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  1. playing jedi outcast playing jedi outcast vs. playing knights of the old republic
  2. getting sent home from work getting sent home from work vs. working as a jedi knight
  3. playing games @ work playing games @ work vs. goofing around @ work
  4. exact realease date: march 29th
  5. just saw this news @ theforce.net : I've been involved in indirect conversations with a beta tester who said that game that has gone gold, but Kenn Hoekstra's comments yesterday made everyone feel differently. So I held off reporting about Jedi Outcast's gold status. Well, today we received a report from MR FRIENDLY, who said that the team signed off on the final code yesterday! Now we just need to play the waiting game with LEC's Public Relations department.
  6. trailer 2 trailer 2 vs. trailer 1:D
  7. the death star t menu the death star t menu vs. the menu from dennys:lol:
  8. its a tie Just before the fight begins qui gon's force ghost thingy apears and says we must respect all living things and the ewoks and the jedi council become allies
  9. raven raven vs. id software
  10. actvision actibision vs. ubi soft
  11. infomercials infomercials vs. commercials;)
  12. p.s. a little overkill don't you think:D :atat: :atat: :atat:
  13. a tank a tank vs. the whole imperial mech army (i.e. ATATs ATSTs ATPTs)
  14. it is not a spoiler because it did not reaveal any portion of the story just weapons, force powers and modes of play:D
  15. angelina jolie angelina jolie cs. harrison ford
  16. I remember the first time I went against someone with a stormtrooper skin I lost because I couldn't stop laughing when he used his lightsaber I thought it was ridiculous that a stormtrooper with a lightsaber:lsduel:
  17. simon jeffery simon jeffery vs. simon (who invented simon says )
  18. the me who is actually you the me who is actually you vs. the you who is actually him/her
  19. the me the me vs. the two
  20. 'the woman" "the woman vs. wonder woman
  21. I agree with raven and lucasarts for putting speed down to 5 seconds no offense I hated when people used speed to run at u hit you and run away now it will be defensive like if someone starts firing rockets at u I want to be a pirate
  22. "the man" "the man" vs. the machines
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