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  1. Wow, thanks alot Oldflash, I owe you one bigtime! XD
  2. Wow, oldlfash, that model is simply awesome! You've brought my exact idea to life! ^^
  3. Wow, oldflash, those images are VERY nice! I cant wait to see the whole sword! XD
  4. Okay, thanks, oldflash! http://rapidshare.de/files/30329403/Magna.rar.html That link links to a RAR archive, that contains better and larger pictures of both blades and the sword, and also contains the description and the stats of both the blades, the sword and the armband/pad. Hope this helps you, rather than me posting everything in a long post here ^^
  5. As much as I want the sword to be made, I am sick and tired of trying to figure out and use Gmax. I would just like ot have something made for me for once, instead of me making things for other people (I make signatures for people in Photoshop). If any one who has considerable experience with modding, and is feeling confident; I would be very grateful for someone to produce this. As you can tell, I am desperate to get my design in the game. Please, anyone!
  6. Yeah, but so far looks like no-one's interested...Please, guys, I am really desperate for a cool looking sword like this to be put in TSL. Please!!
  7. I have a request for someone to create for me, if they'd be so kind . I would have made it myself, but Gmax is very complicated, and I've given up on it...But, anyway, back to my idea.... The other day I had an idea for a sword. I noticed that you dont get many broad or thick swords on TSL, and I am particulalry fond of big swords (ever since FF7 ) I have made an idea for a sword. Now, this idea is quite confusing if taken the wrong way, so listen up, please... There are three parts to my idea.... 1) The pics above are my ideas on paint. The first pic are dual blades that are serated. The second pic is a broadsword that is combined from the dual blades on the first pic. What I would like doing with these is for someone to model the blades and the swords based on the pics and do all the other stuff so they actually become available to use (please ). 2) In order for me to combine the dual blades, I would like someon to create an armband with an interface (People who have the Hak Pad mod should know what I mean) that gives me an option to combine the blades if I have the two, and split them if it is the sword (please). 3)Enable me to get all of the items on either cheats or the KSE (Or if your feeling confident enough, make a script so I can get them in the game, I don't mind.) If anyone shows interest in this little idea of mine, reply and I'll post the descripton, specifications, names etc. I would be very grateful if someone found the time to create this for me. Thank you.
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