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  1. So are most kids at 13. In a couple years you'll be playing battlefront on your bathroom mirror with pus-missles.
  2. I always play space battles on Battlefront 2, but last night I was playing some non-space battles and I noticed dorks that like to take over games and make their own "rules". Like "no tanks", "get out of our base", meaning you cant take over spawn points, you just run around and shoot at each other all night. Why? No idea, but its BORING. If you don't follow you get whined at then booted. Whats the deal with that? I'm surprised also in general at how quick people get booted for the dumbest reasons. Oops, accidental team kill, see ya! "He's using a tank, his screen name is dumb, he took my ship, he stepped on my toe, LETS BOOT HIM QUICK! See ya!" I'd swear I was playing with a bunch of little girls if it wasn't for the dumb comments I keep hearing on the headset from snot-nosed pimply faced adolescents. My least favorite being white kids talking "ghetto". Grow up. Why don't you guys get around to actually going out on a date and kissing a girl so you don't have to be always acting like one and just PLAY THE DAMN GAME.
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