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  1. that guy in crocodile dundee who has a really small knife. You know the guy, the one where crocodile dundee says "thats not a knife, this is a knife" and he pulls out that really big knife VS. That guy in indiana jones that pulls out a big sword and shows some cool moves before indy shoots him
  2. Darth-Nasty Darth-Nasty VS. the psycho who wanted to shut this thread down
  3. Thomas Crown Thomas Crown VS. James bond
  4. nope nobody can defeat pizza. start again Danny Ocean VS. Thomas Crown
  5. pizza pizza VS. chicken nuggets
  6. Padanime's pic Padanime's pic VS.
  7. shark with friggin laser beam in its head shark with friggin laser beam in its head VS. Goldmember
  8. great white shark great white shark VS. Jaws
  9. a teletubbie teletubbie VS. barney
  10. im looking for a website (apart from e-bay) that sells Mainiac mansion,indiana jones and the fate of atlantis, indy and the last crusade(the adventure game), S&M hit the road and Day Of The Tentacle and the dig
  11. super man superman VS. 300000 tons of kryptonite
  12. matrix matrix VS. matrix reloaded
  13. which of both people? the world the world VS. The moon
  14. the people the people VS. THE people (from artemis fowl)
  15. topanga topanga VS. Laura (u know the girl cory spent the night with)
  16. this post is making me halucinate
  17. han han VS. a rabid french poodle
  18. george lucas is the champ ok new game Jack ryan VS. John Clark (from Clear and Present danger)
  19. george lucas george lucas VS George washington
  20. c3po ( ) c3po VS. danny ocean (from oceans eleven)
  21. pickachu pickachu VS. Jar jar(wich is more annoying
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