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    I know mine is especially legal.
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    This copy of photoshop legal is it ?
  3. In a week or two I'm going to start work on my first game single handedly and without an idea in my head or a penny in my pocket. I've found PCFormat DVDs to be a good source of older versions of commercial software (such as Cinema 4d and Poser), but the range is a bit limited. Can anybody recommend freeware versions of the following? Image Editor (Up to PSP standard), 3d Modeller/Renderer, Audio Editing Package. Ideally I'd like something like painter but free, and no I don't mean a cracked version
  4. *Sigh* If only there were more hours in the day and I didn't have 9 AS level exams in the next two weeks. AIEEEEEEEEEEEEE!
  5. I'm making a game or rather will be, I have some space setup here but production is halted till after I've done my AS exams and found painter classic (for it has been stolen). Perhaps you could drop leaflets from a plane over third world countries. Or phone chatshows/phone-ins plug plug plug and swear a bit then hang up
  6. If it sucks then by posting on this thread you suck by association.
  7. Do you want your money now or later?
  8. The complete lack of activity in the adventure developing world is starting to concern me. Has everybody lost interest or is this just a quiet patch?
  9. Sarcasm makes me hungry.... ... hungry for blood!
  10. Pimp eh? Finally a sure way for mojo to make money! <gratuitous blackadder quote> Why walk all the way to London when you can make a fortune lying on your back? </gratuitous blackadder quote>
  11. Awww but dark and nasty games can be fun, but I get your point. GC is better for arcade like quick fixes.
  12. Hmmm this isn't one of those shady pyramid schemes I've heard about? Or is it a trapezium scheme?
  13. They don't suck and I like some cutesy games. I just enjoy a well balanced diet of graphical styles and I'd like something dark and foreboding for once.
  14. I haven't really been following these things, but are there going to be any 'serious' games for the GC , i.e. not cutesy?
  15. Now was that sarcasm, cynicism or both?
  16. I may have many problems, but sticking ants down my pants is not one of them!
  17. Woooooooo! Way to type some words! Yeaahhhhhh!
  18. I wasn't advocating putting links up, this isn't the place. It could land the people posting it and mojo in hot water. I was just saying that I can understand it. Perhaps if it's a proper CD you could send it back to LEC and they might send you a new one. Probably not though
  19. I can understand why people are tempted to download less easily available LEC titles. Sure they might be available from the company store, but the store helpfully only ships to the US, due to agreements with their distributors. Most of these only distribute the very latest games (and these can be hard to find). The lucas money making machine couldn't care less.
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    The popups remind me of some sleazy porn or warez site, not that I frequent such places...
  21. I don't have first hand experience of the sensation but I can imagine it would be incredible irritating.
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