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  2. Avatar always makes me laugh for some reason. :lol:

  3. It could work if different developers worked on different genres, instead of LEC pumping out one every year, rushing them.
  4. That'd be awesome, if they fit every game I'd pay 40 bucks for it. Every game being all the 2D adventures, since I think Escape from MI and GF would be too big to fit into that single DVD: Maniac Mansion Zak INdy 3 Indy Fate of atlantis Day of the Tentacle Loom Monkey island series Full THrottle Sam and Max etc.
  5. The first time I played GF. I was like HOLY **** MAN THIS IS AWESOME! Also the guy with the monocle peeing on the candle....
  6. MUST.....RESIST.......FLAME........IMPULSE seriously, when it came out, rebel assault ruled. Plus, JK was the reason why I got a new computer
  7. If you have no size perception (COUGHgalacticbattlegroundsCOUGH)
  8. If you keep trying to sneak an application for another job, but keep getting caught.
  9. The problem is that any TV show could possibly go wrong if it isn't done perfectly, MI needs a combination of Comedy and Action, MM needs, well, strangeness, but the networks won't agree to that so they'd need to balance it with something else. Grim Fandango can be a perfect drama/suspense/action/comedy series, but if they put too much of one ingredient it'll suck. Zombies ate my neighboors would be interesting, but again, they have to find a way to make it really work.
  10. No, you mean: "Star Wars: Dark Forces 4: Jedi Knight 3: Jedi Outcast 2: Jedi Academy" I'd wait till it goes gold and we learn more to decide wether or not I have faith.
  11. What about the old forgotten SNES game, Zombies ate my Neighbors? That'd be cool.
  12. who would play guybrush in a monkey island movie? or ben in a full throttle movie or even manny in a grim fandango movie
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