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  1. I've seen emotes like those in videos for JA so I'm sure they're atleast still in the game if not the same commands.
  2. Well someone online clarified that I was playing the updated version. Sorta weird though. I got it on ebay so I don't know how old it is.
  3. I just got JA and when I tried to install the patch it said the game was already up to date. Did they start manufacturing games with the patch already on the disk or is something not right?
  4. Fox News is the Bush Administration's freak on a leash.
  5. Too bad Bush doesn't speak from his heart. More like his wallet.
  6. So if I want people getting cut in half and decapitated but I don't want blood unrealistically squirting all over the place, what is a good setting for g_sabermorerealistic or whatever it is?
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