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  1. Mmm, I see someone is still trying, despite how dead this forum may be/seem. I will join, but I don't suspect many more will, unfortunately, but you never know. However, I would like to ask the extent of the "Fantasy Races" that are allowed, or is it pretty much free game? Don't want to reach too far and come out with something...Overdone, I guess would be the best word. Also, yes, I'm still alive. I just lurk around like an old crocodile.
  2. Um, uh, no, this is a message board, not your PM box. I didn't even know you still existed, at least on here. Good to see you!

  3. Jasra!!!?? JASRA!!!!???? (O_O)

  4. I just threw down the old character sheets from the first one, tell me if anything needs to be changed or updated. Name: Bill or "Simon Walters" Hero Name: Beta Ray Bill Age: Unspecified Gender: Male Appearance: Profile Shot; Action Shot Personality: Noble and benevolent, kind and humble, merciful and wise, fierce and loyal, Beta Ray Bill is almost the exact embodiment of Thor, what he was, the way he was, and the ideals he held. Beta Ray Bill is only different in that he has suffered different trials and learned different lessons than that of his Asgardian 'Oath Brother', giving him a different aspect on how things are, and the way things work, leaving him with a cooler, less brash head and a somewhat less willing nature to fight simply for the sake of fighting as Thor was known for. This leaves him seeming far more introspective than his Asgardian counterpart. Powers: All the capabilities and powers of Thor as far as his knowledge lets him go in using said powers. Immense strength and stamina even outside of his 'god-form'; a product of both his species - the Korbinites - and being an advanced cybernetic being created by said species. Skills: Martial and weapon expertise granted by his time spent in gladiatorial fights before he was given his powers, as well as leadership and teaching skills granted by his many experiences throughout the decades. Affiliation: Good History: Nothing can be said that isn't already known about Beta Ray Bill; he's an alien being known as a Korbinite, and cybernetic by their design, as well as one of the few beings in existence capable of wielding Mjolnir, Thor's hammer. Granted his own great and powerful Asgardian weapon/relic "Stormbreaker", Beta Ray Bill is the equal of Thor in many respects. To the unfortunate dismay of Beta Ray Bill, he was not there to aid Thor during the superhero massacre decades ago, as he'd been out in the far reaches of the galaxy alongside The Annihilators, a band of intergalactic heroes devoted to stopping cosmic threats, though only as a "last resort". In fact, the Korbinite warrior knows little about what has happened on Earth for the last few decades, only that 'Stormbreaker' has sensed something has happened to both Thor and Mjolnir, and his brother-in-arms and fellow Annihilator, Silver Surfer, has disappeared after he returned to Earth years ago. Currently Beta Ray Bill is just on the outer fringes of the Sol system heading towards Earth in his ship, 'Skuttlebutt' finally unable to keep himself from being drawn back by his curiosity and concern, as well as 'Stormbreaker's' feint hints and revelations. Equipment: 'Stormbreaker'; Asgardian Armor ____________________ Name: Wade Wilson Hero Name: Deadpool - 'The Merc With A Mouth' Age: Roughly 100 Gender: Male Appearance: Profile Shot; Action Shot Personality: Completely Insane!!! Powers: Highly advanced regenerative abilities, so-much-so as to be able to survive normally fatal wounds. Skills: A master skilled in martial & weapon arts, the use of explosives and firearms, stealth and espionage, linguistics; 'As well as the finer points of humor and satire!' Affiliation: Sometimes Good, Sometimes Bad; Whatever he feels like usually, though in the past before the purge he was making an effort to be a "Good Guy" History: Shortly before the superhero massacre, Deadpool was approached by the Red Skull himself with an offer to join the villains (a rather hefty sum of money included in said offer) believing the mercenary's loyalty could be bought away from the heroes, yet to everyone's surprise, he declined. During the purge Deadpool was indecisive in his actions - mostly staying out of the conflicts that arose, only to be attacked by villains sent against him for fear of him joining the heroes and aiding them. The 'Merc With A Mouth' survived his attempted assassination and shortly thereafter disappeared. It was nearly twenty years later until Deadpool resurfaced, only, time hadn't been kind to his already twisted and fragile psyche, the Mercenary-Mutate seemed unstable, even beyond his own natural instability, as if something had driven him so far beyond the edge that nothing could be conjured in the twisted mass that is Deadpool's mind to help anchor his thoughts in any cohesive manner. This surfacing was only brief, Deadpool quickly vanished once more. It's been forty years, and two very short paragraphs, the mercenary once again has resurfaced, surprisingly, with all his faculties intact (as far as intact goes for Deadpool that is), as if his time going unbeknownst and unseen has helped to recover his former mindset. Yet Deadpool seems intent on some unknown goal, seeking some kind of ulterior revenge against some unknown entity. His first goal: "Turn Traitor!" Equipment: Two Katanas; Three Pistols - two .38-Special N.O.M.A.D.s, and one Custom 'Warcannon' Mark VII, fires .460 SW Mag. rounds; Flashbangs, handgrenades, 'circular saw-blades', 'and bear traps!!!'; combat knife; One Stockless Shotgun; Two Sais; Limited range teleporter
  5. So I said I'd join, but what are my restrictions? Am I not allowed to be Beta Ray Bill and/or Deadpool again? And obviously I'll bring my OC back in (not that I ever got him approved or posted as him previously). Hopefully I can be all the characters I was from the previous one, as I'm probably going to be more inclined to be posting as Beta Ray Bill more than anything, as my OC is relatively quiet. And Deadpool is just....Deadpool. So I want to RP with him!
  6. Sure, I wouldn't mind. But why not just rustle everyone up from the previous one and keep going with that one?

  7. Don't give up, we will post, I guarantee it! - (Remitted)

  8. Lol, indeed. I would definitely simulate Kallic, hands-down. Speaking of which, I really need to make a post in PK's RP.

  9. Bioware has mentioned going back to the roots and main precedence, or purpose of the first ME game, which was to explore and customize, and see the galaxy, etc.


    They're also taking major queues from DA:I, so there will most likely be exactly what they're talking about; and like with DA:I it's more than likely that you'll be able to choose from multiple races.

  10. It looks interesting, very classic style RPG element game, new to me though, so I don't know if I'll get it or play it right away. More looking forward to Overwatch. Though ultimately the only game I'm really ACTUALLY looking into getting and playing is the next Mass Effect game, I'm a little disenchanted with most of the games coming out for the newer consoles, though I'd like to get DW 8 Empires, can't check if it's sold in a hardcopy right now or not, at the moment though.

  11. Ehhh, not that come off the top of my head. I could name some if given time. Ever tried the older Fallout games? Like Fallout 1 2, and Tactics? Eeeeeehhhh, there's not many more I can think of at the moment, but that's mostly because I play more than just RPG's. Though I do love RPG's.

  12. Uhm, sure, I'm up for chatting anytime. Don't gotta beat around the bush with me, I'm not exactly that kind of person anyways, don't like it, seems too disingenuous.

  13. Gooooood....How are you? (You want something, I can tell.)

  14. We're all busy Sky, but that's life. Stick around, as slow as it's going, the RP is moving along, and it's looking to be a really good one. (I seriously need to post though, lol, I'm just glad PK is patient with me.)


    Interesting that PK knew how to get in contact with you outside of LF, then again, I could do the same with at least two others on the forums as well, so, meh. Lol.

  15. ((Indeed. I'll be posting soon, don't worry. Last week was....Occupying. Ah man PK! Don't go taking away the only two viable LI's Kallic would even be remotely attracted to now, man! Lol!))
  16. Lol, ok ok, just making sure.

  17. Ah, Sky, I didn't know you were a Mass Effect fan? Don't disappoint now, my obsession with ME canon runs deep, lol! Not that I have a say, I'm not the TM.
  18. Sky, it's been a long time. When and why did you show up all the sudden? Lol, not that it's a problem, just curious. Good to see you back at least. :whtsmile:

  19. Alright, good, just checking. Didn't want you holding off because of me or anything. Also: Fhaleen'a is dangling from the ceiling (in one of the ship corridors) with a huge piece of the ship's superstructure protruding from her torso, I don't think Qui'in can cradle her face, not without yanking her impaled body down, lol.

  20. You know you can post/progress things, you don't have to wait just because I said I'd edit in Pen'Lei's intro, lol.

  21. Shaking, shuddering - running, panting, unsteady feet carrying down one of the ship's corridors as the tremulous turbulence continued to grow more and more violent. Kallic and a small group of others were making their way toward the main hold, but running only made the going that much more difficult, swaying and colliding with the walls, occasionally tripping, stumbling, even falling. Kallic, a Salarian STG Captain, was somewhat more surefooted than the others, but was slowed as he made every effort to urge the others on and help them. 'Krrroommmm', was the loud reverberating sound that traveled through the ship as it came to a sudden and volatile stop, paneling hurtling from the walls, floor buckling, metal and hard plastic shrapnel flying everywhere! 'Thunk!' Blackness. Muffled - whirring, sputtering, sparking, a groan, a slow shake of the head, a blurred object coming into view, a.....Face. Asari, crew, eyes wide open, unblinking, flesh torn and shredded, flayed off her very face, shards of metal and industrial polymers protruding from her visage. Kallic paused, his lips thinned to a flat line, letting out a quick exhale through his olfactory organs. Ponderously Kallic pushed himself up, finally standing, he searched for the others. Down a ways he found one of them, crew, laying on his side up against a wall. Kallic's brows furrowed, the common round taper of the human head was replaced by that of a sudden flat shear at the back. Kallic was thankful, however, that at his vantage he couldn't see the actual indention, simply a silhouette, blood pooling underneath his face. A tap, on the head, his thoughts interrupted, another. Kallic stepped back, looking up, his lips slowly creasing downward. And there was the last, a member of the recon team, turian, female, unlike Kallic, still in armor - dangling, no more than a fraction of a space beside her was an indentation. Slammed into the ceiling and brought hurtling back down to the floor, Kallic, by some miracle, had avoided being impaled on protruding superstructure. Looking forward, his face set in stone, he exhaled once more. ____________________ "Status report, Ken!" Kallic stumbled in to the main hold, hearing the Captain gave Kallic some internal relief. "Captain," Kallic steadied himself, arm wrapped around his midsection, holding to his side, giving a surprisingly solid salute before moving towards him and giving Qui'in a more familiar, but still quite out-of-character, pat on the side of the shoulder. Looking over at Mahla, Kallic's lips thinned, brow slowly furrowing, a flash of memory - at least if he concentrated enough he saw flesh on her face. He nodded at her in affirmation, looking back over at Qui'in. "Three, fatalities, two crew, one recon, was Fhaleen'a....Know you were infatuated by her. Sorry, Captain," Kallic reported evenly and professionally. Whether that last fact was true or not was entirely unknown. ((If nobody else posts I'll edit in Pen'Lei's intro, which will be good cause I can get everything set up properly without things getting too far ahead. As for right now, I'm tired, so a break I shall take.))
  22. (( Work, work stinks!!!! I promise I'll be replying, I pwomise!!! Wait.....Did you say embrace yourself? You want our characters to hug themselves??))
  23. No worries, I should be posting either tonight or tomorrow. Edit: Welp, scratch that, I've got work at 1:30 (yes, a.m.), so it's either spend time posting (which wouldn't be a short one either), or get some sleep. I'll post once I've come out of my coma tomorrow after work (and I'm not possibly working out/busy, etc.).
  24. That sounds oddly similar to something me and Cyborg were planning to do with an RP we were making, and it was Mass Effect too.....Weird. Lol. Also, yeah, I noticed it's up, I've just been spending ALL DAY making these two's character sheets, lol!
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