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  1. I agree with this. Even though my first run through of the entire Meat Circus level was played for several hours, subsequent play throughs have been easier since I know exactly what to do. Ugh, but man...the first tiem g oing through that section? Whew, I've never felt so frustrated by a game for a long time.
  2. I am at the end of my friggin wits. On the part of the Meat CIrcus level where you have to beat the rising water while your dad throws stuff at you, I can only get as far as the circular grating (some of it is on fire). UPDATE: I FINALLY got through that part. Good lord, I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy
  3. See the problem is I did everything. I inserted the blue crystal I aligned the planets I dusted away the dirt over the lens and put the rod on the loose stone. The crypt comes up and i touch the statue, but when i try to click on the crypt, he will just say "seems like a pretty elaborate setup..." everytime i click the crypt
  4. I think a cool game that would catch on to all of us Mojo fans would be like a Star Wars Galaxies but for Monkey island. Players could choose if they want to either be a merchant or a pirate and other stuff, set in the in the MI world! Battles could be done between two pirate ships on the sea and insult contests (insult swordfighting and other stuff)
  5. Howdy fellow Cocytus adventurers! I have recently discovered a problem i am having with the Dig, it may be a glitch or bug, but one thing for sure its driving me nuts. After getting the statue to come up and touching it (whoops) i can't get onto the crypt to descendf. I try clicking it until my finger gets sore but Low just keeps talking about it, Help please -DOD
  6. LucasArts should have it in a Archives pack or by itself, i got two copies from the LucasArts store
  7. Hello everybody. I had been wondering this for a while, so I present this question to all of ya here at the Mixnmojo forums! If there were to be a Secret of Monkey Island movie, who would you cast? Feel free to cast roles from the other Monkey Island games if you wish! -DOD
  8. Here's my idea for LucasArts Land (modeled after Disneyland) Main Gate/Ticket Booths: the giant monkey head, of course! Main Street: For this, i imagine it would be Puerto Pollo featuring the special attraction, Great Moments With Mr. Lucas. Shops and little restaraunts aplenty (the Barbery Coast would be the main gift store) Fronteirland/Adventureland: the name for this land would be Monkey Island. Attractions are as follows: -Herman Toothrot's Monkey Treehouse -Island Cruise (tour the island! Watch out for the Cannibals!) -Pirates of the Tri-Island Area -Guybrush Threepwood: Temple of the Forbidden Monkey -First Church of LeChuck (Haunted Mansion) -Dinky Island (Tom Sawyer's island) Tomorrowland: this would be Cocytus and Star Wars of course, attractions: -Journey to the Asteroid (Mission to Mars) -Monorail system would be the transportation orbs -Podracers (either Autopia or the stupid Rocket Rods) -Different Star Tours places (Hoth, Naboo, Tatooine, etc) Fantasyland: either El Marrow or Rubacava, attractions: -Bonewagon through the Petrified Forest (Matterhorn) -Manny in the Edge of the World (Alice in Wonderland) -Glottis' Treepump Spin -the train that circles the park would be the Number 9 -Bird's View of Rubacava (Storybook Land) -Its A Four Year Journey (Small World) Those are my ideas, now i really want them to build a park, LoL! Your pal, DOD
  9. I would have to agree, Rubacava is the place to be! Hey that rhymes
  10. Hey Darnn, what is that pic of under your name? Kinda reminds me of the actor who played Dr. Gonzo in Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas -DOD
  11. Personally, I think that The Curse of Monkey Island was the best in the series. Not only did I really enjoy the cel animation, but the jokes were great! My favorite gag is when Guybrush drinks the liquid and everything starts to get...different. "It said it was supposed to cause drowsiness, but i dont feel a thing. In fact I feel........I feel........I feel...........ugh!" -DOD
  12. I would really love to see an animated (CMI style character designs too) of MI 1 and 2 including voices and some orchestrated versions of the original music! -DoD
  13. I think a Monkey Island 5 would be fun to play. If they do, i hope it is in the animated style of CMI and no more Monkey Kombat. I really didnt like that. The best line from EMI? "Its the door to our bedroom, hee hee hee hee!" -DoD
  14. Hey there, Yeah, the DOD was for the Department of Death because I LOVE Grim Fandango. I will try to fix my name to avoid any confusion, sorry! -DoD
  15. Howdy, I think an adventure game spanning the first couple of books from the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy would be great -DOD
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