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  1. Oh yeah, more strategies will come. (Title is decieving)
  2. This stage is the hardest stage for me to conquers as the empire, so on mulitplayer I came up with a strategy. 1.)Defend command post #3 (on the frontlines) against the rebel invasion from both corridors. 2.)If you live, then immediately respawn at CP #1 and get into that rebel AAC. 3.)Go to the Rebel's main command post, CP#6. Capture that. 4.)Then Immediately respawn at CP#3, fight your way to their CP#4. 5.)Once captured, respawn at CP#6 and fight your way to CP#5. 6.)At this point, the rebels will have captured at least CP#4 and CP#3, so respawn at CP#2 and fight them. 7.)when you die, respawn at CP#5. Continue this until they have only one command post. 8.)Once they are surrounded, they will be massacred. Now, this strategy can easily be countered, but if you're playing as empire with a whole bunch of your buddies. Implement it and crush your rebellious foes. 1 _________ 6 ..2 _______5 ...3 ____ 4
  3. Wait, wait. What system are ye on? If its Xbox, then both your profiles need FF to be turned off before it is off. To turn it off, pick the profile and go to options on the main screen, then on general options scroll down to friendly fire and turn it off. Do the same thing to your brother's profile. Plus, with this off, you can kill your own soldiers with misplaced grenades. With it on, those annoying soldiers who throw grenades at your vehicle blow up.
  4. I envy you PCers. Xbox is a useless piece of s***
  5. Did you by any chance notice the thread "highest kills possible" on the list?
  6. I mean don't do what I did and go over to hundreds of people and tell them all this information
  7. I was on a forum yesterday and a developer from Raven happened to be there. He had all the right credentials so you should believe him. They are in the process of creating Battlefront III, just keep this to yourselves okay. I don't want to be sued.
  8. Believe it or not battlefront III is highly possible (I have my sources) it is highly probable that it could come out fall 2008. In fact I'm pretty sure that Raven, Pandemic, and LA are in the process of signing contracts for the production of this game. Again I have reasonably credible sources so I have about a 75% chance of being right.
  9. I highly doubt that you can be equally good with every single one of the units. Which one is your favorite?
  10. Magnaguards are all explosive. I prefer accuracy to power.
  11. Without question the Emperor is the best. He can do multiple attacks while remaining in the force speed, he has a lot of force power. He can fly longer than Darth Vader. His first lightsaber slash in his combo is lethal. He can force choke and force lightning at the same time. His block lasts the longest (because of his force power). And finally if you are doing force fly and you push the shoot button, he jumps down and electrocutes the entire area killing even wookies in one hit. Plus that move diffuses nearby mines plus choke is unblockable
  12. Playing offline, the forested maps are a nightmare, online when playing as rebels, is much better
  13. Is it me or do engineers seem to have less life?
  14. What unit class is your best?
  15. If you get guardian and war hero legendary, do the bottles still help you?
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