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  1. Cyan Fix If all possible l2ash, I have deleted a duplicate post to this one, that is spam, please do not post this or a similar request again in this thread. Sorry but this thread is becomeing quite unwieldly so all uneccisary posts are not allowed here. -RH
  2. Sense Pcgamemods.com is down i can't seem to find the fix to it. If all possible can someone send me the file or can someone remake it possible p.s. For future Reference shem can you add the cyan fix to kotor2files.com?
  3. Appname: Swkotor2.exe Appversion: ModName:Unknown ModVersion : Offset: 000000014 Any Help would be Apprecatied i'v been trying to fix this kink my specs: Manufacturer: INTEL_ Processor: IntelĀ® Core2 CPU 6300 @ 1.86GHz (2 CPUs) Memory: 1006MB RAM Hard Drive: 400 GB Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce 6800 XT Sound Card: SigmaTel Audio Operating System: Windows XP Home Edition (5.1, Build 2600) Service Pack 2 (2600.xpsp_sp2_gdr.070227-2254) and Before i get asked: yes i'm useing a No-cd Crack BUT i have the actual Copy of the Game in my Possession
  4. K i think this is the Right place to post this at Lately i'v been going back and Playing Kotor (1) an been looking around finding the Skin with Bastila Shan with Red.. well auburn hair actually, but i can't seem to find it, i'v tryed googling it.. nothing. Yahoo. ZIP. MSN. Nothing i'v run outa ideas can someone help me out a little bit.. Thank you in advanced
  5. i got a better idea for this, (just for the TSL), after the battle wit (the final Boss) reven appers an dertermining what u pick for "It" Earlier in the game, u know was reven a man/Women was he Light/Dark Side, an under those cercumsatsion, an lets have another Hypothectical Situation "Hypothectical" U are a LightSided Female Jedi Master, u chose reven to be a Darksided Male, an after u beat (Final Boss) Reven show up, an than u an him duke it out. But here is my idea for a even better final battle For reven He has 3x for health than (final Boss) 2x more states than (Final Boss) HAS ALL Force Powers, Feats. 2x More Force than (Final Boss) (Otherwise know as MP, For the Final Fantasy Freaks out there) an heck for the "f" of it Lets add some Voice for reven. (JUST MY SUGGESTION)
  6. NEverMind everyone i fixed the problem, All i had to do was Change the compatibilty mode an it, (Click on tSL.exe (Right Click) Properties, Compatibilty, an change i to Windows 2000)
  7. Alright i Start up a new Game, (No Mods what so ever), I patch the game up, go into the game I click on New Game Make my Character than once i click Start, i hear some fuzzy sound an my game doesn't load up, in fact it load like 25% the way an stop Compleatly (i must add that i am running on Intel Duo 2 Processer Tech) an here is my swinfo.txt [sWKotOR] ReportDateTime=3/24/2007 4:16:20 AM SysInfoVersion=v1.00.60 GameExists=1 GameVersion=v2.10.427 GameInstallLocation=C:\Program Files\LucasArts\SWKotOR2\ [OS] Name=WinXP Version=Windows XP v5.1 build 2600 Service Pack 2 Service Pack=Service Pack 2 Status=Pass [swapFiles] C:\pagefile.sys=1512 [CPU] CPUCount=1 CPUSpeed=1864 CPUFamily=6 CPUModel=15 CPUStepping=6 CPUVendor=Intel CPUName=IntelĀ® Core2 CPU 6300 @ 1.86GHz Status=Pass [Memory] RAM=1008 Status=Pass [Disk Free Space] C: (NTFS), UNICODE=316.27GB Status=Pass [CD-ROMs] DriveLetters=D:\ Drives=TSSTcorp CD/DVDW SH-S182M [Video] Video Card Name=NVIDIA GeForce 6800 XT Video Memory=256 Desktop Resolution=1024x768x32 @ 60Hz DirectX=DirectX 9.0c ( OpenGL Version=2.0.3 OpenGL Vendor=NVIDIA Corporation OpenGL Renderer=GeForce 6800 XT/PCI/SSE2 NVidia Driver= Vid Card Status=Pass Vid Card Driver Status=Pass GL Status=Pass DX Status=Pass [Audio] Sound Card Name=SigmaTel Audio Status=Pass ;Game Options from swkotor2.ini [Display Options] FullScreen=1 Disable Movies=0 Disable Intro Movies=0 Sort Modules=1 Width=640 Height=480 BitsPerPixels=32 RefreshRate=60 [sound Options] Music Volume=85 Voiceover Volume=85 Sound Effects Volume=85 Movie Volume=85 Number 3D Voices=32 Number 2D Voices=32 2D3D Bias=1.00 EAX=0 Sound Init=0 Disable Sound=0 Force Software=0 [Graphics Options] Grass=1 Shadows=1 EnableHardwareMouse=1 FullScreen=1 RefreshRate=0 Width=1024 Height=768 Emitters=1 Anisotropy=1 Frame Buffer=0 Soft Shadows=0 Brightness=57 V-Sync=0 Texture Quality=0 Anti Aliasing=0 [Game Options] Enable Tooltips=0 Keyboard Camera Deceleration=2000.000000 Keyboard Camera Acceleration=500.000000 Keyboard Camera DPS=200.000000 TextureVariation=0 BodyVariation=0 AppearanceType=0 PCGender=0 GameCompleted=0 CurSithLord=0 Hide InGame GUI=0 Use Small Fonts=0 Hide Unequippable=0 Tutorial Popups=0 Subtitles=0 Mini Map=1 Floating Numbers=1 Status Summary=1 Enable Mouse Teleporting To Buttons=1 Mouse Sensitivity=44 Difficulty Level=1 Auto Level Up NPCs=0 Mouse Look=0 AutoSave=1 EnableScreenShot=0 Reverse Mouse Buttons=0 Reverse Ingame YAxis=0 Reverse Minigame YAxis=0 Combat Movement=1 UnlockedPlanetSongs=1 TooltipDelay Sec=1 Disable Movies=0 [config] firstrun=0 [Keymapping] Action286B=8 Action286A=7 Action285B=10 Action285A=9 Action284B=54 Action284A=51 Action283B=54 Action283A=51 Action282B=69 Action282A=73 Action281B=53 Action281A=76 Action280B=69 Action280A=73 Action268=52 Action265=58 Action264=57 Action263=43 Action262=85 Action261=84 Action260=83 Action259=82 Action258=81 Action257=80 Action256=79 Action255=78 Action254=77 Action253=31 Action245=75 Action244=55 Action243=67 Action242=74 Action241=87 Action240=56 Action239=68 Action238=82 Action236=83 Action234=81 Action232=80 Action230=79 Action228=78 Action226=77 Action225=70 Action224=90 Action223=31 Action222=25 Action221=24 Action220=29 Action219=28 Action218=42 Action217=87 Action216=65 Action215=63 Action214=60 Action213=62 Action212=61 Action211=66 Action210=59 Action209=71 Action208=89 Action207=72 Action206=30 Action205=55 Action204=67 [Autopause Options] End Of Combat Round=0 Mine Sighted=0 Enemy Sighted=1 Party Killed=1 Action Menu=0 New Target Selected=1 [Movies Shown] Movie10=0 Movie 9=0 Movie 8=0 Movie 7=0 Movie 6=0 Movie 5=0 Movie 4=0 Movie 3=0 Movie 2=0 Movie 1=0 Movie 0=0
  8. isn't that a violation of a rule of some sort? cause maybe not all of us have seen episode 3 (just a possiblity)
  9. what is refered as "ChatSpeak" Edit: That is chatspeak. Corrected version: "If you need any more specific info just ask." Type out the words thanks. -RH
  10. ahhh ok no this isn't my 1st time installing it (not stached in ne way, clean as a statue) Computer specs: Windows Xp Sp2 Nividia 6800 Geforce Xt 1 Gig of ram Intel Duo 2 Processer (1.28) if u need ne more spec info just ask
  11. uhhhhhhhh, Me so Confused (just kidddie) alright hawke or whatever prefer, ok i'm guess i need to include more info on my part (heck i'm not sure if that what ur (you are or you're) refering to) but the guy with that grayish gotee, can anyone like give me a younger version, like give him a Light brown color to his gotee as well as his head hair Corrected 'chat' word as example. What I am meaning about more info is something like an image, especially for a skin request. Saying this grey bearded guy gives someone very little to go on. -RH
  12. k i jsut installed the game, Patched it (1.0b i think) , got Some Mods in the override, started up TSL.exe Bought up an error, u know saying blah blah blah u wanna send it to windows or not, (i choose not to) we will treat this matter as anonomus an what not can anyone give me some help upon this i tryed reinstalling this Serveral TIMES can ne one give me some help with this
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