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  1. Everybody hates Jar Jar because he is more irritating than having your underwear filled with hungry ants.
  2. Hilarious and irrelevant.
  3. Obi-Wanx! Wey-hey geddit! Awww, come on. Obi-wanx sounds almost exactly like Obi Wanks!
  4. ptdc


    Well, here goes... I've just started out on the long road of adventure game development and started to plan my first adventure game. The problem is I've got an appalling host so I haven't started to build my website. You've probably guessed by now that I'm asking/begging (delete as you feel appropriate) for some hosting. I would have used the hosting form but it's *cough* broken and my email seems to have packed in. PTDC P.S. Please P.P.S Pretty Please
  5. I don't think you're supposed to think about this sort of thing. It just is.
  6. The colour isn't bad. It has a nice calming effect. If I wasn't calmed I'd be forced to use very bad language and start threatening to kill everyone. One last thing, I hope you don't think this site is pink like a lot of colourblind people around here...
  7. Hmmm, that's odd, the word censor thingy censored part of a perfectly innocent word! What was this thread about anyway?
  8. I'm sorry It's just I traded the English language for a mule and a handful of magic beans in 19****ety2. I'll be good
  9. Well at least we speak a language named after our country!
  10. Life isn't fair. Nothing is fair! Sometimes I'm amazed at the speed life passes me by. I wonder why all the arseholes go furthest in life and then I realise they must be lighting their own farts.
  11. What I don't like is that there isn't a clear continuation of the story line between the end of MI2 and the start of CMI. The Intro is fine it just doesn't gel with the previous games.
  12. Sometimes I just like to play CMI and EMI with the voices turned off, and do the voices myself for my own enjoyment.
  13. At least we speak our own original language!!!!!
  14. How did this thread get to golden axe? Lets talk about The great war. Wasn't it great eh? Could'nt have asked for better war. So Great.
  15. You know that pretty soon all DVDs will be replaced by these little cube shaped crystals and that the Game manual will be beamed straight into your mind.
  16. Tedious is nearer the mark.
  17. I bet golden axe didn't come in a DVD case.
  18. DVD cases are easier to store and damage less easily. Boxes burn more readily. So you leave me no choice other than to set your boxes alight and burn your house down!
  19. Dominic Armato is the spawn of Beelzebub!
  20. I didn't think MI4 was bad until I completed it and sat and thought about it. They should sell the license to Ron Gilbert for MI5.
  21. Save the trees man! Seems like you're living for the box! Simplify man!
  22. If MI5 will be as bad as MI4 I hope they don't bother.
  23. The end of MI2 was fine I think it was the start of CMI that sucked!
  24. I blame people like loyd grossman (note wrongly spelt lloyd!)
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