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  1. I'm shaking, I'm shaking.
  2. Yeah. That's probably right. Still... is Damn Fine better that Double Fine, and can anybody find any instances of Ultrafine?
  3. Yeah, but it'll be inferior. It won't even be semifine. It'll be coarse on yours eyes, like sand.
  4. The other day I was in the kitchen for some reason and as I was cooking my speciality, beans on toast a tin next to the oven caught my attention. It was a tin of Colman's Mustard powder and here's what I read "Double Superfine Powder". Not just fine, not just double fine, but double super fine. Perhaps if Double Fine had used some of this they'd still have a publishing deal.
  5. Sure, have another irritating award thing. What about another poll? Everybody loves those.
  6. I might not vote, because I can't really see a party that I'd like in power. I think we should seize power
  7. I think it's time to prune Bush!
  8. Any particular type of unix? Also, see if it has nano installed, though if your main gripe with pico is that it's text based then I don't think it'll help. Errr, I just found out that nano is a clone of pico, so forget that. Anyway, what's wrong with it?
  9. Ahhh, I see. I need to get a DVD writer/rewriter/+-whatever sometime.
  10. Er, some sort of hilarious photoshopping competition where everybody produces a different picture from one original.
  11. Why do you need 5 computers?
  12. Who is Tim anyway? A sorcerer?
  13. Well it's a sad fact that children are being taught not to learn things that might actually help them at some stage in their lives or careers, but to pass tests.
  14. You could call it cancelled games, but I think Lucasarts already have their eye on that.
  15. What's your favorite book? Lord of the Rings Why? It was good once I'd got into it and, and, I don't know. Who is your favorite author? Terry Pratchett Why? He (sometimes) writes good books. He is alive. I have a signed Terry Pratchett book. The end. What do you think of school literary programs? Well when I was in school I felt I was being forced to read books, and then being made to overanalyse them to take out any fun that had left in them. And what's the book you'd recommend to a non-reader? Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials Trilogy.
  16. Ah go on, I bet your real voice is like Mrs Doyle from Father Ted.
  17. Watch out! Gabez is on the prowl again!
  18. Wha??? Buh??? Wha??? Eh???? Now my brain hurts
  20. 20. Where are the linux versions of your games? What? Why are you laughing? :~~~~(
  21. This is just a sneaky way to steal ideas isn't it? Are you going to put them into some idea processing machine to generate incredible amounts of power so that you can live forever? ARE YOU? ARE YOU?
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