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  1. Mike quickly ran a search on all female FBI agents from Twin Falls, Idaho
  2. "This is very important." Said Kelso, sensing her hesitation. "We're in this together now."
  3. "It's the right amount, but it's not the envelope you were given to deliver."
  4. With Green gone, Mike quickly went back to his desk and began investigating where Meg's profile had come from.
  5. "That's good. I don't sense evil in you. There's some darkness, yes. But knowing how to do those things will do it to you. Now, who did you see using those powers?"
  6. As they pulled into the station, Mike turned to Green. "Do me a favor. Check out the Slickers' and Strikers' M.O.s. Specifically for explosives."
  7. The man grabbed the envelope and thumbed through it. He put it back on the table and pushed it towards Megan. "This isn't my money."
  8. Kelso nodded. Training her was going to be hard. He'd only trained one apprentice, a long time ago. Now he had one that knew a lot of things she shouldn't....or perhaps that wasn't the correct word. "Do you feel anything when you use them?"
  9. "On the other hand if we ever run out of money we can get Megan and Miguel to auction off our stuff."
  10. Tommy shrugged, stood up with the glass of whiskey in hand, and toasted. "To secrets and lies!" The bar repeated the toast, and laughed. Tommy continued. "And to the new guy sitting at that table over there." He gestured with the glass at the man's table.
  11. Kelso sighed. "Tell me some of the darker things. And don't worry. I'm not going to throw you out of the airlock or have exiled. I just need to know."
  12. "Don't worry, I don't think the captain's too keen on having her here either."
  13. "Well, seeing as our faces are all over the news, their first thought's going to be to sell it on eBay."
  14. Tommy heard the bar quieted. He'd gained the reputation of being cocky and a showboat. "The usua!" He answered. "A whiskey and the knowledge of where you come from!"
  15. Kin smiled wryly. "Did you get that before or after she attacked you?"
  16. Micheal checked in for one night, and dyed his hair blonde. When it was done, he looked at himself in the mirror and muttered. "If Miguel sees this, I'm never living it down." Using the razor he cut his hair much shorter, and combed it to one side. He looked at himself one last time and sighed. He quickly changed into the clothes he's bought, leaving his old ones stuffed in the closet. He left the room, disposing of the dye box by throwing it into the trash can next to the elevators. He went back to the car and saw Sienna. "So how'd I look?" He asked
  17. Caer ate his own breakfast in his room. He could hear the others talking, but he kept to himself.
  18. Tommy Walker walked into the saloon and sat down at his usual table. He'd been born in Oldale, left when he was a teenager, came back in his mid-twenties. He'd never told anyone what he'd done or what'd caused him to come back, and the town had a variety of different theories. He saw Anna talking with a man, and the table with cards on it and to men sitting there. They weren't playing anymore, he guessed there'd probably been an arguement about cheating. The fat guy always started those.
  19. "The truth. That you've been on here for about a month and we haven't had a chance to really talk until today."
  20. Kelso nodded. "All right. I respect that. So why don't you tell me what else you have learned."
  21. "How well I knew you, if I trusted you."
  22. "I don't know. I mean she seems on the level."
  23. "About knowing how to heal yourself, and what happened back there." A pause, and Kelso continued on a gamble and a hunch. "And about the barrier in your mind."
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