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    I'm impatient, and like RP's where people respond quickly....but I'm nice! :)
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    hhhmmm....where do I live?...I
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    I like RP's, and well Star Wars.... I dont have much more of a life.
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    To try not to think to hard, it hurts when I think!
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    All of them! :)

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  1. Um, uh, no, this is a message board, not your PM box. I didn't even know you still existed, at least on here. Good to see you!

  2. Oh, hey there! Just got a message that my PM box is overfilled, so just figuring out how to download them into text files. Hope sending this one doesn't break LF!

  3. Jasra!!!?? JASRA!!!!???? (O_O)

  4. Sure, I wouldn't mind. But why not just rustle everyone up from the previous one and keep going with that one?

  5. Any chance you might be interested in joining another RP based on Old Man logan?

  6. Don't give up, we will post, I guarantee it! - (Remitted)

  7. Lol, indeed. I would definitely simulate Kallic, hands-down. Speaking of which, I really need to make a post in PK's RP.

  8. If that's the case, I'm definitely going to play an asari. I've always wanted to, and if it's possible, I'd even love to be an Ardat-Yakshi like Morinth. It would also be nice to rampage as a krogan on my male-character playthrough - or a salarian. "Hi there" would come out as "Greetings. I really must be going. Not much time. Speak quickly. Have much to do."

  9. Bioware has mentioned going back to the roots and main precedence, or purpose of the first ME game, which was to explore and customize, and see the galaxy, etc.


    They're also taking major queues from DA:I, so there will most likely be exactly what they're talking about; and like with DA:I it's more than likely that you'll be able to choose from multiple races.

  10. I may be the last gamer in the world who doesn't own a console. As for the next Mass Effect game, I hope you get to play as another race other than human. I know that would take a lot more work, but it doesn't seem fair to have the aliens be only NPC's in a game world where they're so prevalent.

  11. It looks interesting, very classic style RPG element game, new to me though, so I don't know if I'll get it or play it right away. More looking forward to Overwatch. Though ultimately the only game I'm really ACTUALLY looking into getting and playing is the next Mass Effect game, I'm a little disenchanted with most of the games coming out for the newer consoles, though I'd like to get DW 8 Empires, can't check if it's sold in a hardcopy right now or not, at the moment though.

  12. I haven't played the older Fallout games - will have to check them out. Are you going to play Pillars of Eternity when it comes out?

  13. Ehhh, not that come off the top of my head. I could name some if given time. Ever tried the older Fallout games? Like Fallout 1 2, and Tactics? Eeeeeehhhh, there's not many more I can think of at the moment, but that's mostly because I play more than just RPG's. Though I do love RPG's.

  14. Have you found any RPG's that have caught you hook, line and sinker in the past month - and that people with older computers can play? Mine is a 2008 model and can't handle Dragon Age: Inquisition.

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