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  1. Actually, after typing that I just thought of a much better one. First: Build a decent defense until you reach Tech-4. I assume everyone knows how to do this by now. Second: Do all the researches to maximize the trooper-building speed. There's the Kaminoan one, there's the one at the Fortress that builds all units faster and there's the one at the power core that builds everything faster. There might be more, but I can't think of them just now. Third: Upgrade your troopers to Repeaters. Only build what you need for defense. Do all the laser trooper upgrades in the War Center. Research the Mind Trick and start building Jedi Masters. Fourth: Build a fleet of Jedi Starfighters and send them out in passive mode to scout the location of all the enemy Troop Centers and stop above them. Since they're invisible and passive they probably won't be attacked. Even if they are, you can find the Troop Centers before they die. Fifth: Build two or three Jedi Masters for each enemy Troop Center. Build enough Air Transports to hold them all plus two more transports per troop center (they're cheap). You don't need escorts. Research the upgrade at the power core that shields all your power cores. Sixth: Send the empty transports over to draw AA fire with the full transports right behind. Drop off the Jedi Masters next to the troop centers. The transports only have to live long enough to get the Jedi on the ground, so even if the AA defense is excellent, they should still get the job done. Execute: Each group of Masters needs to turn a troop center and the nearest power core. As soon as they take a Center, queue 15 Repeater Troopers there and move on to the next one. The troopers get cranked out so quickly that it is likely the enemy will be unable to destroy the centers. They will have trouble destroying the power core because of the shielding. The Jedi are expendable, but if they live, they can go on to wreak even more havoc by turning shield generators, AA turrets, laser turrets, etc. If you can pull it off at several Troop Centers simultaneously, it might even confound a human player. Someone please try this and let me know if it works
  2. If you have all the upgrades the troops are remarkably quick. The cheaper, invisible Jedi would seem to make them an attractive option too. Build a shield wall at a choke point and instead of putting turrets behind it or a fortress, put a group of five or ten Jedi Masters with a little backup from medics or troopers. The computer likes to send mechs and fighters to attack the wall. As it does, just have the Jedi turn as many as they can. The computer will start attacking the turned units. When the Jedi are drained, they turn invisible and the computer will go back to attacking the wall. As long as you have a lot of Jedi, though, you should be able to keep turning. I tried this against the Gungans and never lost a Jedi. Presumably the computer was unable to produce bounty hunters. This will only work against an AI, I'm pretty sure a human would figure out a way to bypass this.
  3. Build light walls blocking access to the bridges from both sides Build towers behind the walls on both sides-- as many as you can afford Garrison troops into the towers, as many as you can afford Put the jedi master in the town on one end or the other and have him turn the enemy mounties whenever he's able. Lightsaber the ones he can't turn. When he gets hurt put him in the towers. After a bit you will have knocked the fight out of the enemy. Taking one of their bases is fairly difficult, however.
  4. I wish I had better news for you but the answer is you need a lot of anti-air troops. Build 40 of them or more. Put them in a group and have them in the staggered formation right next to the monument. Select the group and be ready when the fighters come over have them all target the bombers. They all fire together and that should take out the bombers. The fighters only take one or two hits each. Hope you have a saved game you can back up to.
  5. That's funny because whenever I play against TF it builds dozens of Command Centers. They take the place of 3 or 4 houses, so you'd think it would work out. TF builds houses in the Gungan Campaign. I don't know if it needs them but they're there. Come to think of it, maybe it starts with the houses. For a challenge try Deathmatch against the Trade Fed. The computer has enough food to build as many workers as it wants, doesn't have to fuss about with houses, and has ore to build five or more shielded fortresses right on top of your base. Luckily it doesn't, deciding instead to erect power cores all over the map so you can still win! I gotta start playing humans...
  6. Select all the troops and put them into different groups. Click on the staggered formation for each one and then click on the button that makes them stay put when attacked. You want the troopers in front, the STAPs and the tanks in back and then the big assault mechs behind all of it. IIRC that's how they start anyway, but you want to move them up closer to each other. By the time you're done with that the Gungans are attacking you, and you will fight them off. Then take one or two STAPs and send them down the screen. When they encounter the enemy turn them around and have them run back toward your line. You will do a ton of damage that way. Just keep doing that. If you start to run out of troops take the repeater troops out of the Assault mechs. When you get Darth Maul you can have him turn some Gungan troops to your side too. When you get your STAPs all the way down to the bridge, you can just send in the whole mess.
  7. I think AT-ATs should have a melee attack form. Right now a group of mounted troops can fell an AT-AT if they get too close, but that shouldn't be the case as the risk of getting stepped on should be too great. They should also be able to step over buildings and troops that are in the way and smash down trees. Walls should hold them up though. They should also be able to shoot at air. However this would require a game balance adjustment. They should be more expensive and the upgrades to do all that should be very expensive. Furthermore airspeeders should get a special attack against them and Jedi and pummels should do more damage to them. Maybe their lasers should be a little less powerful against buildings. Still... five or ten of them will win the game for the empire.
  8. They'd be better off building anything else. The power core by itself doesn't do anything. A troop center, even an unpowered one, causes a little havoc and I think costs less. And why does it build so many command centers right next to each other? If they used them for defensive purposes that would be one thing, but they don't really. If they just put those extra builders to work they'd be more effective. Speaking of which, does anyone else occasionally come across a computer player that is doing absolutely nothing? Sometimes in a 5 or 6 player game I find one of the computer players will just stop. All of its workers will be found standing still, it hasn't built anything beyond tech 1 or 2 or advanced.
  9. I take the Jedi masters behind the lines in air transports. I usually send 4 masters and one medic. I send fighters along to escort them. When I get back there I send them in a mass group over to turn a turret if one is available and hide inside it. If not I punt and just start turning whatever I can find. You need to have them all turn as a group and just keep using that group but get that upgrade that lets them all try to turn and only drains the power from one. The one that gets drained can go over and attack a house or something. When they're all drained I hop back in the transport and wait. As far as turning attacking units, I click on one of the units in the back rank to turn. Whenever I do that it seems to get the unit. Maybe it would help to station your jedi a bit forward of your fortress. In addition to their turning ability they make an excellent melee unit. Except for bounty hunters, the jedi masters just rip up most units. They can take out the AT-ATs in a fair fight. They're too expensive to just use for that though.
  10. If you beat the computer to tech 3 really fast and get a fortress up or if you play starting at tech 3 or tech 4 the Bothan Spynet is really cheap right at the beginning. Even if it's 1000 nova, if you have 1000 nova you should buy it. I think it's invaluable. Think about it... you can see where all of his units are and you can see everything he sees. I've had the computer change status and demand tribute too. If you do what it asks in my experience it will ally with you. Also, I don't know if this is a function of the level or opponents I play against, but it always seems to be the same tribute: 500 of each commodity. That's pretty cheap if you have the funds available. It's better to have an ally to trade with and hold your flank, especially early in the game and they will probably pay the tribute back eventually if you ask (thanks again Chessack ) . I've tried to initiate the change, switched to neutral and sent 500 of each, but it doesn't seem to work that way. Don't forget, if you are still bloodthirsty you can always change them back to an enemy at the end and finish them off.
  11. Chessack, thanks for that tip. I never noticed the Orders box before. Very helpful. I've had the computer give me a lot of resources before, I think when it decides it's not going to do any more upgrades it frees up some resources and so gives them to the player.
  12. My favorite to look at would be the AT ATs. I love the way it looks when 10 of them are tramping toward the enemy base. I rather wish they had a melee attack. I'm sure there are game balance reasons why they don't but the fearsome thing about them in the movie was with their enormous size they would step on anything that got in the way. It evokes primal fears of dinosaurs and the like. I can't say I have a favorite unit to use in the game though. I guess if I were to pick one I'd say cannons. If you have a whole bunch of cannons (defended with some anti-air and repeater troops) whatever you click on will eventually be destroyed. It takes awhile to pack and unpack, but usually I've got nothing but time. You can beat the enemy with any properly organized group of units though... well... except anti-air troopers. I'd say they're my least favorite unit. I usually don't build them.
  13. I agree with Redfirebird, the strategy definitely works. The computer is not terribly good at defending itself against air. Here's another quick-win strategy: Set the parameters to Asteroids terrain and Explored map vs. as many computers as you want. Rush to tech-2 build three Padawan jedi and then go for tech-3. Build an airbase and five fighters. Find the holocrons on the map at this point and set fighters to guard them. Send the padawans to grab them on air transports, bring them back to the jedi temple. You'll usually get them all. Wait. You will win in under a half-hour also. If you are unable to get all five you'll still get a nice nova bonus and you can build your monument and win that way. It can be fun to do that just to see if you can. After trying it once it gets a little dull.
  14. It also depends on where you set the resources. I've lately been playing with High resources because it's more fun at the beginning. If you do that you can hit tech-2 really soon and tech-3 within about 15 minutes and still maintain a level of defense. It matters how quickly you jump in tech, but not so much that you should do that to the exclusion of defending yourself. It's possible to get to tech-4 without building a single trooper and then getting your base trashed by a tech-2 mounted trooper rush from your opponent. To beat the mounted troopers I tend to build a tower, load it with five troops and put a Jedi behind it. When the mounties come up, turn the second one in line. The turret will blast the first one, the second one will convert and then the first one will get wasted by the Jedi. I just ran through this with the computer and ended up with six of his mounted troops by the end and he never hurt the jedi and never damaged the turret.
  15. Yeah, that's what the tip in the manual says to do. I just seem to have more luck with the farms. It seems like 50 carbon isn't too much unless I'm playing Trade Federation, and it seems quicker to farm than forage.
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