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  1. Taake - Hordaland Doedskvad part 1 A black metal band from Norway. They usely don't name their songs. All their albums are concept albums and the album title is the name for all songs on that album. The vocalist Hoest is amazing and his performance on this album is the best he has ever done. He also has come drunk on stage, forgot lyrics on stage, went on stage in a pants full of holes without wearing underwear (we all know what part of his body eventually fell through a hole) and what the band is most known for, during a gig in Germany Hoest came on stage with a swastika drawn on his chest.
  2. Black Sabbath - Lady Evil Who doesn't know this amazing band known as the first metal band ever. On this album they already dumped Ozzy and got Ronnie James Dio on vocals. Besides amazing Dio is the god of everything metal and thanks to him we got the horns \m/
  3. The Netherlands will be crushed and won't survive.
  4. Offcourse Malak is the strongests from the list. Only I voted Sherruk cause there was a time when I only could beat him with the right party members and than still having to fight like hell.
  5. I will just list some band I like alot. Gorgoroth, Akercocke, Dimmu Borgir, Darkkirchensteuer, Dark Age, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Motörhead, Deströyer 666, The Beatles, Naglfar, Bewitched, Municipal Waste, Behemoth, Belphegor, Deicide, Venom, Throne Of Ahaz, Wolven Ancestry, Celtic Frost, King Diamond, Meads Of Asphodel, Decadence And this list goes on and on and on, so I'll just stop now.
  6. My favorite sitcom is "The Young Ones". It's a British sitcom from the early 80's.
  7. Could somebody also PM the link too me?
  8. I have cried about movies though ATM no movies come to mind. Still I know for sure it did happen.
  9. Some black metal vids recorded in the forest. The songs are great, but the videos could have been better. Darkkirchensteuer - Leb Doch Selber , a German 1 man project by Beafsteak. Trollech - Ve Stinu Starych Dubu , A Czech tree hugging band. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yck6E0ZBK64 Ancient - Lilith's Embrace , multiple metal fans have chosen this has the most ridiculous black metal video.
  10. No, there will only come a Revan and Malak figure.
  11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jIJyjJj6y5g black metal band + death metal drummer + awesome video = Behemoth - Decade of Therion http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ik-xSVyi0Lw Chthonic - Progeny of Rmdax Tasing . A good Asian black metal band with a awesome video
  12. I waited for 15 minutes and the ship still didn't explode so I don't think it is possible.
  13. Gorgoroth - Carving A Giant , What's more grim than a black metal band playing in a dark cave with dead/bleeding people and burning crucifixes? Immortal - Blashyrk (Mighty Ravendark) , A black metal band playing on some mountains, maybe? More good videos will be posted later.
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