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  1. There hasn't been a wheel in a Lucasarts game for yonks, so your argument is invalid. Up with DVD boxes!!!!!!
  2. You too can live forever with the power of magnets!
  3. I tried it and it worked as you said. DOTT works perfectly but SNM doesn't have voices. The only change I had to make for the DVD packaged version was to change the path in the .BAT file. thanks for your help PTDC
  4. thanks I'll try it and get back to you PTDC
  5. A few weeks ago I got the Sam and max/ Day of the Tentacle DVD packaged bundle and I've tried to no avail to make it work with windows XP. Sam and max works without sound or music, and DOTT crashes straight after that swirly bit at the start. Can anybody help? thanks PTDC
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