you shall die!
  11. If I could afford modem life insurance I could afford broadband.
  12. What are you talking about? The best type of adventures are text adventures!
  13. Purple tentacle is the best and you know it!
  14. I'm not sure if this is the right place or time to ask for this but anyway, here goes. *puts on sad face and quivers lip* Earlier this year I was briefly hosted on AD for a while before it went all screwy. My site was never properly up because of all the problems that are plaguing AD. I've started working on my game again and hopefully I will soon start to work on my site again. I have also started to work on some LEC related stuff that will go on my site (Guitar Tabs, fan art etc). I'm not sure that my site will ever get back on AD or if I'll be allowed to put all that other stuff on my site so is there any chance that it could be hosted on mojo? I'd promise to update it regularly, I'm fully house trained and I'm guaranteed not to invoke the wrath of LEC legal. You have nothing to lose but your sanity
  15. This topic is much better than the actual topic.
  16. ptdc


    Even when you're leaving you're causing pointless posts. Don't come back!
  17. The advantage to learning musical theory is that you aren't just restricted to guitar tabs or music for the guitar. I can read music and play it on the guitar but at the moment I have to write it down in tab form first rather than sight read it.
  18. Perhaps you should tighten your nuts.
  19. Anybody ever tried a fretless bass or guitar? I've heard it's fiendishly difficult because you have to put your fingers exactly where the frets would be rather than in between them. I've found out something interesting while looking at some guitar/bass sites. The guitar sites tend to mainly have tabs and little or no music theory or technique, but the bass sites tend to have a lot of music theory aswell. Perhaps more bassists want to be serious musicians? I know there a lot of people who want to learn to play a few songs on guitar just to show off. I found that once I started to learn a little music theory I started to play better.
  20. I'm the sanest I've ever been in my life. I'm not going to go into the myriad reasons why I hated EMI.
  21. 'Carl Shutt' Shut up. When I think now I can remember the bass but it's just sticks out less than the normal guitar parts. I think it's just the frequency rather than the volume.I do notice I just have a screwy memory. From what little I've heard of tool there are bass solos... well more duets with the normal guitar. Will wonders never cease? A RH fan who doesn't have his head up their arses or his lips firmly planted on their buttcheeks. Well maybe a little unfair but anyway...
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