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  1. Well, I didn't know anyone else to ask... So thank you very very much, I'll try this! Edit: Thanks again, it works!
  2. I mostly let Mission do the job. I just love this girl, and her method to get out of the cell is quite clever. But I think, except of Jolee and Mission, all the others have a quite boring start..
  3. Now a quite different question: Can anyone tell me how I can make zip-files on a Mac? I heard it's quite easy on a PC, but I have no idea which utillity I need on a Mac. Quite important to me, please anzwer!
  4. Yep, Party-selection does not help at all. Okay, I'll remove all mods now, let's hope that's it..
  5. Since this part of the forum seems to be related to FanFics, I'm not sure if this is the right place for my question, but I didn't find a better one... So, could anyone help me with the textures of Bastila's clothes (that orange Overall) and Yuthura Ban's face? I need them for 3D-FanArt. Thanks. I am going to make this a permanent sticky and will be placed in the Art Gallery subforum. Also I am opening the thread up to ask any Fan Art questions. So if you have a question regarding textures or even down to the best pencil to use for Bastila's face, they can be asked and answered here. Enjoy--JM12
  6. obviously not. Well, to get a tilde in a text or so I have to press [alt]+[n], but this does not work in the game to open the cheat-console. Is there any possibillity to definy a different key for this? Like ^/° for example, which is where you have ~.
  7. Hmm, it's been a while since I played completely mod-free... okay, I'll try this when I reach this scene next time - after this happened three times in a row I deleted all saved games and started a new game, hoping this would make a difference.
  8. party selection menu, okay, I'll keep that in mind. Thank you! Just checked: No, I don't have the ebo_carth.utc file in my override folder. Why do you ask, is that important for this?
  9. I hope it's playable soon.. *eager* By the way, can you also do B'Elanna Torres and Kathryn Janeway?
  10. Hi, there! I don't know if anyone already asked this, i didn't find it. So if there is already a thread like this, please forgive me. This happened about three times in a row: I play normally until the Leviatan-quest. Everythin's fine until I leave the Leviatan and talk to my Partymempers. At the end of this talk, you're supposed to ask all of them, if they still follow you and the question for Carth is missing. I simply can't talk to him. Then, when this chat ends, nothing changes. I can talk to everyone only once, ant the don't tell me anything new, except of Canderous, who says something like "Nothing works, we should find a way out of here!" Well, I'd like to, but I can neither fly to some planet nor leave the ship (when I try this, everything is suddenly black). Other strange things: Juhani dissappeared, the workbench and the hyperdrive vanished, I have three swoops instead of only one and the gizkas were gone as well. I just can run around on the Hawk and do nothing. Does anyone know how I can get out of there or how I can avoid this? Oh, and my brother just told me that it happened to him, too, so it isn't a Mac-phenomenon.
  11. Okay, you can relax: My brother just found the right key-combination. Of course, it's the only one, I didn't try... But thank you for offering your help!
  12. Okay, I don't have the time to start a search now, so if this topic does already exist, please excuse me: I got JA for Mac recently and I would like to use some cheats. My problem is, that I can't open the cheat-mode. I thought, it's the same way as in Star Trek Voyager:Elite Force, because it's the same compny and the same engine (and in the PC-versions it is the same), but it doesn't work. Who can help me?
  13. Still a cheating-problem: I followed the instructions on page one throug library and preferences, but there is no Kinghts-of-the-Old-Republic-folder. And in the KotOR-Folder in programs (where I installed the game) there's no swkotor.ini file. What shall I do now?
  14. What is also funny: If you use one of those different-races-as-PC-mods and walk through for example as a Twi'lek, and everybody calls you "human"... Or, when you dress up comletely as a Jedi with a lightsaber in your hand before you visit Yavin, and Suvam Tan says: "Don't tell me, you're a Jedi, you don't look like it."
  15. @ Ctrl_alt_del: I read this in the German Star Wars- Magazine. Well, that's the problem when a name becomes a title and is suddenly supposed to be much older...
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