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  1. Is your avatar supposed to be the FreeBSD mascot?
  2. Will somebody please think of my retinas?
  3. By the time it's released longhorn will be looking a bit long in the tooth eh? BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
  4. I have sensitive retinas
  5. I'm sure the Benevolent Fund for Winged Monkey Beasts really needs the money. Everybody needs PCs, nobody needs windows pcs. YOU'RE ALL SOFT IN THE HEAD!
  6. You have no soul scabb, no soul.
  7. Proof of what, and what are we talking about again?
  8. I'm going to email as soon as I can be bothered, which may be never.
  9. Are you feeling alright, you look a little green. It must be all that money that's filling the hole where your soul once was. Capitalist bastard!
  10. You're wrong in so many ways and also SICK!
  11. I don't think they're as bad as the people who post far too much. You know who you are. ¬¬
  12. Yeah, huz told me that one. Is my face red?
  13. Outlook? Shame on you. SHAME!
  14. I can see that is the case, judging by the amount of people who don't pay for windows. You capitalist swine!
  15. I point you towards http://www.openoffice.org/ and rest my case.
  16. How do you sleep at night? Why don't you use ms office to complete the effect? Oh you do do you? FILTH!
  17. OS: Slackware 9.1 Desktop/Window manager: Gnome Browser: Mozilla Firefox Mail Client: Mozilla Thunderbird IM client: Gaim IRC Client: Xchat ftp client: the command line one, ftp media player: xmms dvd player: mplayer image viewer: gthumb text editor: vi/gedit vector drawing: inkscape image editor: gimp 2.0 livejournal client: drivel file sharing: overnet + ed2k_gui 3d modeller/renderer: blender+yafray C++ IDE: anjuta I prefer tar + gzip to tar + bzip2 because I can just type tar -xzvf blah.tar.gz.
  18. I bet they're the same type of people who drive around schools offering children sweeties and a lift. Then they walk around with their hands too far in their pockets dribbling at everybody.
  19. NOT! Wait, perhaps I should have read the other thread. Ahh, this is just like slashdot.
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