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  1. Micheal picked up the phone and dialed the number. The phone was picked up almost immediately. "All right." he said. "We'll trust you." "Good. I'll pick you up tomorrow, let you rest at the hotel while I finish preparing everything." "All right." They hung up. "He'll pick us up here tomorrow"
  2. "They're taking prisoners. Probably building an advance base where reinforcements come in from. Proz!" The engineer looked up from the ship's controls. "How you doing on getting us to hyperspace?" "I'm still figuring out the language this thing uses. I'll be able to jump us to Yavin soon." Dag looked at the alien ships. They were blasting the debris to make sure there were no survivors. He kept looking for a few minutes. "THERE!" The ship suddenly leapt into hyperspace, causing Dag to lose his balance. He grabbed the rail before he fell. One of the soldiers grinned. "These morons haven't figured out how to build stabilizers yet
  3. "We should wait. If he's speaking to skywalker he'll be back soon enough." ====== Without Alyssa, Skywalker and Reynolds had agreed on a price. Reynolds began walking back to the ship, counting their first payment. Orlov would be eager to get his hands on his own share. He stopped when he saw Alyssa unconcious. He drew his blaster and looked around cautiously.
  4. Kelso smiled proudly. "Excellent." He could feel the master/apprentice bond begin to form. "What else do you think you need to practice?"
  5. Logan looked up, slightly startled. "Can I help you with something?"
  6. Kin picked her up and carried her to the infirmary. He set her down on the bed. "'All right, what do I do?"
  7. Kin saw Emma fall and leapt out. He jumped down from the ship, ran across the landing platform, and helped Emma up. "C'mon, we're target practice out here!"
  8. The man held a federal marshall's badge in front of Thomas' face. "I doubt the price'll be high enough for someone to go up against the entire U.S. government."
  9. Kin leapt out of the vent, and shot one of the humans in the chest. The human's body went flying through the air and fell on another guy. The guy struggled to get the body off of him, but Kin shot him in the head. He heard Emma warn of a sniper, and almost got his own leg blown off. He jumped back in the vent. "He's got a bead on me." He reported.
  10. Sawyer was thrown against the wall for the fifth time. He grunted in pain, but didn't let go of his saber. He fell to the floor, and found himself unable to move. Contrary to his hopes, Sidious had been revived as he was in his prime. Sidious laughed and began stepping closer. "Come on, boy. You're smarter than that. Accept your fate. You are meant to fall to the dark side. It is your fate." Sawyer waited until Sirious was closer, then threw his saber at him with the force. Sirious ducked, the saber went over him, and cackled again. "The hard way it is then?" "What can I say? I've always been a stubborn guy." Sidious raised his saber, cackled, and suddenly stopped. His eyes widened in surprise and he fell to the floor, dropping his own saber besides him. Sawyer was able to move almost immediately. He bent down, and removed his saber from Sidious' back. He looked down at Sidious and shook his head. "He really shouldn't talk so much." Slowly, he limped back to the others.
  11. Because few people actually watch the original. I mean, it's a movie everyone knows about, everyone knows the basic plot......but few have actually seen it.
  12. "Wait for it..." As the last of the aliens move their attention from the bridge, Dag opened the door. The mandalorians rushed through, a barrier of fire in front of them. The aliens, stuck between an oncoming wall of fire and a jedi, began trying to retreat. As they got closer, the mandalorians switched to melee weapons to avoid friendly fire.
  13. Thomas suddenly felt the cold barrell of a gun pressed against the back of his neck. "Now, you wouldn't be threatening my supplier there, would you?" Growled the owner of the gun. Tommy calmly stared at Thomas, reaching for his own gun below the counter.
  14. Dag swore. "All right, we'll have to delay them a bit. Corporal, Silis, help me out here." He opened the door a little, and shot the two aliens preparing explosives. Silis and the Corporal provided some more fire. One of the aliens roared and began shooting back. Dag quickly stepped back and closed the door, but one shot hit him in the arm. He was thrown backwards onto the bulkhead. He sat up. The armor seemed to have taken most of the impact. "Dag, take that off!" He looked down again, and found that whatever he'd been shot with had begun eating through his armor. He quickly took the armplate off, and threw it down onto the floor. "Look at that!" Even though the substance was eating through Dag's armor quickly, the ship seemed unharmed by it, in fact once the substance was on the ship's floor, it lay there benignly, and after a few seconds, it stopped glowing. The corporal tentatively pushed it with his boot. No more damage. "Of course......whatever that is recognizes their own armor! The guys we shot didn't die, they were knocked out by the impact!" "Great, we're going to have to go back to using the flamethrowers. There's no way we can get in range without getting decimated." He looked around for any other way out. He saw a vent overhead. Using his jetpack he hovered to get a closer look. "This could be a way to flank them...but it's too small. They can't fit through there, and with our armor we can't fit either. But.." He looked at Janya and motioned for her to come over. "Come over here, take a look? Can you fit through here? You could attack them from behind, distract them while we rush forward. "
  15. "It'll cost you another bag of gold." Said Tommy. He'd been expecting that, and was partially the reason he let the rifle go for cheap.
  16. I read in EGM that the Sands of Time movie was actually being written by the creator of Prince Of Persia, who wrote Sands of time as well. (He didn't write Warrior Within or Two Thrones, though.)
  17. "Great." Kin stepped out on the landing platform, and looked around. Sadly, it was mostly empty, but there were some crates, and a smaller ship. He began piling the crates in front of the ship to climb on top of it. He could hide on it. Once on top, he knocked the crates down and hid in a vent. He'd be able to see them arrive, and jump out from behind them. He checked his sawed-off shotgun and twin blasters, and waited.
  18. "The aim's right, I check them out every week. It'll cost ya 100 alone, or 110 with a box of bullets."
  19. ((I meant a catwalk inside the ship right above the entrance))
  20. Nick saw the tentacle, and shot at it, hoping to cut it off.
  21. Probably a tutorial-ish battle, or a set of tutorials, and a skirmish map, like the Total War demos.
  22. "I see...." A pause. "You need a ship." "Yes, we do. The Academy ships are mostly marked." Said Jack. "Well, you shouldn't ask me. You should ask the captain. He's the one making all the decisions." He was clearly upset at the choice to work for the academy. "He's off negotiating the job with Skywalker."
  23. "What did you find out?" Said Orlov, putting aside his suspicion and dislike for the moment. "They were sent by Berg Soz." Said Jack. "You've got to be kidding me. He's not real." Said Orlov, annoyed. "He's real enough. Not exactly like the stories say, but he's real, and he sent them." "So, what do you want?" =-------- The prisoner finally saw the coast was clear. He worked his ways out of his stun cuffs. The only way Berg would let him live was if he brought him the girl. He qucikly left the room and began searching for Tysyacha.
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