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  1. I dislike a wide variety of modern bands. It would probably be easier to say what I don't like rather than what I do like. I don't really have very strongly fixed taste in music, I like a variety of bands/artists over a broad period of time. So here goes. Joe Satriani Steve Vai *shock* Both basically play just extended solos but I don't care... Soundgarden - yes they don't even exist anymore but they're still great and if I remember now the bass part is prominent in a lot of their songs. Tool - though I haven't heard much of their stuff Metallica Foo Fighters - only some of their stuff If I thought for a bit longer I could probably come up with some more. It's easier for me to say if I dislike something that if I like something.
  2. Good idea!.... "Site is mainly done.... will be up in a few weeks...." - Somebody ¬¬
  3. I'm sure LEC could organise a bloody beating. They'll send out a team of Ninja Lawyers right away!
  4. I am not using modern bands to strengthen my argument. If you have had the misfortune of hearing any of the crap floating about these days you will release that solos are not currently 'in'. If you had been paying attention instead of listening to such bands and talking out of your arse hole you would have noticed that I don't like the aforementioned types of band. As for bass, I was not saying that bass should be in the background or that bassists should be sidelined I was simply observing that they are, fair or not. I was not saying that every song should have a solo but that a solo can make a good song great or uplift a lifeless dirge. Again, I wasn't saying that bassists shouldn't get solos I was saying that I haven't heard any. Perhaps you should learn to read properly or at least more carefully and "pay more attention" before sounding off. Don't be so ****ing defensive. As for Radiohead, perhaps I'd listen If I had a sudden urge to commit suicide. Oh and unfortunately when referring to new metal it's nu I'd worry less about the nu and more the fact that they think they can call it metal.
  5. Ok.. ok... It's the crappest game I've ever played.
  6. That's the second worst indigestion I've ever had!
  7. I may have issues but none have them have surfaced here. 'Normal' society has issues. I'm the only sane one blah blah. Well I may be a little unhinged but at least my musical tastes have not been impaired.
  8. Slick website If a little hard to navigate. I'll tell you what I think of the game once I download it.
  9. You just can't admit when you're wrong can you?
  10. ^ Is an idiot who has no personality and an annoying signature. < Doesn't need a signature. V Will have a better signature than Andrei
  11. There are a lot of forums but you definitely don't have that much to say. Or at least nothing that anybody wants to hear. Plus your signature is still too annoying
  12. Manatee mass suicide you mean? Don't fear the reaper little manatees.
  13. I don't have a signature because I don't have an original thought in my head at the moment.
  14. It's ultra concise, ironic and people don't mind reading nothing.
  15. A lot of people have copied my signature
  17. You are the idiot. Music can be made with only one instrument. There is nothing wrong with a good skillfully played solo. Most of the popular bands today have no interest in music whatsoever. Playing boring repetitive songs with a handful of power chords, either an idiot screeching some intelligible words down the mike or a prepubescent oik squealing some psuedopunk bollocks. All gimmick laden ####e . People like you are responsible for the declining quality of music. I bet you buy 'nu metal' 'nu punk' or whatever 'nu' rectal scrapings are being pushed onto the idiotic public as music these days.
  18. Inconsiderate terrorists. If they wanted to listen it would be different, perhaps they'd blow people up to get Weezer on the radio.
  19. Heartless... yes... ... there is nothing I enjoy more when I'm out in my powerboat than aiming at poor defensless manatees MWA HA HA HA
  20. Pointing and clicking is my favourite part of adventure games!
  21. EMI is the second crappest game I've ever played.
  22. Your annoying signature is just beaten by your annoying personality(?!). You are more annoying than a trouser full of hungry ants. Size doesn't matter (For signatures and genitals To badly misquote Blackadder "Horses are well endowed but that doesn't make them sensitive lovers." A signature should be concise, witty if possible and say something people want to read.
  23. Well I think the HIGHLIGHT *nudge nudge* of the article was at the VERY END *wink wink*. Plus, holding hands? This is moving very quickly.
  24. Oh. I. See... Well that was a little careless. Can't they tell how seriously we take such matters?
  25. Why do manatees have a lethal fixation with boat propellers?
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