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  1. "Well, part of it is because I know you wouldn't be stupid enough to work under your real name, part of it's because your FBI profile is strangely classified." A pause. "But mostly, it's because out of the fifteen from Twin Falls, Teri's the one that most resembles you." He looked at the profile. "Mother's maiden name was Grant, studied at the FBI academy in D.C....." he kept reading the rest of her personal information off the profile.

  2. "Well, I'm looking at some very interesting pictures here...." He flipped through the different profiles. Some of them looked like they could be Meg.



    "Well, your name could be Teri, or" He began naming off the ones who looked similar to Meg, in order from the most like her to the least.

  3. Micheal pulled out and began heading to the hotel.




    The man leaned forward. "There's around 10 different inscriptions, repeated over and over. As long as he didn't spend ALL of it, we should be fine. Of course, by tomorrow the government will be alerted, and begin tracking them. They'll be arrested, even if they're innocent. I suggest you find them, and bring the money to me."


    "We gotta find them, now!" Said MIguel, speaking for the first time. The man looked up at him.


    "And who is this?" He asked Megan.


    "I'm a fri-"


    "I didn't ask you." Said the man, cutting him off. He looked at Megan.



  4. The ex-FBI man sent the results back to Mike. Mike sent them to Donnie, and called him.


    "Hey, I found something interesting, check it out." He said.


    "All right."


    They hung up. Donnie checked the pictures and profiles, and found them interesting. He called Meg/Green/Teri.

  5. The man sighed.


    "I hope you know who he is. What you were asked to transport was money, yes. But there was a certain inscription in the money. Something very important. In any case, the money is sequential. Which means as soon as the money gets to the bank it will start leaving a paper trail."

  6. Mike thumbed through the report.


    "Ah-ha!" He said. He held out a page denotating the ingredients the Strikers used in their brand of C-4.


    "Take that down to Louie in the lab. Tell him to check if that's what the explosives were made of."


    When she left, he quickly called up an ex-FBI friend.


    "Hey, you got some time?"




    "I need you to run a photo comparision for me. One photo to fifteen other ones. Sending them to you now."


    He sent Meg's photo, and the photos for the rest of the agents from Twin Falls.


    "All right, I'll send you the results in a couple of minutes...."


    Mike waited

  7. "You have. Not just your history but your skills too. When I came, you said you were advanced, but I didn't know how far ahead." He smiled. "You're farther ahead than I thought you were. To be honest, I don't even know how to begin teaching you, so I'm asking you: What area do you think you need to work on?"

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