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  1. Last weak, I downloaded AVol's Jedihoods mod. But I didn't save it on my computer. Then my TSL stop working, so I reinstalled it (stupid as i whas I didn't save any configuration files and stuffs like that, so the mod dissappeared). And now, i can't find the mod! I've search at every possible site i could find...and now I'm asking for help. If someone just know the core number and the filename, then i can get it myself. EDIT: I know this is the request thread of PCGM, and thats WHY I'm puttin' my request here. I read somewhere at this forum that the Jedi hood mod could be found at PCGM, if I had the filename and the core number.
  2. Well, I whas unsure where I should put the thread... but you've got peoples that can move the thread I suppose... Anyways, if it's possible to take Darth Nihilius model and make a Darth Vader skin, then it should'nt be impossible to dig in the Nihilius code and find that string if I'm not wrong.. I don't say I can do it, but I have been here for a while before I made a user, so I know there is peoples that MAYBE can find it out. Ofcourse they don't need to if the don't whant to. It's just a request, not an order.
  3. I wonder if it's possible to change stances of the lightsaber fighting? Etc a specific lightsaber form changes the stance to.. It would give a better feeling when playing the game. I don't see any changes when I change my lightsaber form. If you have Holowan Cloakworks or if you use the Savegame editor, and change your appearence to Darth Nihilius, and you've got a whole another saber stance (of course doesn't that depend on your lightsaber form). I must admit that I like Darth Nihilius stance, but I can't understand how i can use he's stance WITHOUT change my appearence to look like him. Would be happy if someone got a mod or any help at all to change the regular exile stance to Darth Nihilius ^^ (I'm sorry for my bad English, I'm swedish ^^)
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