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  1. "I can hack the vault and cameras so the other guards won't see the explosion." Said Kin.
  2. ((Bye, gonna miss ya)) Angry, Gartoor ordered them to follow the sith. "COME ON!" Said Greg, and he dragged Endac away. As soon as they were clear, the building and tunnel entrance collapsed, killing most of the sith. The soldiers, Breia, Alex and Greg got onto a monorail. He spoke angrily to Endac. "When I say get out of there, I mean GET OUT OF THERE!" ====== Gartoor and a few other sith had managed to get out of the building before it collapsed. "Start digging!" "Sir, there's too much wreckage to-" The complaining sith was suddenly crushed under a piece of the building. Gartoor, who had dropped it on him, turned to the rest. "One piece down, boys."
  3. "Hopefully we'll be able to replace it." Said the Captain. "Money for the job seems good enough anyway."
  4. "I dunno. They seem to keep to themselves a bit."
  5. "Brain cells that happen to get killed along the way." Said Xan, laughing.
  6. Position-Commando 1 Name-Xan Reeds Species/Droid-Human Sex-Male Age-25 Height-5'9 Alliginment-neutral Type-Soldier Weapons-Commando rifle, twin blasters Equipment-Comms, bacta, thermal detonators Apperance-Blonde hair, green eyes Bio- Young and the cockiest guy in the unit, mostly because of getting the highest marksmanship score during training. ====== Xan entered the hangar and saw Nick. He grinned. "Jeez, you've been tinkering with this thing the entire trip!"
  7. Micheal turned to Sienna. "Look, I know there's nothing I can say that'll change your mind about this guy, but he's offering help. He's offering us a chance to stop running, a chance to learn how to control our powers. And I didn't sen-" He caught himself in time. He didn't know if that power was real and he didn't want to advertise it and later find out it wasn't. "I don't think he was lying." He finished.
  8. ((Starting it before I mysteriously disappear and WJ suddenly takes charge of all my characters )) Serenity flew across space, approaching a large heavily populated planet. Inside an arguement was going on as the Captain headed to the cabin. "We're too close to the core worlds. The Alliance will be on the look-out for my sister!" Argued Simon. "Relax. There's been absolutely no Alliance activity against us for months now. We're finally getting a chance to do some good legitemate work, aren't you the one always complaining 'bout the Alliance arresting us." "Yes, flying right into their hands is much better. " "Look, trust me. The Alliance won't even know we're there. They're too busy dealing with angry citizens from the transmission. I've made my decision and that's final." Simon shook his head, and walked off. Mal walked into the cockpit. He looked sadly at the dinosaurs on the dashboard. Out of respect for Wash, they hadn't been moved. He saw down at the chair and began preparations for landing.
  9. "Comms? I can't figure out the interface on this thing!" Complained the engineer. "I'll see if I can rig it directly to one of our units." He climbed up onto the roof, removed a small hatch on the roof, and a pile of cables fell out. He began toying with them. After a few minutes a flash of sparks jumped out and he jumped off. "Success!" He passed Janya a small datapad. "There won't be any outgoing video." He said.
  10. Kin saw there was someone else in the galley and froze. He quickly stood in the shadows of the galley, close enough for them to see his was there, but not close enough for the stranger to see who he was.
  11. "I don't know. But she always seems to be around you."
  12. "Not us, you. From what you've told me about your history with her you, maybe she is."
  13. "Oh c'mon, the moment she kills someone the press is on the scene! She couldn't be subtle to save her life."
  14. "All right then......If you hear anything, call us." He gave them a business card. It was empty except for a phone number. They left. Miguel headed to the door and paused. It was unlocked.
  15. "This is only the second time she's struck since you joined us."
  16. "If the cops have found them.....Miguel's got a bit of a temper. ------------ "About your friends." Said what seemed to be the senior agent. "What about them?" Said Miguel, on edge "If you've seen or heard from them." "Does it look like we know where they are?" "Maybe you've heard something." With every question Miguel's temper seemed to grow shorter
  17. Logan stood up and led her to Mike's desk. He was speaking on two phones at once and typing on the computer. He saw Logan approaching, and recognized Teri. He signaled for them to wait. He seemed to be arguing with two people at once. Finally he hung up. "Yeah, what's going on?" ----- The day of the attack a small group of people met in a garage. They all wore some green item of clothing "All right, everyone ready?" "Yeah." "Know who the target is?" They nodded. "All right. Let's get rolling."
  18. Kin shrugged. "Some guy, hasn't been identified but they say he may have been someone who stole something from someone important." His face grew serious. "However, we've got a bigger problem." He grinned and in a sing-song voice said. "You've got an assasin stalker"
  19. Micheal sat down on the couch and muttered. "****." ------- Miguel pulled the car he and Megan had driven to the mall back into the driveway. As soon as they left the car a man approached. "Megan Holland?" "Who are you?" Interjected Miguel. The man flashed a badge at him, too quickly for him to see exactly where he was from. "Miguel Cervantes. What are you two doing together?" "We met at the airport. We were both waiting for our friends." Lied Miguel. "We need to ask you some questions."
  20. Logan sighed. "All right, but I'm gonna be there." ---------- Donnie put down the phone, and walked to the door. He was holding a box full of envelopes. He immediately put them out next to the dumpster. Tomorrow was going to be the day. He also beeped Mike simply with the word "Tomorrow"
  21. Kin got tired of bouncing the ball and decided to challenge Emma to another turret duel. He had been getting better. He arrived to her room and found her gone. There was no one else on the ship. He shrugged, went into the infirmary and turned on Niomi's holoTV. He'd helped buy the thing, so he felt entitled to being able to watch it when she wasn't there.
  22. "Wait." Said Micheal to Sienna. "The government may have tapped their phones by now....if we call from anywhere near here they'll be on us in a second."
  23. "I think that's a good idea." Said Kelso. Of course, he and Kyle had already agreed on it beforehand through the force. "It'll let us get a good idea of your strengths, and how you can compliment each other."
  24. Oddly enough, the moment he learned they were going to Tatooine, Kin had immediately volunteered to stay behind on the ship. He stayed in his room, bouncing a broken round security drone off the wall.
  25. Tommy kept his grip on the gun beneath the counter. He could've killed the stranger the moment he had drawn the gun, but that would only cause more questions around town. People had stopped wondering about him when Anna had come. "I don't care what your badge says, son. You don't drop that gun you're gonna find yourself dead. "
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