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    Hey, ive recently gained the OPenGl problem, ive downloaded and installed the necessary driver, however i still get the error. Im using a nvidia Geforce Ti 4600 and ive contacted the customer support and its compatible with OpenGl. What should i do? Thanks
  2. Yeah im using a belkin wireless.
  3. Also if you can help please add my hotmail address or emal to: Lewis_tandy@otmail.com. Thanks
  4. What i mean is it works fine on the local host list but non of my clan members or friends can see it in the internet list. Ive done what they've told ive done the port forwarding but im stumped. Thanks
  5. Hey guys im wondering why won't my dedicated server for jko show up on the internet list? Ive forwarded all my ports correctly, ive let the server pass through the file and even disabled firewall. Am i missing something? Thanks
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